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Daily Check-in Event Bug

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    Originally posted by krissmarmesem View Post
    Also if there is gonna be that rollback im gonna lose all i did!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gems, res crystals, dims, mpds and lots of it damn!!!!!!!!! Whats wrong with u R2 staff u rlly dont care about players!!!!

    s663 nick "Petey"

    give back my tattos r2, its so long am gather....,
    please give me back my tattos...
    The rollback already happened. Only the clothing and tattoo systems were rolled back, and only for those who showed up on the list as having collected the accumulated reward many times. If you feel there was an error, you will need to submit a ticket to
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      You say there is a bug...well if there is its the fact that i do not have access to the daily check in event through my in game hot events module.Click image for larger version

Name:	feb3eventpg1.jpg
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ID:	1728706Click image for larger version

Name:	feb3eventpg2.jpg
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ID:	1728707Click image for larger version

Name:	feb3eventpg3.jpg
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ID:	1728708Click image for larger version

Name:	feb3eventpg4.jpg
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ID:	1728709Click image for larger version

Name:	feb3eventpg5.jpg
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ID:	1728710
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        cant claim 20 times
        Accumulated Check-in Gift
        i have 21 day checked


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          I don't know how Kabam does theirs as far as that goes, but if you're on the R2 side paste this address ON THE SAME BROWSER YOU PLAY THE GAME ON:

          You will have to leave the game in order for it to register and work.

          Note: If you use R2/Mini Client, paste that address onto an Internet Explorer or Edge browser.
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	01.png
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ID:	1728731 I can not get the gifts for the signatures of 5 days and 10 days.


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              Originally posted by Fwteinh Lantavou View Post
              [ATTACH=CONFIG]171615[/ATTACH] I can not get the gifts for the signatures of 5 days and 10 days.
              I got similar problem ,cant claim the 20th reward...did ticket....if i dont get the wings i wont spend any money anymore,cause they cant fix a damn event dissapointing.


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                20 day no 4ek krila bag 45 voit r2 suk