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Server Maintenance Announcement

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  • Server Maintenance Announcement

    The following servers will be going down for a server optimization on Thursday, 2/16/2017 at 6:00 PM EST. All servers are expected to be back at 23:00, 2/16/2017.

    Affected Servers:

    West Coast Severs
    • S610, S570, S574, S578, S582, S586, S590, S594, S598, S602, S606, S614, S617, S621, S625, S629, S632, S681, S685;
    • S636, S640, S644, S647, S651, S655, S659, S662, S666, S670, S674, S677, S689

    East Coast Severs
    • S533, S581, S585, S589, S592, S596, S600, S605, S609, S613, S616
    • S639, S643, S646, S650, S654, S658, S661, S665, S680
    • S620, S624, S628, S631, S635, S684

    Due to the maintenance, all cross-server events on EST servers including (R2, Kabam, Kongregate and Armor servers) will be disabled. A maintenance will also be performed on all East Coast servers during this period, after maintenance of the above servers. Cross-server events will be available after the maintenance.
    Please log out before the maintenance to avoid any losses for you. Thank you for your understanding!

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    Server Optimization better be LAG-FREE! Seems like I am going to be out 5 hours as my cluster is listed. Oh well, more movie time and Domino's.
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      You wish


      • #4
        I hope they get it done before the second coming of Christ.


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          Kongregate's west coast servers are down. That's not listed as one of the servers affected by the maintenance, but servers went down at the same time this maint announcement said servers would go down. Someone at R2 flick the wrong switch?


          • #6
            ya Wartune servers something wrong with them me and many many others cant get on and maintenence isnt until tomarow..sais server is bussy redirecting u to login screen been like this for 20 min now


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              Originally posted by Spanky28 View Post
              Why are so many servers not listed down as well?
              Same here.. S417 is down. Says server is busy.. What's the Deal??


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                Why are so many servers not listed down as well?


                • #9
                  Also, it said maintenance tomorrow, not today. Wrong day and wrong servers... On the plus side, we'll get a massive compensation package for this snafu.... Lol.... lv2 exp scroll and 50k daru!


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                    It's the 15th not the 16th, so why are servers down right now? Not only that, but it's a bad time to have maint when it could be at a later time
                    Last edited by Spanky28; 02-15-2017, 10:15 PM.


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                      Thank you MemoryLane for letting us know


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                        Originally posted by Spanky28 View Post
                        It's the 15th not the 16th, so why are servers down right now?
                        Unexpected downtime. The devs are looking into it.
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                          Thank you MemoryLane for letting us know


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                            Server R2 S420 down as well

                            Click image for larger version

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                              S691 is also down and not on the list Grrrrrrr