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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • Server 25 - Youth's Harvest

    IGN phantomRO

    Nice work,and nice game

    Happy New Year,and hope it will be even more better than the 1 that passed


    • i would love to thank basically everyone the vets the main bosses in the leag of angels game all have helped me out allot and encouraged me that during tough times we allways pull through :P

      server 228 - Anvils of Abar

      IGN: zrael


      • I've had a great time this year, particularly with the fine players I work with. Thank you to the folks behind the scenes here. This is the first game I've wanted to follow to the end

        Server S87


        • Happy Birthday... Amazing Game!!!



          • Happy Anniversary LoA!
            Thanks for this game and for all your support!
            Nice work and keep it up!
            [S227]Grey Plains - Brutus


            • Happy Birthday and thanks r2games for an entertaining and eventful year, and thanks to all who play. may the new year bring more fun for all



              • thanks for a cool game with a lot of nice features. it is fun trying to collect angels heros, and gear to improve character and play with other people. it keeps the game interesting, challenging and fun. thanks again R2 and happy birthday.

                player jimm from S7 obsession of eris
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                • happy birthay


                  • Nice work

                    [S9] Nyssa's Reef - mogyiharcos


                    • Thanks for this game , the best game i ever play [s 108-Temple of Silence ] best server ever . good fun too all Players (y) from Senoka
                      Last edited by krenoses; 01-10-2015, 11:17 AM.


                      • thanks for the fun year I am having


                        • well its a thank you and i hope she gets well soon is for my mom, my mom went into the hospital on december 30th for numonia and on january 2nd her body started to completely shut down. on january 5th they were going to start taking her off life support and miraculously the next day her lungs started showing signs of reacting. and now every day she has slowly..very slowly getting better and better. on thursday her eyes were starting to open and she was moving her hands and feet. throughout all this going on, i have been pretty much at this game the entire time keeping my mind on the positive. so adding to the thanks, i would like to thank everyone on server 66 boreal woods for being there for me, my guild for checking up on me, making sure i am staying positive, and my mom for everything she has done throughout my life and i hope she keeps getting better and comes home soon.

                          IGN: azio

                          server: boreal woods (S66)
                          IGN: Azio

                          Server: S66: Boreal Woods

                          Guild: Chaos


                          • want birthday gifts


                            • I would like to thank all the team for their effort to show this game this wonderful shape and made us as users of this wonderful game very amused . Happy new year

                              [S210] Fiery Citadel
                              char. name : bmx999


                              • happy birthday and thanks for all the fun so far