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About Plunder !!

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  • About Plunder !!

    Perhaps this suggestion is just ignored, but I'll try.
    R2 what you think about removing Plunder Option or creating something for the players save gold
    like a vault or inventory?
    Because it's really irritating you try to save a lot of gold for someone to plunder you.
    There are many ways to get gold
    .. Di Bi, WB, Archaeology, Alchemy
    and players choose the dumbest "PLUNDER"

    No harsh words and rude answers please respect my opnion

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    Jeez write like a normal person. Anyway buy horses, this way you'll have 0 gold to spare.


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      Not like losing 800k is the end of the world. Just do what slowplay said and buy animals
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        Howsabout people try and not be ******** and leave other peoples gold alone? You have a choice.......


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          You are able to buy horses/goats/deer at their respective farm lvls to hide your gold from plunders and can sell it at the same rate so it shouldnt be a problem to keep your gold, plundering is a good way to get kyanite at an extra 10k a day its worth doing. You could always try getting stronger so no one can plunder you.


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            its part of the game if you dont like it and wont take steps to save your gold then you have only yourself to blame
            Shadow Vale


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              cry me a river,
              build me a bridge,
              then GET OVER IT!
              Originally posted by Wraithraiser
              Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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                I get plundered and I plunder. It is all a part of the game. You may however dial 1 800 BOOHOO and ask for extension WAAA and have them send a Wambulance. This game is not called PeaceTune


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                  it's NOT about the gold loss (so far in 3 years only 1 person got 800k from me & another got 500k. the rest all got 10k or less). it's about the fear & anxiety from being plundered at any moment. the negative psychological effect is much worse than the gold loss or toon development setback. i play the game for fun & relaxation, not for tension & anxiety. packing everyone so close is like packing the lambs with the wolves, which isn't good experience for most players (except for the top 5 or so maybe).

                  i'm still hiding on the initial island/beach because the wilds is too packed now (playing my weaker toon that's not even in top 50 ON THE SERVER), because i don't want to live in fear and don't want such anxiety from a game. i'm sure not doing archaeology sets me back by MONTHS while losing 1-10k gold doesn't do me a thing, but my toon exists to entertain me, not i exist to serve my toon. it's just wrong to make me unhappy while i play your game.

                  with this much said, i don't think it good to completely take away city plundering. they could set the city in 2 modes: defensive & offensive.
                  in defensive mode, they cannot be plundered, but they cannot plunder anyone either.
                  in offensive mode, they can plunder others, but they can also be plundered.
                  setting this option is similar to Item Lock: they can set it for once and it stays that way until they unset it. when they unset it, they need to wait for 72 hours before the change takes in effect.
                  just the opinions from someone sick of living in fear.

                  EDIT: lol some "genius" had given negative rep & used obscene language in the review for the above. that's like solid proof of why R2 should just ignore some trolls who can't even talk.

                  2nd EDIT: received 2 more -reps from trolls with red or gray dots (aka troll alts). now cant stop laughing
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                    Originally posted by R238423534 View Post
                    it's NOT about the gold loss (so far in 3 years only 1 person got 800k from me & another got 500k. the rest all got 10k or less). it's about the fear & anxiety from being plundered at any moment. the negative psychological effect is much worse than the gold loss or toon development setback. i play the game for fun & relaxation, not for tension & anxiety.
                    Then you better choose a game whitout *PVP* if you want relax
                    Warem S133 Esterwyn Top Knight Guild theraven


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                      There are only 3 things you can do in the wilds:

                      1. Tediously walk around and kill mobs and bosses for titles.

                      2. Tediously walk around and dig to SLOWLY raise a RANDOM counter that when filled gives you PALTRY rewards, and some titles.

                      3. Plunder other cities for MAYBE some decent gold and some kyanite, etc.
                      Downside: You can also be plundered and lose lots of gold unless you CONSTANTLY swap and store gold.

                      Archaeology is yet another useless time sink that makes you run around like an idiot. Basically the new sylph atoll. Very few of the rewards are even worth something and that's IF you can even get them. What you dig up is RANDOM, and just like chest drops the most USELESS items are what you get the MOST.

                      Are archaeology rewards worth it? No.

                      Now, about those titles. After the enormous amount of time and effort spent finding and killing all those monsters and digging for mostly useless carp, the TOTAL CUMULATIVE stat bonuses you get from ALL those wilds AND archaeology titles combined is...

                       670 PATK/MDEF
                       505 PDEF/MDEF
                       350 CRIT/BLOCK
                      2230 HP
                      Yep. That is literally ALL you get. Conversely a single costume title is far easier to get and gives you 2000 PDEF/MDEF and 8000 HP each time! Mount titles are incredibly rare but a single one will still give you more attack than ALL those wilds and archeology titles COMBINED!

                      Are wilds and archaeology titles worth it? Hell no.

                      Do I get a lot of gold from plundering? No. Do I usually lose a lot of gold from being plundered? It has happened a number of times when I forgot to store my gold.

                      Basically there is no good reason to actually be in wilds. Solution? Stay in Twilight Sands. There are VERY FEW opportunities to get sent to Twilight Sands. It basically only happens during server merges and large patches and maintenance. So once you find yourself in Twilight Sands, seriously ask yourself, "Do you REEEALLY want to leave?".

                      Benefits of the Twilight Sands Island Resort:

                      1, PERMANENT IMMUNITY from being plundered. Never worry about your gold again.
                      (Unless it gets close to 2,147,483,647 which is the gold cap. Apparently flash cannot handle numbers larger than a signed 4-byte integer. BTW this is also why world boss HP cannot be raised any higher. They could raise the world boss' defense but that would make sense and the devs aren't generally known for doing things that make sense.)

                      2. A nice peaceful island virtually all to yourself. You get two cute neighbors who mind their own business and never bother you.

                      3. Never have to bother doing things you don't actually find fun, like endless walking and digging and more walking and more digging....

                      Is Twilight Sands worth it? Yes. A million times yes. I've been a resident for almost a year and I don't plan on leaving any time soon.


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                        Originally posted by Warasia View Post
                        Are archaeology rewards worth it? No.
                        Wrong, but it's not up to me make you change idea.


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                          Originally posted by SlowPlay View Post
                          Wrong, but it's not up to me make you change idea.
                          What useful things have YOU gotten from archaeology?


                          • #14
                            There are plenty of useful things from archaeology. On the first day, I was able to exchange for 3 items and one of them was 1k fang of fears.


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                              Originally posted by Warasia View Post
                              If you don't like it don't do it. Its very simple
                              IGN: princestewii
                              Class: Archer
                              Server: Kabam 86