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  • automated tourney once a week

    +all active players could enter or 64/32 players max automated tournatement with optional rules like 64/32.. highest level players, highest BR players, highest honor players, first come first served, lowest ranked players etc.

    lets face it not everyone can do the 3 day regular dueling reward because of the time its at


    • trading definataly we need that so many newbie plays come on and start playing and cant find gear, also how about make campains long? give us more time to gain exp it takes me 4-5days to gain a level and im playing 12-13 hrs weekdays. and also how about changing the appearance of your character? make us more individual its borinf seeing the same set characters even tho they where different armours and such. and is guild wars being put in? it would be nice to show the higher lvl guilds that they are nessaceraly the best players. and exp for WB i like that idea it would make it easier to lvl... oh and on runescape they have these random events things like "a genie appears, will you go with him?" and if u do you get exp and items whic i liked on that game... i dont play it anymore but i love love for that part to come here, in the middle of void pulls you out and then brings u back when your done or something and make it easier to get socketing rods, im not wholely invested enough to spend real money... OH! and be able to customize our castles would be cool. if i think of anything else ill put up another post thank you if u considered my ideas


      • How about New Character


        • Originally posted by R21114127 View Post
          i havent tried knight in wb yet but i think what your saying is complete poo doo

          you need to know how to double hit and actually do it consistantly throughout the wb

          focus putting gold into attack astral and attack power guild skills just like archers do

          'knights' sucking at wb is a myth, you just suck at (it i bet) like most other knights heh heh
          you know you dont have to be mean and its not a myth, i have 1 of each character and knights are way harder exspecially during WB mages have the most advantage and also during catacombs the have advantage


          • In my opinion, this game is initially seemed interesting, but I can not distinguish one character with another,
            better if, at the beginning of making the characters there is an option to select a face, hair, and clothes.
            And at a certain level when upgrading mounts can also be choose what we want to use the different forms and types but with the same statistics.
            for the wings, how if the wing has reached 'dual angel wing' character does not touch the ground when not using a mount like flying. thank you, hopefully useful.


            • I actually think I got a good one.

              A lot of us like to play for free, but are always trampled on by people that are willing to pay. Maybe offer a large shop option for vouchers? Just up the ratio a bit since vouchers can be easy to obtain.

              I'm thinking something like...The Crypt key is 75 Balens, why not offer it for 750 vouchers also?


              • for group arena, I think it will be interesting if the game randomly assign the team members, every round, from the lobby, for every parties, this way a very strong casher might get in a group with weaker ppls and fight along with them for that round, and since the randomization, there will be low chances to go against a team full of top 1-3 players every time, so you have much chance to win in any group you get in/meet, since every round you will have new random players with you. Theoretically everyone has chances this way to win and eliminates the monopol created by some casher teams which wipe all GA every day, eliminates the need to find ppls every day, etc.. more than that , each casher that was used to play just with strong ppls in his team will have lots of chances to get same ammount of insignas since he will prolly go against another casher with a random created team, worst case..the game assigned a team full of casher and he will lose that round, but since every round will have different team members it works nice for everyone
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                • we need seed per 2 hour


                  • When you move on to another guild, You should be able to keep your old contribution


                    • Capture The Crystal(made a long ago, and you can do it )
                      players of 2 teams (red and blue /demon and spirits) need to get the other teams crystal, while you have the crystal you movement speed wil low, and you get a buff(similar to the buff obtained with nimbus) you will need to "plant" the crystal on your base, the opposing team will need to recover its crystal(s) and get the crystals of the oppositing team:

                      -3 crystals per team
                      -6 spots to "harvest" "plant" crystals per team
                      -must be a big map and complex with a lot of paths, walls and more
                      -mounts aren't allowed
                      -pets aren't allowed
                      -guardians like in sengolia
                      -no towers allowed(it's funny ) like on seng where the towers can kill you
                      -max time allowed for kicking 1 min(so campers will be busy moving and if they look away for a short time they will get out )
                      -a player only can carry 1 crystal or less
                      -while carrying crystal you CAN'T GO STEALTH MODE
                      -pushing isn't allowed(being killed everytime by the same player during the event(that is for those who have alts))
                      -lvl 30 requeriment

                      -100 honor(or 200 if your team wins) + 50 if you can "plant" a crystal on your base(by recovering or stealing) only if lasts until the end of the event
                      -15 bronze honor badge + 1 silver honor badge for each crystal you steal and plant
                      -a little amount of exp based on your level

                      is fun and you can do it easier
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                      • Would be nice as a guild to have something like Guild Lotto...each week members put some contribution and could pick at any guild skill they want etc....


