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An Advance Guide For Beginners (Patch 7.7.0)

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  • An Advance Guide For Beginners (Patch 7.7.0)

    This Guide is For Beginners, I may be wrong, Who Cares!??

    Multiple levels of Tactics; PvP Frustrations, & PvE Advantages & Math.

    Multiple Options from the Village idiot, to the broken person who Never Sleeps.

    (S) Class Heroes are Helpful in PvP & PvE. Each 300 Gems, Based on a Timed option; it will rotate.

    Free Hero Chips Daily, A 2 Star Free Hero could take down a 1 ‘bought’ Star S Hero.

    (S+)“Gray Wizard” AoE Silence. (S+)“Star Guardian” is Tank, Raise “Crest” G-B-P; He will Revive. I love my “Forest Elder” Raise him well... Specific Abilities Open on Purple “Crest” Invest Wisely. 40+ Heroes. Love 8-10 Max. After a Few weeks, Your (S) 3-4 Star Hero is more powerful than 1 star (SS+) Hero. It’s a $$ fortune for ‘chips’, as ‘Cash Whales’ can offord to buy them. Some. Play daily, earning enough to make a Stand.

    Now the Map is different than Arena & Hero Challenge. Consider your choices: Movement Speed “Savant” & Corrupt Halflin”, Lord Exp “King of Men” … Just Hover your Heroes, Apply what you learn to your Team.

    Gear 6 Heroes Only. I mean it! Gear chips are Rare. Silver;Green;Blue;Purple . LV by 5-10-15-20 … Based on Lord Level. Max your Silver 1rst. Care for Green. Shine your Blue. (Purple is hard to farm) Keep 1-2 set 1-2 star them.

    Based on Vip (Free Points Daily Login) & Castle Level, you may have 10-20 Spaces for Heroes... Who Cares!??

    Now, if you do decide to take out 10 Heroes; You Must Master the Map! In “Watch” remember to click on “Details” 1rst option bottom Right. There you can ‘Solo’ (I only Solo if I get in the weekly Black Tower) The “Retreat” is always FREE. Use it, if you look ahead, and see you will die... then ‘Retreat’ & ‘Reinforce’

    You can always see if anyone is “Camped” by clicking on anything you wish to attack. No one there? Bring your “Troop” Near the Desired area. Send your weakest Hero: wait 1:30 Delay & then see ‘Details’ for the next 10-20... Your encounters are based on Math. Random Defender: Elite Defender: Heroic Defender. If all are Defender for 10-20, Send out your 3-4 other weakest only (Gain easy Merit) When you see Elite Defender coming up, ‘Retreat’ weak Heroes, and send out your 5-6 Strongest... Now, Reinforce your Weakest, Bring them back for Defender. Wash/Rinse/Repeat

    I’m putting another ‘Post’ Based on Gear... Numbers, Colors, Stars & How they each affect the Base Battle Power. Free Hero; a Bought Hero; & the Heroes you pay with real currency. I’m a new (ish) Player, with Patch 7.7.0 … I’m choosing to work with the Changes... I am not happy at all, yet Who Cares!?

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    thanks for all info you are the best ,but you know how can change nation ?is posible or not?here where im all is dead


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      That depends if you are in 3rd or 4th age. 3rd age is not possible to change servers.
      If you are in 4th - click your avatar - change forced server (on the right next to your char.) - transfer - confirm - the map is shown, on top is your current server - you can choose another realm with the left buttons - choose a server - on the bottom you can buy a transfer voucher for 5k blue diamonds.


