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The Wartune 1.5 Friday Herald: Clothing

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  • Originally posted by SirChuck View Post
    I'm thoroughly confused on the clothing thing. My server should have first part of 1.5 tomorrow morning. R2 has two different posts saying you use gold for clothing. The first post of this threads say:

    "Clothing will be accessed by clicking on “Clothing” in the Character panel. Here players will see all available clothing slots as well as two options for crafting: Clothing Synthesis will be used for leveling up clothing, while Clothing Conversion will be used to swap levels between clothing of the same type. Clicking on either of these options will open up the Tailoring panel. While both of these methods of crafting will just use Gold, players can purchase items from the Cash shop to assist with crafting."

    "Clothing Synthesis costs Gold and is used to level up clothing, with the off chance of receiving a rare look. To synthesize clothing, you must first select two pieces of clothing you wish to synthesize"

    I believe it costs balens, but at no point does it say it. So, where does the gold come in?
    i believe fashion cores will come in some form of a box at some point, which will make them collectable and thus allow you to use just gold. however at present u buy the gear with balens. thats my understanding from my reading.
    SERVER 82


    • I bought a set which i liked, only to upgrade it and end up with items i didnt want.. IE: Banjo upgraded gave me a water gun.. If i wanted a water gun i would have bought it.
      Someone elses blue and white wings are now red, which she didnt want.. Else she would have bought red wings..

      Why give an option of outfits to choose only to change when we upgrade it.
      Then the support said we can use conversion for the look we want.. YOU GAVE US AN OPTION.. Why make us spend money for the choise, to then spend money to upgrade them, to then spend money again to go back to the original item we choose.
      I Guess we have CASH COWS tattooed on our fore heads..
      Wake up R2, I would spend money on your game and have done, But not so you can take the **** out of me.


      • Convert clothes use gold only?


        • This is not good I hate my armor and only chance to put it back is to buy another armor worth 400 balens. This is too much R2 you are robbing us. Maybe will pay gold or daru to synthesize it again not with balens this is a rob out. Not happy with your new clothing features.


          • How to level up fashion core? I tried to synthesize level 2 clothes using level 1 fashion core. It turned out it just make the clothes with different look (not leveling up). I also tried to level up wing to level 4. but again, the good luck charm doesnt appear there (so the probability is poor).

            Please advice.

            SSSS, 138


            • i want to know why the good luck charm is greyed out, is it so that the synthesis fails every time and people have to spend and buy more balens?


              • how can i increase the chance of succes rating for my level 3 wings, i have 5 fashion cores. but when i put my level 3 wings and 5 cores together i only get a POOR rating of succes for leveling, it also shows that it i cant use luck charms for it, can anyone help me.


                • I have 2 lvl wings and spent 4000 balen for update wings, and dont updated, ***? any bug????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????... Returned my balens!!!!!!!!


                  • what the long lost smurf ????? I losing balens and dont updateing..........................
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                    • try reading that thread and then asking for help
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