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    Originally posted by R22006759 View Post
    No but like a company that sas that ¨we care for our players¨ u can olways lower the price for diferent benefits of the game...and then iven non chaser hawe a chance of turn in to chaser.Thing in this game ar so expensive that u need 2 spend hole income and still ur bad.But if u put lower price then more and more can aford things that they think that is necesary to dezvolt in in the end u hawe more income.Its not the same seling 10 products at overprice like seling 100 products at a decent price...maiby ur income is the same...but at least u hawe hapy customers....If they realy care for that....I think NOT.
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    Ok the problem you aren't looking at is pretty simple but also very easy to overlook. If they lower the prices of the same items that have always been there then those players who have been financially supporting the company all of a sudden overpaid for everything and will not be happy. All companies that sell a product (and this is an etertainment product) do so to make a profit. Companies have to weigh whether they'd rather anger 500 people that don't financially support them or 50 that do. If they turn their back on their loyal customers not only will it hurt their relationship with those customers but it will set a precedent of angering their paying customers. Their customer service has been called into question enough already that they can not do things that angers all their paying customers at once.


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      yes not good only for vip?


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        Just wanted to say thank you Storm and all @ R2 games, just what i needed, except how about putting some skeleton keys up for sale in the Shop? how about 10 skeleton keys for 100 balens or 10 keys for 150?? i would like that


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          You can all relax skeleton keys in the pack. Also, the gold/daru is the same for both VIP players and non VIP-ers. The only difference is the luck stones/10 crypt tokens, which..nice bonus, but won't get you far.
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            Agreed! Not enough good opportunities for non-cashers....this needs to change soon or Wartune is gonna be losing a good majority of its' users!!!