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Cross-server War Bugs

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  • bugs at cs s61

    Pls fix the bugs at cs..aint fun just clicking the middle orb..pls fix it..asap!!! thanks


    • Yes I agree close down CS until it's fixed ! You're just giving an welcome invitation to the cheaters using auto clickers!!.. so stupid and impossible to mine with them, totally unfair.


      • Error whit the time in cros server

        Server 131

        The time for cros server to be open is off. Like in the picture.

        The time for the server is 17:30, and the cross server should be open. Can you please fix this.

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        • CS Bugged for 4 days now

          CS on server S79 Titanhammer Cage is bugged for 4 days now. We can only try to Mine.
          Please fix it as soon as possible or loose players.

          IGN: layla (S79)


          • Cross Server bug

            Hello gamers, i was mining in cross server, no enemy player was there but i died. Please help.


            • Close down CS till bugs are fixed

              Same issue with S111 - Kingdom Of Gaints. Only able to mine ore, that to is becoming impossible with some people finding way to cover the ore so no one else can mine it(I am guessing that they are using some tool). Please close down CS, there is no point is joining CS to get 0 points.


              • cross server wars bugged

                hi,S39 Archangel again cross server is still bugged can not attack like this for 4 days please fix , thank you


                • can`t fight..

                  no news I guess, but you can`t fight in cs (3rd day now!)
                  can only mine ore..
                  Im playing at S85


                  • Server NO. : 136
                    IGN: Perdition
                    Short Description: No Cross Server available at all on this server. Icon did not appear at level 33 on top menu and when entering via Guild>Twilight Clash>Skins>Join Cross Server Battle get message Not Registered.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	cs136.gif
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Size:	825.0 KB
ID:	1685431


                    • [s134]Gate of Woe

                      server no: 134
                      IGN: Phoenix
                      short description:not have Cross server
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                      • I can't play on cross server

                        Server: [S131] Heir's Bequeathal

                        Character: mihai179

                        Type: Cross server

                        Details: The time of the server and the time of the cross server do not match


                        • Cross server s116 League of Angel

                          I cant still do cross server. its a week now
                          COME ON:.. How much do we have to loose.
                          DO SOME ACTION AND FIX IT

                          I loose so much on that there is a bug


                          • no mining

                            s23 cant mine only kill


                            • C/S meltdown again

                              again we are faced with anther cross server meltdown no attacks just mine again fasted to click their mouse wins same bug it gets most the time


                              • cross server

                                I started playing little over a month now and honestly your cross server has only worked for maybe a week in total combined time. For last week I haven't been able to collect nothing or do nothing in cross server because its bugged no battles just collecting mines if you luck and know how. I have lost ton of honors and war-souls and voucher due to this so no amount of compensation can shut me up at this point I invested time and money into this game so I expect it to work. My advice is that you stop adding new stuff and fix the problems that you already have make it work properly do your job. If you don't resolve this issue soon you will lose me and probably many more due to this issue and more bugged glitches you have in game. So say good bye to my dollars for you wont be seeing them anymore unless you resolve this.