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An Advance Guide For Beginners (Patch 7.7.0)

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    Thanks Silkypants this is great! A lot of good information from a player's perspective and experience, along with being a fun read. Appreciate your time writing and posting this; please keep them coming! Can't wait for the next one...


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      Yeah... I have a fan!

      This Guide is about Heroes & Gear. Patch 7.7.0 'Nerfed' us so badly, that new players have very little hope to get anywhere. Those that raised their Heroes to Purple+; 4-5 Stars, wearing Purple to Golden Gear are Gods. It's not completely hopeless... it's near impossible to get anywhere, without making the right choices daily. I'll try to keep it simple.

      First, I'll tackle Heroes... These 'Numbers' are NOT exact! why? bc of the bonuses based on what heroes you have collected; matching 'Star' Levels will boost War Power ect.

      (Normal) Heroes (Raised to Blue)
      1 Star= 20K Warrior Power or Battle Power
      2 Stars= 40K
      3 Stars= 80K

      (S) Heroes (Raised to Blue)
      1 Star= 25K Warrior Power or Battle Power
      2 Stars= 50K
      3 Stars= 100K

      (S+) Heroes (Raised to Blue)
      1 Star= 35K Warrior Power or Battle Power
      2 Stars= 70K
      3 Stars= 140K

      (SS) Heroes (Raised to Blue)
      1 Star= 45K Warrior Power or Battle Power
      2 Stars= 90K
      3 Stars= 180K

      The Dev's Simplified the numbers by 'doubling' each Star Tear... So when you work hard aka (Spent $) to earn 10 Chips, you are beyond Excited; you may even do a little dance. I'm here to Lady Dog Slap you to reality!

      It takes 10 chips to open a Hero. Then it's 20+ Chips to Raise Hero to (Two Stars) & 50+ Chips for a (3 Stars) and 100+ Chips (4 Star)

      Unless you buy these chips; or win 1-2-3 in Weekly events... Here's a Tissue.

      Focus on you Free Heroes...
      A (SS) Death Black Wings; It's a Dragon that Flies. 500 Gems for your 10 Chips to get it Around $10.00 US. And you don't want to know how much it costs to get more chips.
      A (S+) Hero at 300 Gems for 10 Chips; Then 1440 Gems $20.00 US for (15 Chips) It will take 50+ chips (Good Luck with that)
      A (S) Hero, you collect in Tavern, and other ways that you will see, as you play Daily. In a few weeks, you can raise them to 2-3 Stars
      A Normal Hero is also from Tavern; and in shop, Arena, and Recycle Hub ... In a few weeks, you can raise them to 3-4 Stars.

      A Normal 3 Star Hero can take down a (S+ 2 Stars) or a (SS 1 Star Hero)


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        This Guide is about Gear, and one needs to be 'Tactical' on which Hero gets what Gear. I'll try to keep it simple; numbers are Not exact, based on many variables. Patch 7.7.0 Really hurt us 'Normal' Players; as it made it... MUCH better & for others. Here's a Break Down of each 'Set of 4 Equipment to make a Set'
        Each Gear in the same color is the same Power (Avoid mix & match - If all same 'Set' Same color; same star level ect more Power Bonus)

        Silver Gear Value: 2,400 x4 = 9,600 Power
        Green Gear Value: 3,200 x4 = 12,800 Power
        Blue Gear Value 4,000 x4 = 16,000 Power
        Purple Gear Value 5,000 x4 = 20,000 Power
        Gold Gear Value 6,000 x4 = 24,000 Power

        Based on The Hero (Quality; LV; Gear Leveling gear to lv 30-40; Fate based on Heroes that have affiliations with other Heroes; A Set of same color; so many Variables) Numbers WILL Vary.

        1 Star Normal @ 20K with Silver Set 9.6K = 29.6 K BP
        2 Star Normal @ 40K with Green Set 12.8K = 42.8 BP
        3 Star Normal @ 80K with Purple Set 20K =100 K BP

        1 Star (S) Hero @ 25K with Silver Gear 9.6K = 34.6K
        2 Star (S) Hero @ 50K with Green Gear 12.8K = 62.8K
        3 Star (S) Hero @ 100K with Purple Gear 20K = 120K

        1 Star (S+) Hero @ 35K with Silver Gear 9.6K = 44.6K BP
        2 Star (S+) Hero @ 70K with Green Gear 12.8K = 82.8K BP
        3 Star (S+) Hero @ 140K with Purple Gear 20K = 160 BP

        1 Star (SS) Hero @ 45K with Silver Gear 9.6K = 54.6K
        2 Star (SS) Hero @ 90K with Green Gear 12.8K = 112.8K
        3 Star (SS) Hero @ 180K with Purple Gear 20K = 200K

        Use this and cross reference your toon, my numbers should be very close. Heroes go from Silver to Purple; as does our Gear... Being exact is Not the point...

