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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 02/20 @ 6:00 PM PST Not 11:00 PM PST

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  • Originally posted by FrostieTheSnowman View Post
    Wasn't referring to you (even if you posted on P1). I've read enough of your posts to know that you actually think before posting. The others are simply complaining for the sake of it.
    Oh. Thanks. I'll can it now.


    • I blame global warming for all of this


      • Has there actually been any kind of explanation as to why it went down 5 hours before the scheduled time?
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        • Bergess... wartune cancelled our date T T


          • no Whiffy, not as of yet.
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            • Originally posted by cupido212 View Post
              Bergess... wartune cancelled our date T T
              NO one would ever cancel on me


              (It would be easier to answer if I knew what you were talking about)


              • Originally posted by R23224943 View Post
                i was just looking over this and damn people .. so we change what our clothes look like and get some dungeons, a spire and a divine guild altar whoopie there is a game changer.

                new troops yeah ok but you don't use them in cross server arena .. red astrals ok but you seen the drop rate of those things. 10x easier to get yellows.

                new battle gound cross server.. i would like to know how this will work as we on S1 will be the only server with this new system.

                S1 is the test server and those short 2 hour maintenance you get is a stremlined version of our 4 to 6 hour maintenance which normally happens at cross server arena start and end after last world boss.

                so would you all like some cheese with all your whine.
                I love this post!


                • Oh....cross BG server against S1 is not gonna be much fun at all fr the next 2 weeks....ugh


                  • Originally posted by usaqmuri View Post
                    lol frostie, I wonder how would you talk if you were in another server not S1. Everyone is happy to participate int esting aswell and finding bugs is much easier with 1000 players then with just 100.

                    I agree S1 is oldest and very experienced, but on other servers aswell are lots of xp and hardcore players, who can participate in so called patch testing.

                    1 week patch difference will not give significant boost or anything I agree, but main thing is that people are waitting for this patch so eagerly and when hear that one receives it already and another noone knows when, thats what makes people upset.
                    One thing i would like to point out is that so many of you have failed to read the forums and see exactly what is coming out in the 1.5 patch. So just for those that are quick to complain here we go to recap things in case you glasses were blurry from the steam you created in your fury of believing you have been wronged.


                    And finally.. just as an fyi if most of you have followed what has been going on you also know that server 6 ( which was merged with 10, 12, 17) is also going down for this patch so there isn't favoritism going on here. If you would take a few minutes and stop all the QQing then you would realize that it's better to release a major patch like this on just a few servers while the rest of the servers go on happily playing along. Those that are affected by the maintenance are loosing out on arena, guild battle, world bosses and various other events. So instead of crying over what you aren't getting why don't you get thankful for what you have and what you are getting. If you don't like it you can go play another game somewhere else and take your drama with you. I for one am seriously tired of hearing all the complaints and DEMANDS for compensation for this that and the other.. one thing you people might realize is that compensation is given as a reward not an entitlement. if you don't know what I mean that obviously many of you have not read the r2games TOS. so let me point that out to you here as well too... you can find that here

                    and just so you don't have to read through the entire thing i'll just quote the RELEVANT part to the QQ kings and queens...

                    Interruption of Service

                    Our Games are subject to scheduled and unscheduled service interruptions and loss of server data, which you do not own and for which you will not hold us liable. R2Games may on occasion need to interrupt the Service with or without prior notice. You agree that R2Games will not be liable for any interruption of the Service (whether intentional or not), and you understand that you will not be entitled to any refunds of fees or other compensation for interruption of service.

                    So get off of your self entitled mounts clean your glasses.. get a cup of coffee or whatever you decide to drink. have a smoke or a break and leave the drama somewhere else because it sure isn't appreciated around here for those of us who silently put up with all of the minor glitches, spelling, supposed unfairness of it all and remind myself

                    ITS JUST A GAME
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                    • Originally posted by WrenBoh View Post
                      Does this include me?


                      • he he, today we have guild war with you bergess, and r2 cancelled it T T i always make guild war as a date


                        • Originally posted by KnowingEyes7 View Post
                          Does this include me?
                          Especially you :P
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                          • meh.. isnt the forum made so ppl can whine here? or share ideas, whine, post guide, whine, post personal view, and still whine? correct me if im wrong )
                            and btw i love to read forum post so i dont mind... have funnnnn ppl ) and mb less whine i'll whine with u later "^o^"
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                            • Cool................Coolgame..............Cool.............updating


                              • UPDATE 3: Our apologizes, the information we had for when the Devs would be taking the servers down was incorrect. On the plus side, an earlier start does mean an earlier finish, and the sooner you all can see the 1.5 goodies.[/QUOTE]