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Cross-server War Bugs

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  • cooldown bug

    Server NO. : 42
    IGN: pETE
    Short Description: yesterday after first attempt, today after second attempt. The cooldown for rejoining cs ends exactly at 23:00, even tho its almost 5 hrs waiting. i had quite high score so yea above 80. wasnt able to do more cs since it ends at 23:00.

    I do cs mainly for vouchers. lost like 400 of them already for this bug. add vouchers to compensation.
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    • server: s76
      character: pochie
      long CD this is two days in a row now
      i have notice when i enter capcha it said activation correct battle credit 1 then after the match i got a cd until cross server ends


      • S-102 : i can get max 1 attempts a day n im VIP 5 so give me a break LoA

        1st try i get 2 hours CD n it ends 22:59:50 exactly so no match found

        2nd try today i got 9 hours something CD exactly 22:59:50 so its stupid

        I spend money for LoA and so does most players .. why give 3 attempts if u gives VIP 1 and no VIP better attempts than us who actually support LoA

        Can u just let me enjoy LoA by giving all of us what we deserve.. if u wanna gives only 3 attempts then do so with like 5 mins each CD or so!!! then afterwards if people still wants more for Honor u can do whatever u want 2,5,9 or 15 hours CD whatever u wants...

        We do need to do our jobs so we can earn.. then spend some of it on LoA .. why would u force people to stop playing n therefore get less income ?????? i just dont get ur marketing team???..


        • Server: S68
          IGN: Bitsy
          Desription: Well done 1 attempt today and got a 4hr CD so wont get more than 1 in today.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	CS CD.png
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          • Crazy cd

            Server NO. : S102
            IGN: QueenKuNika

            Short Description:

            Crazy CD, I got 9 hrs CD after 1st battle while I was rank 9 and with 80 mines+9kilss+4 assist I'm sure I passed the min pts. Everyone in my guild got random CD. I thought yesterday when I got 2hrs CD already insane cause I also passed the min 80pts.

            Originally posted by Lollitta-S27 View Post
            in party u can make changes but in battle the order and the aegis its the same like when u begin the cross
            Same here!! Cant change party during CS. even the icon is there but nothing changes. All set are the same like when I enter CS no matter what I change, all stay the same.

            We all deserve compensation more than just honors, we lost vouchers means we lost feast or guild boss opportunity! We can't buy stuffs we need in the shop. We also lose the prestige pts. And with random abnormal CD, there are gap of progress between those that get 14-20mins CD with us that having 2-10hrs CD. Even the old CS looks bit more better at least I have opportunity to play more than once! CS only available 10 hours a day and what is it with 20hrs CD?


            This is my updated CD I forgot to SS the 9hrs CD, but you can compare the time with the next picture
            Click image for larger version

Name:	BUG CS.jpg
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ID:	1685613

            Click image for larger version

Name:	BUG CS2.jpg
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ID:	1685614

            And this is yesterday's CD, I got 3 hrs CD and only can do 1 CS since the CS opened near closing time!
            Click image for larger version

Name:	BUG CS3.jpg
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ID:	1685615
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            Originally posted by Henry Miller
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            • hi all. i am Rumzi from S7. and the CS is bugged for me .. as per the rules if u mine more than 80 points then u dont get the extra 1 hr cooldown.. but not for me .. i mine 200 points and kill too and win the cs .. but it gave me +1 hr extra .. please fix this


              • (S37) CS is unplayable before and even after maintenance


                • server s39 archangel.. 2 days can't get in !


                  • And so once again. 2 days in a row. 9 hours CS cooldown.. Thats Next LOA Devs?
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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ID:	1685648

                    IGN KITZ
                    Server: S66 Boreal Woods
                    IGN: KITZ
                    LVL 62| Class: Sorcerer | Title: Duke 1


                    • same here with me on my second day

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	CoolDown 2nd day.jpg
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                      • Server No. S33 Metatron's Eddict
                        IGN: Support
                        Short Description: i got another 8 hours of cool down in CS. this is in 3 consecutive days now... can't even do my 2nd attempt cause of this bug. and another , when i try to click the map CS and try to point wherever i want to go. why it's not working? im just standing in base. now i need to point my mouse into the ground for me tto move in.. pls Dev fix it. Thanks and more power to R2

                        Click image for larger version

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ID:	1685653Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.jpg
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                        • i have a bug about cold down, when i finished my first attemp, i got time cold down was 9 hours, yesterday and today also like this, please solve this for me thank
                          char: ****
                          server: s80 R2 game


                          • Click image for larger version

Name:	bug abis.JPG
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ID:	1685655

                            i just went to CS once... and got 4th place. but why i have to wait for another round for 10 hours.
                            it doesnt make sense since the rule said if we cant get even 80 point we have to wait until 2 hours. then why i have to wait until 10 hours?
                            since yesterday i got 1 round CS/day.

                            i hope this issue would fix ASAP. ty

                            Name : Rena
                            Server : 87 Wildhammerfold


                            • I earned over 80 points and got a 8 HOUR CD.
                              Who's idea is THAT rubbish?
                              Friggin rip off artists.
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	CSfail.png
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ID:	1685656
                              Get a life, they said.
                              I'm a GAMER, I replied,I have LOTS of lives


                              • i cant use element crystal at lvl 45. look at my char. it doesnt have element icon. please work on this ty. S138 Rias Gremory Click image for larger version

Name:	10254003_619012771523488_9124886618765046227_n.jpg
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ID:	1685657
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