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Feedback on (Quit) Bossing Me Around

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    Personally, I'd love it if GMs took off this event. The first three weeks (I think) was for mount fusion orbs and refine fragments, and now it's for wings and soul shards?
    Gives lower level people barely any chance to get a boss kill as well as non-cashers
    I speak this through experience; in West PvE, these bosses are all being monopolized the majority of the time by one specific person who runs many strong characters by sharing accounts in guild. Gives many an unfair advantage due to this and half of us can't even get our world boss rebirth quests done.
    Usually, I think the events the gms create are good, but I give no prop for this one especially.
    Yeah, even cashers can't get a hold of these bosses. It's basically a competition for who cashes the most for most benefits.
    Just PLEASE, take off this event; you're going to lose players due to these kind of events

    PS!! Stop recycling events, and create new oness!! Please!
    "Yesterday's the past, tommorow's the future, but today is a gift, that's why it's called the present."


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      why all the crybabies here?


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        no more pls bossing R2 dudes event >.<