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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 12/30 @ 3:30 AM EST has ended! - UPDATE

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  • How much longerrr arggghh 4 hours have passed by now I think? o>O


    • Originally posted by Zigak View Post
      Every week the same cupcake going on here
      You dont lose anything! everyone loses it, so no one gets an advantage and you dont lose anything, just no one gains anything. thats a difference.
      Let them do maintenance whenever they want to, they might even have their reasons for doing it on such a weird time..
      and if they need 3-6 hours, fine, it cant be that horrible to not play wartune for some hours, be happy you dont have to play like the rest of us xD

      Maintenance is a good thing!
      Would suck if they would not do any maintenance lol, since we are all already complaining about all the bugs and lags, would be worse without weekly maintenance.

      Let the cupcakestorm begin xD *waiting*

      wait doubt it can get worse


      blackscreens after leveling kicked from spire rooms wilds does not load properly.

      played for lillte over a year on old account and stopped cause of the bugs and mostly lagg.

      decided after a few 3 months to play again,

      spire room kick still there lagg no changes.

      and many small other bugs that where there 4 months ago still there. rememberd them by seeing them again and again.

      maint is to servers aswell as fixing those bugs.

      maint work from r2= coffee break 1 or 2 hours work( if they dont fall asleep after 30 minutes) and then again coffee break.

      end results of maint are no changes in lagg or more lagg, 0 bug fixes, and somenew events for cashers


      • Here we are a week later and still the same people complaining about the same thing they have been for the last year... You would think for how much people claim to hate this game they would just quit playing but I guess they think that coming to forums and crying every chance they get helps things...


        • there is a good length of time in the game when there are no events happening (morning for me) is there any reason apart from time difference that they cant do maint then so that noone misses anything?


          • Originally posted by calais76 View Post
            there is a good length of time in the game when there are no events happening (morning for me) is there any reason apart from time difference that they cant do maint then so that noone misses anything?

            times difference probably the only reason , mostlikely better for them during the current times


            • so are you ever going to get these servers back online today


              • Amen, waiting 4 hours is just stupid


                • Originally posted by R2109569460 View Post
                  when I do sylph atoll boss I don't get sylph crystloid anymore this has happened 3 times now anyone else have this problem?
                  check under your profile


                  • Originally posted by R281920345 View Post
                    Amen, waiting 4 hours is just stupid

                    indeed think of all the things you could have done outside in those 4 hours


                    • Please stay tuned as hamsters are working hardly to improve our gaming experience, not.
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                      Not antisocial, just anti-stupidity.


                      • lol used to be 3-4 hours now they have to fit in that extra cup of coffee so its 4-6 hrs, ive played many many MMO games and none have decided to take 6 hrs to maint, its a joke, plus as you and many have said before, they dont fix anything, just add more cupcake to make it more laggy, wth use flash anyway, there are other options.....


                        • Originally posted by LyNxEfecT View Post

                          still bored.... bye bye world boss, bye first arena, bye 1st 2 BGs....
                          Precision----S3 Worgs Lair

                          s371 Harmony


                          • thanx for that its been drivin me mad..


                            • when it will up
                              ARCHE wht is slow leveling?
                              when u hope that u and u tank will be same lv.


                              • Why not do housekeepings if you know each week there is maintenance....why f g s wait 4 hours? .
                                Use the time in a smart way then...and check after 4 hours...the compensation wont run away, for me as european yeah i miss the time overdays...but do things be needed in real life and then got the rest time for what want do