        The point is: Focused on who you will put in Arena PVP & PVE

        My next Guide will be on what Heroes to work on; as a Beginner player; and why! ... New players would be a lot less Discouraged; and my info may sway you to Keep playing 3rd Age/4th Age


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          This Guide will help you 'Prioritize' which Hero you need to focus on; What I'm about to share with you, will make a Huge difference, because I said so

          Every RPG has certain common traits... When working on your team; Choose wisely... Yet, I will suggest that you strongly consider this Team; then I will add a few to also consider, and why.

          Tank = The one that Leads your Party of 5 & (Shield)
          Close Range Damage = Usually on a horse, or on foot (Weapons)
          Long Range Damage = Archer & Magic Users (Weapons & Team Assistance)

          Your First: Full Party of 5 Heroes= Some may be Normal & (S) Since they are easier to collect Daily.
          1 Tanks: Gallant of Light or Kings Gallant are Normal. Some like S+ Rose Gallant since you can collect chips free in game.
          2 Close range Damage (Can be any of the tank/fighters above) or an archer (Strong attacks, yet die instantly... I would have to put my 2nd best gear on an Archer)
          2 Long Range like Invoke (Normal) to heal; and Forest Elder (S) to Shield; or (S) Nightingale to heal

          This Party of 5 would do well in Arena:
          1. (S+) Star Guardian or (S+) Rose Gallant
          2. (S+) Corrupt Halfling or Normal Sirocco Ranger (Both have Team Debuff & Speed % on the Field Map)
          3. (S+) Gray Wizard AoE Silence, or Forest Elder (Shield), don't get more than 2 healer types, as they are useless on Field Map events. Depending on your Nation's "White Magic Bonus"

          Look over every Hero you have, and look into their abilities for Arena PvP... High BR or BP players, can be slain by a novice player who has a Hero that can silence & Lady Dog Slap their Healers and those that cast Shields; Drain Attacks; or increase their attacks, are silenced. A purple 1 Star (Star Guardian; will revive one in PvP)

          Also trust whats in your Server... don't be shy... Click on other players, check to see what choices they made. Many sspppprrrreeeeaaaaddd all their resources to 10-15-20 Hero's...
          Do Not Do That!

          So you have your 5 main Heroes chosen for Arena.
          Now, create another 5 Back up Heroes. Avoid mages, when possible; as you need will encounter players who have many mages. What kills a Mage fast?
          Calvary kill Infantry Faster; Infantry kill Archers Faster, Archers kill Calvary Faster (Your mages are next to useless on World Map Battles) Mages may offer % to Merit;Exp;Speed though

          Here is my last Suggestion on this Topic of Heroes, Troops, what gear to wear:

          1. take off every piece of Armour off! Now click in World map the 'Troop' and look at all your heroes, & their Battle Power, from top to bottom.
          As a new (ish) player, you may have a Purple set. Give it to your Main Tank. You may have many Blue; make 2-3 Blue Set; Make 2-3 Green; 2-3 Gray (and only gear the 5-10 Heroes Used)
          Fight the urge to even out Gear for every Hero. Think 1) Arena PvP 2) Field map Battles. You should only take out 8 Heroes, the other 2 have Silver or green gear, and are mages right?

          One Hero with great BP can sit there solo and kill many 'defender' enemies; and can handle more hits from 'Heroic Defender' Watch the fight, and see for yourself. If you even out your Gear score for 10 players, each will die one after the other = Resources to bring them out is outrageously painful. While a team of 5 That you geared instead of 'spreading' out will last longer!

          Never go in Full Gun's a Blazing... It looks cool on the map, but silly in battles. All you need is a S 30 player, bring one or two of their best; thus killing 10 Heroes. would you rather loose 10 or 5?

          As you play, you will learn a lot. It's better to have 5 Heroes with 2K BP each than 10 Heroes @ 1K BP. Can't stress that Very important point!


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            how can i get a city and become their master?


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              ve h?e nejde p?eklada? v chatu


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                I'm a genuine noob in this game and get stomped on a regular basis. I play server 77 Garland. Where do you get the Magic trace for your heros?? I see the little icon for it but it doesn't tell you how to get it? Was just curious. Thanks.


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                  The items for the magic trace are in the thanksgiving day event (look for one of the turkeys icon) also it appears to be geared towards spenders? u need 70 bottles for 1 trace?


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                    Wer kann mir mal sagen wie es funktioniert , Lehen eingeben ?


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                      Jak tworzy? eq dla bohatera?? Mam sporo odlamków ale niestety nie wiem jak je wykorzystac


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                        Just joined this game and from what I read in this guide it seems like the game is ruled by the money spenders and their alts -- or some other person who has been playing for a long time and their alts -- so how does one play this game as a newbie and actually enjoy the basic game? Or is that simply not possible?


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                          Any recent research on servers? I'm only a small player and need to move to somewhere I can grow after too many big players moving in and taking over..