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        Before Transferring Servers: Do Your Research

        Here is a little info on some of the Servers... Names have been changed to Protect Their Insanity
        4th Age Colors of 6 Nation differ from Actual; Going Clock Wise: Top-Middle 1,2,3,4,5,6.
        H1: Scorched Earth: If you're not there, don't bother... Server 1-10ish You do the Math. Only (1) & (3) go to Middle Saturdays 11am. (2)(4)(5)(6) Will Never make it. Alts are place to gain SS+ Magic Temple Master 'Chips' 10-5-2 Weekly.
        H2: Void Realm: (1) (4) (6) Go to middle. (2)(3)(5) Will Never go Middle. Go at your own risk!
        H3: Sanctuary: 'Axe' (Green) Leads (1); his alt 'Bottom' Controls Teal(6), Blocks Red to middle; 'Cloud' from Green Rules Blue (4) Passage guaranteed.. Then Green pushes Yellow & Gray Back to a very tiny portion of Map. Only Green (1) Blue (4) Teal (6) Get to play. Y-Gray-Red have alts to gorge Weekly MTM 'chips'. Choose Wisely
        H4: Frozen Lands: Only (1) (3) (6) Go to Midlle. (2) (4) (5) Will Never get out; You think 'Santa' is insane in H5? They are worst here. So many alts, all named the same, not worth mentioning. No one rules here it's 33.33% ownership. Alts are placed in (2) (4) (5) to collect Weekly MTM Chips. Only 'Santa' could break their Bonds, as they refuse to allow Battles. They simply "Camp" all possibility to progress... If you only play for NPC Attacks; this is your Server.
        H5: Jade World: Only (2) & (4) Go to Middle. The worst Server of them all atm... (2) 'Santa' likes to take over an entire map. Check his Statue to see her movements from H3 to H5. Uses alts to achieve personal goals; while the rest follow. Does not Fill a City, just pure 'Daily' chaos for the Server. (4) Barely manages to get to middle Saturdays 11am. Santa & Elves will Block all possible access to middle. Choose (2) to be an elf or (4) if you like to be challenged daily... (1)(3)(5)(6) Will Never get to Middle.
        SEN7006: to SEN7009 are locked. 30 to 100 days

        In 3rd Age, you play with 4 Nations. No options to opt out, yet it's only a couple weeks... save your tears... you'll need them in 4th Age, which has 6 Nations. Makes no sense. Only 'One' will rule them all, and usually an alt to reign the other Nation. Control is very important to the 'gamer's Mind; and wallet.

        Do not Transfer without really thinking first. I Transfer a lot to collect data, as it intrigues me how there's little 'Humanity' in the real World, and how it's reflected in this game. When I did my 1rst Transfer, I tried to go back to my Server. I'm locked out for 80 days... I can't compete with these players, and the Dev's made it impossible to go back to your real Server.
        Beware... Beware... Beware... it's not fun at all, you may regret it more than I have... and that IS scary.

        Hope this guide helps


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          Paragon Clash : Every 2 Weeks on Sundays 10am to 10pm

          Here are Some Very Important Suggestions; I hope this will prevent 'You' from being Silly...

          When your Server enters Paragon Clash; Back on Your Normal Server Map, (All Cities are 'Protected' until 10pm) or if PC finishes earlier than 10pm; City Protection will End. (It prevents Players from Capturing 'Server Cities')

          Do the Math: Example: Santa has average 5Million BT per Toon. 20 Troops x 5 million= 100 Million BT (Actual 800+ but we are not all Mathematicians here. KISS= Keep It Simple Sweetheart. So lets do some Math, shall we?

          Average player has 1.5 to 2.5 Million BT, so for this example I say 2 million. When a 2 million toon faces a 5 million toon= 5 divided 2= 2.5 (It would take 3 of your toon to possibly take down) Take into account 'Bonuses' based on many factors, such as: Gear, Star Levels, Mounts, City Bonuses, omg the list is too long.

          In Paragon Clash: When you let your "Tower" Crystal is taken... You now change Faction Color to the one that destroyed your Tower. Those Towers that go down within an hour or two, have a chance to earn Merit. How else can an Event last 12 Hours.

          This Section is for the truly 'Stubborn' Twice Scorned Players.... You may be offended by what you're about to read, yet, rest assured it comes from a good place. KISS can also stand for Keep It Simple Stupid, so please take my advise.

