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  • thank you LOA thi is the best game ever and i wish more year for LOA and more players to join

    IGN : WOLF
    Server 160 Tyrants MIssive


    • first thing is, I'd like to congratulated LOA-R2Games 1st anniversary...and thank you so much to LOA-R2Games Team who already worked so hard,,
      I'm really enjoy playing this game so much, it's been my first time though to play a game until this long...I'm really concern to the next year, that LOA-R2Games would be better and become the best..always giving the best for all player..and again, Happy 1st Anniversary..

      Homura - S168 : Felbrook


      • Have had many hours of fun..and wants to tell Goob that she is the BEST!! Bonuses are always a good thing. Happy Anniversary League of Angels.

        [S92] Endless Sea


        • happy birthday


          • [S225] Shadow Downs

            Happy New Year! Blessings to all


            • Happy Birthday LOA...Thank you so much for a wonderful game..I love it, but I also hate it lmao...I am thankful for a awesome guild who makes me laugh everyday. U guys are the best...I'm also thankful for my friend Noty on here,,omg I am so glad I'm not the only loser on here and we laugh about it everyday. Thank u for the help also...I would also like to thank Nightmare on here...for giving me tons of help & laughs to go with it...Thanks for putting up with me buggin u..but your still not a angel hahaha. Server:s92Endless Sea Char name: goobergirl


              • KillJoy (server 49)


                • SirBaholar

                  S58 ( Morgan Valley )


                  I would like to thank the game designers for their work on a great game. Also I am thankful for my family and their faith in me... I am thankful for the vets as well for their hard work to keep our game as fun and clean as possible....Happy B-dday LoA.............................


                  • Thanks for nice work on moderator and GM side, and thanks to my parents who supported me during my studies in the university, without them i realy dont know what could i did with my life.

                    Server : [S43] Israfil's Horn
                    Char Name : Rygart


                    • happy new year and first birthday LoA!!!

                      Zalex on s185
                      hey check these out

                      want more stories pm me to find out more
                      feel free to comment the stories in their threads

                      last story update on 2/25/15


                      • Happy Bday to LOA - R2, Want to thank whoever is behind the curtains doing all the hard yards to keep things running and making sure we have an enjoyable time here on LOA =)

                        So thank you R2 for a great game ^.^

                        S107 Trail of Vines

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                        • yea nice game i like i play from june and o dont get borred happy birthday loa

                          s2 silvia colapse


                          • I really appreciate the time and effort that all staff and Vets/GMs put into the game. The events are fun and entertaining and even get me to think of how to better improve my gaming experience. Vets and GMs are greatly under appreciated but their help is there and I enjoy hearing their help on any topic when needed. This game is great to play and very fun as I recommend this game to all my friends in hopes they join and play it to help it grow and stay strong.

                            Kohana [S198] Twilight Sanctuary


                            • I would like to thank my wife for any sense for me to play league of angel. I am also grateful to GM as many who have successfully made the game very interesting. I think this is an incredible game, in addition to playing with our intelligent can also make friends with people all over the world. The team would have to work hard to be able to make this game as interesting as possible and we can not give anything to them. Only thanks and Happy First Anniversary League of Angel.

                              Server: S104 - Cape of Infinight
                              Char name: Come23Momo


                              • The game is great and keeps getting better. Want to thank everyone for the help they have given during the time I have been online. The Vets have also been a great help, even if they can't fix what I messed up...haha.
                                Have met many awesome people and feel like I've made new friends from around the world.

                                Halo on [S219] Island of Desolation