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[CS Activity] In Search of a Four Leaf Clover

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    Dragon Crystal Surprise

    YES I'm not sure what happened but lately, the way r2 has been screwing me with all the lost attempts in dungeons and baths because of lost connections I was starting to fell like their ♥♥♥♥, however,Click image for larger version

Name:	dc.GIF
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Size:	16.6 KB
ID:	1665019 I finally got 1 up on them I think. I received 10 DC instead of just the 1. I know for sure I didn't have them but when I cashed in a 4 leaf clover package there they were.
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      cash more

      gz lucky

      Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post

      Lucky Clover Pack:
      Open the pack to randomly receive ONE of the following items (there is a chance you will receive the item x10)

      cash more and good luck
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        Originally posted by Iy31n View Post
        do all elites above 35 have clovers?
        No, the seeds are just a chance drop from elites over lvl 35.
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          Well R2 I'd like to thank you on another fail event, could have been a good one, but u seem to never grasp the concept, now because all plots r full and people alt abuse i cant even do my dailies.


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            Originally posted by (S14)Squintina View Post
            Can we please have an emergency maintenance to make the clover seeds smaller and/or stackable? This is getting ridiculous.
            I agree with squint on this one it is getting quite ridiculous, the hate the rage the hogging the stealing fighting im getting sick of it and this is the first time ive done this event... and im not exactly getting anywhere fast either for ppl hogging its ok cause they can get all their items and the plots to plant them, where as others have no chance what so it going to take another 20 pages of complaints for you to solve this issue like the previous event.
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              I'm having such bad luck with this event, but anything is better than nothing.
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                Do something with the ******** not enough plot!!! why the hell do u even need to have so much space for the clover!!! Some people cant even plant the clover at all!!! Not all people can online 24 hrs to get a plot!!! OMG.......


                • #38
                  They can still be used after the event is over? So even if you can't get spaces available atm it'll settle down eventually. At least that's something.

                  Edit- Oops, completely forgot they don't stack, ya that sucks. If they stacked it wouldn't be that big a deal


                  • #39
                    so little space to plant QQ plz add more planting space and make the seeds take up less space when u plant them and in ur inventory (aka make them stack). its rly annoying especially with 10 merged servers and one person with a million alts hogging all the Ls ... most ppl wont even get a chance to plant with all the greedy people


                    • #40
                      In my server you get KOS if you try competing a spot for the higher ups that have planted for hours at a time GMs is there any way you can do a emergency maintence? to make these seeds smaller so we wont have to kill each other for spots to plant these clovers.
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                        They should have at least made the clovers green so you could still pick up gems without filling your inventory with seeds.
                        This event has great rewards but since you can't find a spot in just 3 instances let alone do they daily farming quests
                        it's a total **** you to the average player.

                        Way to screw us again this year.


                        • #42
                          why did the elites stop dropping seeds early? 15 elites and no seeds...


                          • #43
                            Elites are still dropping. Im getting about 70 seeds a night, and like everybody else, planting them is the problem. I was able to organize the planting area were everyone uses 2 spots. More people are able to plant and it leaves room for the Seeds of Life. I hate when people set the clover seeds in random spots and no one can plant their SoL. Make room b!tches


                            • #44
                              Originally posted by monkeyshine View Post
                              They should have at least made the clovers green so you could still pick up gems without filling your inventory with seeds.
                              u prefer gems over inventory full of seeds?


                              • #45
                                Anyone know if seeds can be planted after maintenance? Cause I don't see today going very well for many people......
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