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Server Re-bracketing

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    Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
    It is not elitism as such. It is more of a bully mentality and jerkass behaviour. I have a guy who used to dominate my server due to a combination of cash and being an archer and he goes around saying "You got a problem with that?" like he is some sort of Mafia boss. I kick him to the curb now, and he is no longer as active as a result of many player bypassing him. This is made possible because the guy is basically a complete moron and relies on his cash to win.

    They really are just male rods.
    In Shadowbound, I remember eating those type of people for breakfast as a non-spender. I still do on here as well. Money can only get you ahead of the pack, but when that pack catches up to you, it just boils down to strategy. Now, I won't go as extreme to spend 600.00 USD to get a pixel... no, no, and NO, but I am sure I will build enough to see if I will pass a person.
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      i just want to put the things right i am a non casher and my server is 1 month old and my BR is 1.3M to be exact and cashers invite me to help them lol
      u dont have to be casher to get the cash benefits you just have to play well and smart


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        I know that R2 is a gold digger but why the rush R2 is fixing some stuff so guys play your cards and BTW knighthood isnt that hard i am so damn close i just need 1 month lol