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For recent R2 login issues, please log in through the website starting with "https": In addition, the bookmark of the saved URL may still contain the word "http", please change it to "https". If this does not work for you, please clear the cache and cookies to complete the most recent update, or try again with another browser. Thank you.
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[Update] The Third Age v7.7 06/23 @ 07:00-08:00 AM EDT

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  • #31
    Black screen after update.
    I had the same problem.
    I deleted all R2 games info and downloaded R2 Client. The game ran, BUT it took up to 1 minute to change screens.
    I deleted R2 client and had one last attempt to run the game through my 'Opera' browser.
    For the time being, everything is now working fine.


    • #32
      R2 when is this black screen going to be fixed


      • #33
        Hi, If you are experiencing the black screen login issue please post your server number and in-game name at this link or dm it to me please.
        To file a ticket with support for assistance click here


        • #34

          I enter the game, and you only get a black screen, but no one tells us what is happening


          • #35
            It is kind of sad when decide to try to log in and kind of hope it is just a black screen. If this continues much longer, I'm gone for good.


            • #36
              Maybe you can try to clear the cache and remove all the cookies from your computer, then reboot and try again. That worked for me :-)


              • #37
                ich habe immer noch einen schwarzen bildschirm....liest das hier ├╝berhaupt jemand?? ich bezweifle dies stark....ab jetzt gibts von mir bei facebook und co nur negativ bewertung.


                • #38
                  Here are some answers to the questions posted in this thread regarding the updates:

                  [Jigsaw Puzzle]
                  Event Rules:
                  1. During the event, you can obtain the event items for "Bright eye deft hand" by training, harvesting resources on Fief, defeating monsters, gathering estate;
                  2. Consumption of "Bright eye deft hand" can be used for Bright eye deft hand Puzzles, each time you complete the puzzle successfully, you will get 1 reward;
                  3. The ranking shows the top 10 fastest completion records, and the corresponding ranking reward will be issued by email after the event;
                  4. The ranking is updated every hour during the event.
                  5. After the event, unused "Bright eye deft hand" chip will be automatically removed by the system, please use it as soon as possible during the event.

                  [Modify the recruitment Fort]
                  1. The original function of the recruitment fort was modified to increase the Maximum quantity of troops of all heroes, and the progress bar of the soldier upper limit on the right side of the recruitment fort interface was replaced with the increased quantity of troops of all heroes.
                  2. The total quantity of troops no longer shows the upper limit

                  In regards to the optimization, there's no available information at this time.

                  If you have a problem, need assistance and we can't help? Submit a ticket with R2 here
                  Please, view the bug report list here - CS1
                  Forum Rules are located here
                  Please, view the bug report list here - CS2

                  Please, note my inbox is broken. Post your issue on the forums. I'll do my best to assist.


                  • #39
                    Hi Minori,
                    Thanks for the response. However still don't understand the Recruitment Fort modification. If Recruitment Fort was modified to increase maximum quantity of troops of all Heroes to what seems to be unlimited capacity, then a level 1 Recruitment Fort has the same capacity as a level 12 Recruitment Fort? Don't know if that is correct but if it's true it does not make any sense at all...