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Combat Rogue Killing Machine Guide

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  • baRRiEr
    this is very helpful i dont like shadow rouge cause it is hiding i like a front to front battle not a hit and hide battle

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  • TheAges
    Originally posted by MrEvolve View Post
    High Chance of Last Hitting Enemy boss(Especially World Boss) - FALSE... shadow rogues have a skill called Slayer's Speed which improves your attack speed by 15% on level5...
    Easy level up and doing dungeons - FALSE... i was able to solo vault NM when i was lv 45... and before that, i made a lv30 priest that healed... 1k was more then enough...
    High Dodging Rate - FALSE... if you choose to be agility, it doesn't matter whatsoever which build you are, you will always have the same dodge...
    High Movement Speed - aaaaand FALSE again... shadow rogues have a skill called Slayer's Spring which improves your mobility for 70% for 12 seconds...

    Ok, something you forgot about was guess what, Combat rogues can use all the little skills you listed for shadow rogues. SO, the only really cool thing you guys have is Stealth. whoopdyfriggindoo buddy! don't get all Co'cky and ticked at this guy cause he's just trying to help other players! you're not helping but pi'ssing other people, like me, right the f' off! stop being stupid and pay attention. Goosfraba!

    Oh, and btw... Decimation beats ANY skill the shadow rogue has... completely. added with Improved Lightstream and Reversals effects, the damage ratio is off the charts! Oh! and Combat rogues are good for hit and run too ya know, Lightstream and Reversal kinda teleport you a good distance for more than just one reason bud. XD

    And thanks for the guide btw, always learning something new.
    Last edited by TheAges; 12-12-2012, 02:03 AM.

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  • theifkid
    than i will be a shadow rogue first than when i am lvl 50 i wil get the sand of times and turn in to combat

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  • loyskiatienza
    Great guide. Also great thread going on here. MrEvolve make a shadow rogue guide as to better compare both of your opinions which i think are both good. BTW.. whats the "sliding tackle" that a rogue does which someone mentioned in here?

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  • R2761998
    Originally posted by AknileDeWerewolf View Post
    This guide is getting better and better, i'll save this
    true i'll subscribe hehehe this is better than a pure combat vs shadow thread
    i prefer combat over rogue by its high dps and dot they get and the high dodge from passive(especially blur)

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  • AknileDeWerewolf
    This guide is getting better and better, i'll save this

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  • R22913744
    Hey MrEvolve, post a guide to shadow rogue

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  • theifkid
    thats a combat rogue guide yes?

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  • AknileDeWerewolf
    Very useful
    Very helpful
    Very valuable
    very powerful.

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  • janver
    It it really okay to have a 2str 1 agi to lvl 25 only?? In scions?? How to distribute attributes?

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  • majestique
    try take alook this one i think ull find some answer there

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  • C4P0T3
    Originally posted by PrincessVy View Post
    Hello! Just wanted to help my fellow Combat Rogues out there and those Combat Rogues Wannabe. This is my first guide so correct me if im somewhat wrong with details. Im still level 43 from Psychodelica Server. So it is limited. So ill only make a guide until level 50.

    NOTE: This is not the only build you can do, this is just based from my own experience as combat rogue

    Okay, lets start with .

    What is Combat Rogue?

    Combat Rogue are killing machines that tears down enemy's HP using chain of skills and DOT leaving them bloody over time. While as for Shadow ,they rely on their stun. So with no sugar coated words, once the Shadow's Stun lands on you, you're dead.PERIOD. But When youre lucky enough to dodge it, they're dead. PERIOD (Tip: When they will use shadow strike, use lightstream , it will reveal them!)

    *Combat rogues are not that popular in this game and i must say they're pretty much always underestimated. But i myself enjoy playing this especially in dungeons. But i have to say, they will only be frickin great after rebirth as you can max out all useful skills . I myself havent been to rebirth so my guide is i repeat, LIMITED.

    High Chance of Last Hitting Enemy boss(Especially World Boss)
    Easy level up and doing dungeons
    High Dodging Rate
    High Movement Speed

    Low Pdef
    Dot skills gimped in Seng and Delivery Quest.

    Stat Build:

    I would recommend 2 Str/ 1 Agi until level 25 then Full Strength After it. Why agi? So that you'll have some crit chance and hit rating . This also boost a little dodge. After 25, go full Str as it increases PATK.

    Skill Build:

    For me, i focus more on left and middle tree(damaging skills) as it is more important before rebirth. Max them first because you'll lack skill points if you'll try to learn the right tree and damage skills at the same time .And after rebirth, you can use the right.

    Your Skill tree should turn out like this when you reach level 50:


    Double Cut- 1/5 Place this at level 1 as it has its improved version at level 40

    Blade Twist- 5/5 This should be maxed ASAP as it reduces enemy's PDEF by 35% at level 5.

