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Feedback Event! July 15th to July 28th

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  • Feedback Event! July 15th to July 28th

    Hello Lords. We have received your feedback about The Third Age. Thank you so much for your participation!

    To improve your experience even more, we would like you to send us your suggestions. Your opinion is very valuable to us!

    To participate, answer these questions in the comments below and you will have the chance to receive rewards!


    1. Is there any feature you would like us to add to the game? Explain what you miss in the game and why as detailed as possible.

    2. What current feature should be optimized? Tell us what you want improved that is already in the game and how it would be better.


    Answer the questions in the comments below. Remember to leave your username and server.

    Duration: July 15th to July 28th

    Rewards will be sent to you within 7 days after the event ends.

    Rewards: Players who participate in the event will receive in-game rewards worth $79.99. Those who have reached The Fourth Age will receive extra gifts!

    Join to help us make the game better!

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    Server 1 The Grand Haven 4th Age

    1. Hero Respawn location - choosing X city to respawn would help defend/attacking a lot easier

    2. The estate limit should increase to 10 per farmland/market/mines - lessen the burden on new or free players catching up on gear


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      S1 Seymur

      1. NPC's mining. NPC's should be made to mine(so we can rob them), there are enough of them when they attack us and it would make it quicker and easier to finish rank quests.

      2. Hero Challenge Blitz. A blitz option in Hero Challenge would be great for when you don't have a lot of time in the game.


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        Vapraak Server 1

        1. I'd like to be able to reinforce my troops from my city if the lord, if not then troops should come from the capitol? I'd also like to see more in crafting maybe like gems that would add to certain skill other than war stuff which could be mining, bld spd, city tax rate, lower food consumption just some examples.

        2. Add more Guild related stuff!!!! Guild only raids on certain cities within that guilds realm? Adding more Guild Fun!!!!!


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          Great ideas! Keep them coming


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            Originally posted by Kent View Post


            1. Is there any feature you would like us to add to the game? Explain what you miss in the game and why as detailed as possible.

            2. What current feature should be optimized? Tell us what you want improved that is already in the game and how it would be better.

            Server 1 The Grand Haven 4th Age

            1. In 4th Age when NPC's attack/ drop resource/gear/ore when successful city defense

            2) Mini World Map some sort of color marker where you have troops

            3) Fix the in game Freezing, d/cing. It gets reported, tried all the 'remedies' players still having problems

            4) 4th Age Expand Guild sizes to reflect it'sd a Nation map not the Guild oriented in 3rd age.

            5) Nation Control for Vice/Viz- When your own troops arrive at destination the side pop out will cancel out selections made in Nation control forcing you
            to reselect the troops again. If you have multple troops arriving makes this difficult.. Need new system

            6) New events. Especially some for Free players.

            Don't know why R2 unbanned me. Must have thought I actually liked their bugged and broken game and would resume spending. HA, Jokes on you R2!!


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              S1 4th Era

              1. Add a stones to equip and the mines to get them. And increased br depending on the lord ( town, county or capital).

              2 To rob for rank. Let us to rob our nations or make rob enemies in 4th era


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                Having quit server 3 where a nation conquered everything.

                It was basically a dead game from then on. The only harvesting points were level 1 at the protected zone.

                The likelyhood of growing with level 1 gear it is pointless since lower level players can't compete with those that are already hogging all the level 4 and level 5 harvesting points all over the conquered nation.

                So to make it fair and to ensure some level of competition even if all the nations are conquered. In the protected zone create 3 different level harvesting points. Level 1, level 2 and level 3.

                That way even beginners and advanced players can still generate decent gear in case their nations get conquered.
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                  S5 Milbour Bay 3rd Age

                  1. Add 0.99 US cent purchase. You will find more ppl willing to spend when they see this. As of now your player base is VERY low as the minimum purchase is 2.99 which many will think is too much and just leave.

                  2. FIX your promoter code....i had a few friends click the link i posted and got into the game but I got no credit, nor did i get the 1st credit you claimed we can receive....

                  3. Change AUTO Join faction to lowest faction of current server, so not everyone auto joins RED by default....I am in Blue and we are hurting bad.

                  4. I have not seen it, but add an XP bar so we can see our lords current progress, if it is there then i apologize for this one. I have not found it yet..

                  5. I like this game but too damn expensive TBH. Would you rather not get 1000 ppl spending 1 to 5 bucks rather than 2 or 3 ppl spending 100 bucks? Adjust your prices, give us more for our money, also the Daily gift for 300 Gems is not at all enticing, I might buy that for 50 gems at is not worth 300 gems.

                  6. Chat is clunky, feels weird, needs vast improvement, should be able to add friends and see previous chat in guild chat.

                  7. Mail to players.....non existent. Cant mail anyone. NEED this to plan and communicate. Same in Private message, cant leave message to offline way to coordinate offline players to gather at specific times for planned sieges and defenses...