          - When a very powerful Server is attacking your Faction, like they reach your Tower within an hour:
          STOP! Just STOP! Protecting your silly Tower: Feelings are Not Facts: The Fact is, your Server is weaker: Santa is like Pac-Man: Gobble gobble Chump chump. 1 toon with 5 million BT can easily take down an entire Troop of 1K toons... Thats ONE TOON. So you have 10x 2 million per toon.= 20 million Battle Power vs 5 of Santa's Troop of 5 miilion= Your 10 TROOPS of 20 mil BT; will be Defeated by 5 of hers Easily. Do Not Feed her with your 'Personal Merit' !!! Just stop, and become what ever color you are taken over.

          Save your hard earned BT, Food is very rare, and game offers very little food to recruit and send out your Troops out. Sometimes you wait a few days to get your much needed Resources. Accept Defeat, and keep playing for hours.

          Very Frustrating to see 'Fellow Players' Like a Moth to the Flames... Constantly rushing to 'Protect' their family Jewel... Not worth it at all. There's not much information about this game, as you can see I keep posting 'Guides' in hopes it helps you from making mistakes.


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            Thank you very much Silkypants, you give better info then the descriptions given.
            Keep up the good work!!


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              Thank you for the information and much appreciated! Regarding the Server Transfer what does this message actually mean? Do you lose just your title (vizier, mayor, town mayor) and city or do you lose other things as well when you click the "CONFIRM" button? Is a preview of the open servers available to look at before committing to the transfer or by clicking you lose all your hard-earned work in the game? Thanks!

              Click image for larger version

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                Transfer your guild leadership to somebody else prior to leaving your server or they'll be with out a leader, vizier or vice for the next week or so.


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                  thanks cptcruch. i'm not a guild i lose my title and city where i am currently lord? how about my troops and other things? is there a preview of available servers? am i committed to transferring servers if i press that "confirm" button? thanks for your help.


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                    You keep troops etc other than the 5k diamonds, you will need to reapply for everything that you have now IE: Guild, City....things like that. You can also start over in the arena!! The other bonus which wasn't mentioned is the Morale Quest if you decide to complete all of them or another area you haven't if that is your thing? Many do that! You can PM me for any tips etc Gameplay1191
                    Last edited by cptcruch; 07-06-2020, 08:03 PM. Reason: Just food for thought Silky.......


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                      Many like Santa and his Elves on H5 we have many many benefits for others but some are blind.....some ppl need to stop using Noel as an excuse and his Alts which once again I'm not!!! I use my name all over my post but don't see yours? This is ridiculous, get over it and stop referring to me as an ALT!!

                      S1 Vapraak


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                        hi cptcruch,
                        tried to PM you but it kept on giving me a syntax error. thanks for the reply. a couple of questions if you have time:
                        1. what is the morale quest and the other area you mentioned? where do you find that?
                        2. what do you exactly mean by start over in the arena? do you lose all your arena coins and heroic badges?
                        3. still not clear what happens when you click the confirm button. are you still able to back out if you don't want to transfer or are you locked in?
                        4. when transferring servers are you limited to the other servers on your 4th age or can go anywhere?
                        5. was your last post for me? don't know santa or what H5 means lol
                        thanks again for your time and help. please PM me if you want so don't clog the forum posts with with my specific questions.


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                            That's what i got MemoryLane and can't reply to his pm's......i tried over and over this morning


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                              1. what is the morale quest and the other area you mentioned? where do you find that? Morale quest are quest u do after clearing a new city, small icon above the city
                              2. what do you exactly mean by start over in the arena? do you lose all your arena coins and heroic badges? you start over earning the diamonds u spent to get to "new server"
                              3. still not clear what happens when you click the confirm button. are you still able to back out if you don't want to transfer or are you locked in? yes once u hit confirm you will move to that new server
                              4. when transferring servers are you limited to the other servers on your 4th age or can go anywhere? you may go anywhere providing that server is available...i would make an "alt" as Silkypants thinks we are all Noel and see how that server is before moving. If you wanted a lazy server or more active?
                              5. was your last post for me? don't know santa or what H5 means lol it wasn't directed towards you

                              When you pick a new server you also pick which nation, some have accidently at times moved to the right server but wrong nation....u do that it's a 30 day wait, i forget.