    Lightstream- 5/5 Max this too as it hugely increases Patk and hits enemies at the same time. This can also be used to initiate an attack or escape mechanism.

    Viper's touch- 5/5 Max this. This skill is passive damaging 285 per 3 sec in 12 seconds at level 5. Enemy's Healing will also be reduced to 50%. So as what it says, when someone uses healing potion , instead of healing 621 every 3 sec, it will only 311 every 3 sec.

    Triple Strike- 1/5 Just place it to 1. Imp Double Cut is better damage and cooldown wise.

    Imp. Double Cut- 5/5 Max this. This is a great DOT skill.

    *After getting all these at level 44, get 1 blur and 1 shadow slap when you reach level 48. Shadow Slap is very useful in fights because it removes healing effects and prevents enemy from using any pots. And when you turn 50, get Reversal.

    TIP: You can use SOT when you reach level 50 to stir your skills up!


    Been going back and forth changing to find the better build. My current build is a
    Passive Rogue . And i have to say, this is my favorite build . High Dodge and Crit Rate and High Damage boosts. So you'll mostly rely on your attack. This is great for dungeons. Ill show you how its done : Lvl 62 ATM


    Lightstream - 1/5

    Viper's Touch- 1/5

    Reversal - 1/5

    Imp. Lightstream 1/5

    Double Cut- 1/5

    Blade Twist- 5/5 35% decreased Pdef, remember? :>

    Triple Strike- 1/5 This is your main attacking skill .

    Imp. Double Cut-1/5 Just put this at one , this is becoming useless at the moment youre 60+ because you'll mostly encounter Pvp only in Seng , and the DOT damage of this is gimped there.

    Blur - 3/5 or 5/5 Well. Ive tried 5/5 Blur and its cool. You'll mostly dodge enemies and bosses. But After resetting my skills again, i placed it to 3 so that i can use more skills. Its up to you what you want =)

    Slayer's Deftness- 5/5 - 10% Dodge Rate is already a very big YES YES to stats. With the addition of blur, youll mostly dodge when going through 1on1.

    * If youre asking why only 1 point for reversal and imp. Lightstream, its for you to be able to take additional skills. You have very limited skill points before rebirth so better use it to the fullest. It would also be sufficient enough to give you high damage boosts for a while. and Don't forget, The slide has damage =) You can use it for initiating an attack or escaping a gank. I use it as an escape in Seng when the other team is spawn killing. =)

    High Crit
    High Dodge
    High Damage Boost
    Escape Mechanism

    No Stun (*Heartbreak) Well basically Combat have stun, but only available when level 80 .
    No Killer Skills
    No Invi (But Lighstream/Reversal can be alternatives for escaping)


    Focus only on Ice and level it up to 5 to unlock the Brilliance. On Ice, focus on the first one in the top and the other 3 in the bottom.It provide the most effective benefits for your character without having through any irrelevant prerequisites.

    Then on Brilliance Soul, Vulgarity and Cruelty are my number one as it increases my movement , attack speed, and crit ratio.

    On Void Soul, Illusion, deftness and Simplicity. They give you Agi bonuses and crit ratio bonuses


    General Pet:Morphed Archer or Spectre with Frenzy/Dodge/Fierce Attack or Charm will be a great pet.

    Morped Vulture with Heal/Charm/Infinity will be great for support too esp. in dungeons.

    If you're using Crystals, you can go whatever pet you want.


    Nevermind Dreamwalker Set during Lvl 20s because you will level up to 30 fast you'll just waste your money.. So i recommend go straight for Ethereal Set during level 30's. Once your 40, Savage Set will be best as it improves your PvP Capabilities.

    Well that would be all, this was my first guide so there could be flaws with this guide. So be easy on me okay? Enjoy the game

    Don't Forget To Use Level 50's Epic Equipement Wich will Be better than Savage Gold or Purple . At level 60 till 80 use All leel 60 - 70 shards To Exchange them For Equipement .

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  • Click_Here2
    In my opinion, i find being a combat rogue very usefull, shadows maybe able to dodge but when the dont, the get hit HARD. Combats are same but i find a combats dmg very high even without critical. but i have to admit, a shadows cloak and stun is very useful but combats can reveal a shadow in stealth.. both have great advantages and disadvantages. so we cannot say one is better, thanks, just an opinion, and great guide

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  • XxTaLoNxX
    Wow, watch out... uber troll alert. When I first started playing I made a Shadow+Combat Hybrid.
    And regardless of whether people like (or think) which tree is better... I think that going FULL combat OR shadow makes a fail rogue. The best of either is going to be a hybrid, regardless of which tree you decide to specialize in.

    Just my opinion though. And good guide.

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  • PrincessVy
    Originally posted by buy1getme2 View Post

    Improved Slayer's Deftness lvl 4/5
    (going to max)
    How much % does one level of Imp.Slayer's Deftness give?

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