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  • Originally posted by Draggyy View Post
    however what most of us want is to catch up. For example cw, so many wants in top 100 (including me), and i order to do this you have to catch up with the thousands of players that started before you.
    Is not all about the wallet you know, new stuff is very expensive, while pretty easy to get later. For example the fate stones, for which people paid heavy money to get to lvl 20. Now its so easy to get that there were some cashers raging how unfair it is that we get so easily what they paid for with so much money. At high level you need high amounts of whips and souls to upgrade just one more level, while the ones with lower lever soul engraving and stables can obtain a lot more stats with the same amount which practically makes them catch up a bit. I have no idea of the requirments to level and i wont check and do the math but I shall give an example anyway: someone who started to play before you has lvl 30 engraving while i have 0. In a few months we both earn the same amount of souls, but when I'll have lvl 30 he probably wont have even lvl 40 . The gap is reduced by a lot .

    This is the reason why some of us likes the unlimited soul/whips events so much, because the same amount that has little gain for older players have a lot more benefits for those who wants to catch up. Once someone unlocks tok nm gets about the same amount as a much older player, I dont think there is any formidable amount that they get in +

    However every time when there is an event where older players gets a lot more than the newer ones, or heavy cashers getting a lot more than light/medium cashers many of them shall complain, while if there is an event where people shall receive the same prizes as the cashers , the cashers shall complain. Ofc is not normal for the unlimited events to have event items and be able to get all of the biggest prizes, still many can;t see the life without it now, they want to catch up. This rune event? is again unfair for the ones who spent so many balens refreshing and buying the runes.
    Some people considers it fair if they receive the best prize of an event which happened 2-3 months ago like apollo, and cosiders it fair that in 2-3 months to get hades too for free. I other word get everything for free as well but with a delay that they consider fair...

    In short, we take everything easy to get now (such as fate stones) as a given, we know its unfair toward the old players, but we shall still claim that an event which gives the players from newer servers less is unfair! the crystaloids is another thing that we get much easier (the vips) thanks to the vip boxes, however we still want summoners in lvl 70 mpd to catch up not carring about how much time and effort the old players invested to gather them.

    the list can go on and on but what the ones who wants to catch up really wants is a hacker to delete all the already built up characters so that they can all start from scratch lol. r2 takes advantage of this and offer them something like this in a smaller proportion by creating servers weekly where they can all start from scratch
    Actually R2 like most other companies look at the profits. If something doesn't gain them profits, they scrape it. Simple as that. They are also run by humans who do make mistakes. As for events wise, its done by PCity, so there's an extra layer of risk of mistakes in which case we end up with all the shi t with the recent months unlimited events. I never really agree that its fair for newer players to never catch up. Just stating that if R2 made it too easy for players to catch up, then the older players who spent alot would have no reason to spend since its a waste of $$$. As for events that newer servers missed out on, R2 should've just run a separate round for them to have it and add it on to whatever current month events the rest of the servers get. If things were managed better by R2, we wouldn't get all the whining on the forums to this extent. As for summoners in dungeons, its not about catching up but rather a delaying tactic by the devs to ensure we do not max out on everything too fast. So even the older players take a long time to farm it until the new bracket is released, then the older items are being modified to have better drop rates to help new players catch up.

    So while not everything is about wallet, if you are a new player and want to catch up at all, it is all about the wallet. If you're not concerned about catching up and just having a good time in the game, then without even the need for the wallet, there are still many things you can achieve if you do proper research and planning to maximize your gain for resources utilized. However, whining to get freebies is just plain wrong as it stems from one's own greed to get free meals and wanting to be spoon fed. Which is why I often shoot such whiners in the hopes they don't bring such attitude into their RL and ruin the joy of living for ppl around them.

    Originally posted by StonedKiller View Post
    MATE you are waaaaaaaaaaay BORED
    I am bored =P if not I wouldn't bother with that WoT...
    IGN: Athena
    Guild: Warriors
    Server: S5 - Roaring Wetlands
    Class: Archer
    Difficulty Level: Noob
    BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)


    • Originally posted by s44-zeref View Post
      well well **** you too r2 and to the cashers seriosly guys stop cashing and that way r2 will stop making these ****** events or they close game lol

      read my signature :d


      • Originally posted by mageheal50 View Post
        Now we know what Soul Engrave event will be

        Reach Level 10 Soul Engraving
        Reach Level 20 Soul Engraving
        Reach Level 30 Soul Engraving

        LOL NICE