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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • Thanks you all for making a wonderful game XD


    • Happy Anniversary everyone, its been and interesting year and I would like to thank the game designers the gm's my guild mates as well as everyone on the server. it wouldn't be half as fun if you had no one to compete against.



      S60 Accursed Throne


      • i'd like to thank my wife for being supportive and understanding for every game i have played..she knows i'm on an online gamer and she never talked to me a single word that could offend me or could distract me when i am playing LOA..i never spent a penny on this game and i'm proud of it and thanks to r2games/gtarcade for giving us an opportunity to have items that can only be brought by diamonds because of the recent event where we've won diamonds..that was the best event ever and we hope it will happen again..i never miss a single day without playing LOA..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LOA!! god bless to all.

        Server: 207 (Vaporous Citadel)
        Name: Itooteroo


        • DRagonager [S35] Azrael`s grasp.
          This game is great, although leveling up is hard.


          • A New Year and a new you. You can do anything you put your mind to

            Server: S218 - Citadel of Songs
            Char name: Cloud


            • Interesting but very expensive game.. Fun for the most part, but a lot of mundane tasks. Will continue to play longer to see where it leads, but have had fun here for most of the year. Although it costs a lot to stay at the top on full servers, I am done spending, so will slowly sink to the non-payer levels. Cheers all.



              • I Love League of Legends everyday i played my account and i enjoy when i use my account, I believe League of Legends give more surprises to all player and free stuffs hehehe

                Server : S41 Wyrm's Gorge
                IGN : L0veitAll14


                • I would like the creators of this game fot the fun and pleausure i have of it, and all my felow guildys for the support and help .
                  and hope for every1 the best and have fun all

                  server: s101 lair o'Flames
                  character: blackanvil


                  • What a lovely way to start the year so I would like to thank the person(s) who created this event. This game has been a great outlet for me and I was extraordinarily lucky to find such an awesome guild so thanks and love to my guildies. You are appreciated more than you know.

                    Server: [229] Highwall Peaks
                    Char: Gadrisha


                    • Thanks to all my new friends I have found on this great game, the advise you have given me sure helped.

                      Server 231 Withering Fen
                      Char: Bolder


                      • I like to thank Liss for helping me through so many Guild events and Team Dungeons. I'd also like to thank the game developers for working so hard to make a quality product!
                        Server: S5 on Konggregate
                        Char: lady elfface


                        • I thank all the friends who ended up doing here. This game is not only competition but it makes sense when we think of the friends we find here that make be possible all these adventures. Thanks to all

                          Char name: Mikael
                          Server: S138


                          • Hi Happy B-DAY League of Angels

                            ARMAGEDDON of [S232] Blood Reef

                            wishing u all more birthdays to come and more players to join and play League of Angels...


                            • merhaba en içten dileklerim ile yeni yılda (League of angels) baÅŸarılar dilerim. dragon soul. little helper. dahil edilmesini isterim.
                              prestige, karakter geliştirmede veya market aracılığı ile tüketilmesi'de iyi ola bilir.
                              bunun la birlikte xp tüketimi'de karakter geliştirme'de veya market aracılığı ile tüketilmesi'de iyi ola bilir,
                              sunucu birleştirmek yerine,belirli bir savaşma gücüne gelmiş,veya belirli seviye'ye gelmiş.karakterlerin aynı sunucu'da toplanmaları daha adil olacağına inanıyorum.
                              hep aynı oyuncular ile zaman geçirmek yerine değişik oyuncular ile zaman geçirmenin daha iyi olacağını düşünüyorum.
                              oyun içinde bir birin'den farklı kulüpler, olabilir bu kulüplere üye olunup,bu kulüplerin vereceği görevler ile onur yapılabilir. bu onurlar karakter gelişiminde
                              veya market tüketimi ile tüketilmesi veya market alış verişinde onur sınırı koyulması'da olabilir bence.
                              oyunun en büyük sıkıntısı boss gerçi ben ben saat farkından dolayı bosa giremiyorum ama bazen bir gireyim diyorum bir lokmada boss bitiyor.
                              bence boss'a sağlam bir çeki düzen vermeniz lazım.

                              klass3rseri server 76 lok bridge


                              • Thanks for nice work on moderator and GM side there could be some improvement but overall was a really good year. I'd also like to thank my friends and family for being so awesome.

                                (s6)(marina's haven)