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Cross-server War Bugs

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  • S. 94 bugged. Can only mine.
    Last edited by p00oo; 04-12-2014, 07:58 AM.


    • Cross Server War bugged on S79 Titanhammer Cage, we can only mine if lucky. This third day in a row that it is bugged.
      Please fix it asap.

      IGN: layla


      • today was the 3rd time i joined the cross server battle and couldnt kill cause it says another player is doing this operation and
        i couldnt collect orb.
        its a big bug and i dont like it
        cause i not get points so cant i buy from shop and cant join and i cant get rewards.

        cause of that bug i lost loaded of points and rewards.
        before the upgrade i was no 1 im cross server battles almost every time i joined

        i hope for some very good compensations for this..

        EvoLinn server S116


        • Login failed

          Click image for larger version

Name:	login failed.jpg
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ID:	1685383

          I am having trouble login in and u asked me post a screen shot


          • there is no cross server war in my screen

            server 135
            char Cantara
            Attached Files


            • No cs war icon since 33

              Server NO. : 135 Divine's Favor
              IGN: WreckingBall
              Short Description: Good day, i don't have cs war icon... since 33 until now 35... helllppp.... now low on vouchers for domination....
              Screenshot: Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.jpg
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ID:	1685391


              • cs

                39 pages of cross server bugs and still not fixed makes me laugh can only mine again...same old story
                S25 Stormthrone


                • 3 day long Cross Server bug

                  we, can not fight in CS , for most of as ho haw are +45 lvl, we can not mine, can not fight, and in theand we haw 0 points


                  • Cross Server. Will it ever be fixed

                    Server NO. : S88
                    IGN: Mystforge Outpost
                    Short Description: Day 3, of no attacks 0 points
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	2014-04-13_084918.png
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Size:	217.4 KB
ID:	1685398


                    • Cs is messed again

                      Server NO. : S127
                      IGN: 131G13055
                      Short Description: 3 days straight cant kill in CS

                      3 days now no kills its stupid cant get points for honor etc etc needs to b sorted or me and my CC will b saying gd bye to this game

                      thanks 131G13055 VIP5 S127


                      • please just shut down CS if we cant even fight in it, restart it only when fix


                        • Originally posted by Chiobu View Post
                          please just shut down CS if we cant even fight in it, restart it only when fix
                          agreed 100% coz this is not minecraft afterall


                          • cross server wars

                            Hi S39 Archangel cross server wars still not working can not attack . please fix thank you .


                            • cs bugs

                              if you joke with us tell me ... wee have 3 day wen wee see cs is bugs ... en you do nothing ... i open 1 valentine party en 1 feast en i dont get nothing..... what is hapend .... wee will wait tomorrow to see if is fixet cs , Click image for larger version

Name:	untitled.JPG
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ID:	1685402Click image for larger version

Name:	cs2.JPG
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Size:	254.0 KB
ID:	1685403

                              S51 Rellgra
                              nike name : JaNNa
                              :mad: JaNNa:(


                              • cross server bug already 3 days

                                How long it will stay bugged now?It´s been already 3 days , still only can mine and not fight ...

                                [S101] Lair o' Flames
                                League of Angels

                                IGN: LadyShaya
                                Class: Sorcerer
                                Level: 80
                                Guild: Noobs
                                Server: [S101] Lair o' Flames