                        • I posted this in the suggestions forum, but I figured it would be all right to post here as well.

                          I thought it would be helpful to a lot of the players if the daily free attempts for Forgotten Catacombs was raised to 2 per day instead of 1 per day.

                          The reason why I suggest this is because a lot of people (especially on the newer servers) can't get past floor 40 for a while, and barely make enough Crypt Tokens as it is. It would take a very long time to work up enough Crypt Tokens for the better rings and jewelry.

                          I would hate to turn this into a casher debate, but I would also like to mention: cashers (if using Balens for Crypt Keys) can do two attempts at Forgotten Catacombs each day. If it was raised to two free attempts, then cashers would be able to do three runs of Forgotten Catacombs each day (two free runs and one run using a Crypt Key). They would still be ahead of the non-cash players; and because of that, I see no reason why this implementation would hurt anything.

                          I am a non-cash player, and at the moment I can only complete up to floor 39 of the Forgotten Catacombs, and one run a day just isn't enough to efficiently work up enough tokens for the higher level equipment.

                          I understand that cash players should have an advantage over non-cash players, but at the same time, working up enough crypt tokens for us non-cash players is just a long, grueling experience that would normally take weeks (or more than a month to two months depending on what we're saving up for) to accomplish at the least. Increasing the daily attempts to 2 would help decrease that amount of time by enough to make the experience fun; however, it would still require a good amount of hard work in order to reach a player's goals in getting the equipment that he or she desires.

                          I am afraid that a lot of non-cash players would get too bored to even continue with the game after they learn how long it would take to work up enough tokens to get the equipment that they need. I think this implementation would help rejuvinate the playerbase a little more and give players a little more incentive to keep working as hard as they have been.
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                          • Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
                            Duration: Now to 11/14/2012

                            Description: A number of the suggestions we'd previously received from players were already planned for 1.45. Since we have, and will continue to release teasers for 1.45, we're now looking towards the player base to get an idea as to what direction the game should take, based on the information we've released so far. If we get a suggestion that we're able to use, we will gift the player who made the suggestion the reward package below:

                            Rewards: If a player's suggestion is selected, they will be contacted in PMs so we can send the reward package to the character of their choice in game. The rewards are:
                            • 100K Gold
                            • 50k Daru
                            • 2 Major Stamina Potion
                            • 30k Kyanite
                            • 2 100% Exp Scroll
                            Suggestion #01: Allow For Astral Slots To Be Opened With Vouchers
                            Suggestion #02: Allow Balens to be transferable into Vouchers (For Farm/reset/etc purposes)
                            Suggestion #03: Lower Prices on certain Cash Shop Items or Hold better promotions per "X" amount of balens spent (Useful gems boxes etc.)
                            Suggestion #04: Attempt to Fix Lag or create a "Smoother" running server
                            Suggestion #05: Bring back the 0.3%-1% bonuses Players usually get during the World Boss Events
                            Suggestion #06: Have GM's Host 1-3 Events Per Week, Each GM picks their own event (can be made up or they can ask the players for suggestions) giving out simple yet useful Prizes (Soul Crystals x10-30 or Lv.2 Gem Packs x1 or "X" (500-1000) amount of vouchers, etc.)
                            Suggestion #07: Widen Variety of Items in "Market"
                            Suggestion #08: Allow Multi-Dungeon Attempts to be Refreshed at the cost of Balens only (lots of xp to gain from MD's)
                            Suggestion #09: GM's should Interact more with the player-base
                            Suggestion #10: As a Company Be Unique and as this occasion, Continue to ask for Suggestions/Feedbacks/Make use of the "Poll" System the forums have, etc etc.
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                            • daystar

                              i think u should make a non-vip wheel for all those who are not vips and so can't use theirs or make it possible for them to exchange them for something useful, after all is not just the payers that should be rewarded but all those who play the game too. BTW i am a vip just in case people think i'm suggesting it as a non-vip.


                              • I would suggest exchange orange astral on NPC... because if you are a Archer/Swordman and you get a MATK orange astral they can't use... it's useless...