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Ultimate Gamecards and WARTUNE scam

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    HAHAHAH HAHAHA i really can't stop laughing this problem happen to me and playspan put me in fraud and r2 say it's out of our hand LOL i think we play wartune on Playspan not on R2 i spend weeks find solution and nothing now i play free user forced on that
    By the way i offer to send them money to remove this flag from my account they refuse LOL so as long as Playspan Control R2
    ................................. i know you understand every one though what ... IS


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      Originally posted by -DarkSt0rm- View Post
      Ya I love the IDIOTS who say stop paying for the game. Let's see if some of us didn't pay IDIOT there wouldn't be a game for you to play so instead of acting like a complete idget say thanks to people who pay..
      Sorry to burst some bubbles but, even if you didn't pay, the game would still be up and running. VIP alone is more than enough to keep the game running, and people who spend thousands of dollars only make the game company even greedier, so it doesn't justify the saying that the game is still alive because of whale cashers or heavy cashers who spend $300+ a month on a browser game.. Feels like an excuse to define yourself making you a hero to R2 games and making them bloody rich whilst maintaining poor quality.


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        hello every one i just spent for boxes bought about 600 in few days to get hades it is joke got 80 mahra once from 600 boxes have only one thing to say to R2 you can put your hades deep in *** not trying any more to get it
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