                  There is alot more but this will do for now.


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                    S5: Deli

                    1: More event like the seven day event, multiple event running at once would be nice too.

                    2: Load time need to be improve if possible every click you make you need to wait 1-2 second for the game to register the click its annoying,


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                      S4: DarkFelix
                      1: Allow Guild buildings to be built that all members of the guild can contribute to give a guild bonus to all members that participate in it. (there aren't enough cities for everyone)
                      2. Also allow in-guild events to possibly win basic gear or some small prize.
                      3. Inter-guild faction events to allow for secondary guilds to have more of a role with the primary guild of their faction.
                      4. NPC events need to spawn in allied controlled areas that can't be taken, allowing NPC events to be taken by another faction is not acceptable.
                      5. Map may need to be checked, single points can cut major sections of the map off making it easy to conquer those far flung cities because no reinforcements can be sent (a tunnel or other secret ways may be needed)
                      6. There needs to be more events besides the big fortress battle, monster attacks, 7 day events. Maybe something like festivals or holidays, founders day, etc.
                      7. Customization of troops beside hell troops to have a slight advantage more attack with less defense, more defense with less attack, etc.
                      8. There needs to be a cool time after a city is taken. Cool down time can vary based on size of city taken. Currently, dominate players can immediately retake a city.
                      9. The major event to take the fortress, all factions should be able to participate not just the ones that can keep a path open to the fortress (maybe a protected city next to fortress).
                      10. Introduce something different as far which faction is picked, right now its very similar between the factions except the color of the flag and a different spot on the map. Can the troops be given a slightly different look, maybe blue has human troops, green has elves, red has orcs
                      11. Allow for advanced options that card drawn at tavern could be used for hero or gear (player's choice, can make default be hero).
                      12. Could we have a daily quest giver in the fief or guild that would provide additional daily quests?
                      13. The gold that the kingdom earns (from cities) can we have options on where that could be spent to increase some possibly temporary effects?
                      14. Can we have better control on how many fields food, wood, etc. we can have and how many barracks we can have?
                      15. Could we have an advanced function on the recruitment barracks for + troops? (2nd war tab of college) or a special building just for + troops (not hell troops)?
                      16. Fix the quest order so that it makes sense, many quests aren't in the right order and then when later on when conditions are met you get a glut of completions.
                      17. If you control a town (as a lord or mayor), can you spawn at that town when troops are dead, seems silly that I would have to walk 10 minutes from central base to a town I control in order to defend or launch attacks. (or could I have a teleport from main castle to my controlled/assigned town?)
                      18. Can you turn off glows or dots on events if there is nothing to be collected?
                      19. Is there a reason certain heroes are pre-picked to have certain roles? (why can't I have tree elder use archers or something besides mages)? If given the option would they just be less good at fighting because its not their key troop?
                      20. Factions that have lower player base need some extra advantage so that everyone doesn't just join red or green.
                      21. Could low player base factions get temporary NPC lords that get replaced as players join? (maybe some incentive to make sure you don't have all the payers in one faction)
                      22. Mix it up: could we have some monster towns that aren't aligned to any faction that show up to make trouble (pirates, monsters, bandits, etc.) that might be hidden in towns in between the factions that get reinforcements, etc. and maybe you don't give much warnings so factions have to stay on their toes or lose towns.
                      23. Can I have a slide or setting option to hide pure "buy this" events?
                      24. Can gear be converted to better types of gear sort of like mastery where green could be converted blue with enough of suits of the other? (like 10 green armor shirts could be 1 blue armor shirt, or whatever balance method you want to use)
                      25. Can military ranks be straightened out there is a big jump in requirements from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant (153 quest trial stars)?
                      26. Can you change the text to clarify that rob is a robbing, not harvesting? confusing.
                      27. Can you set "robbing" to have a max castle level so the brand new players aren't robbed blind by high level players? (or some kind of max of how many attackers can go?)
                      28. Can you fix "private chat" so the other player knows that have a private message waiting?
                      29. Could we have some forum events to earn prizes and/or make guides?


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                        S5 Milbour Bay

                        world/nation/guild chat
                        1. More useful filters must be not exceptional (when you see only one chat: nation or guild), but optional, when you can turn on/off messages separately for every channel.

                        2. And especially important is the ability to disable system messages, and even better to see them in a separate log, because they are or prevent conversation, or quickly run out in other case, when they needed.

                        3. Need a little cache of messages in the chat (when you login or lose internet connection for a time, you must see last messages, for 2-3 minutes or more). Good choice especially for new gamers - to save last messages in the world chat permanent, how much space is for it (like in some other games). It is possibility to show players activity and give to novice some inportant information (they can see it when login for some time).

                        4. Personal chat. Messages must be visible in guild chat too. It is very easy to miss. And need some indication for new personal incoming message - now it is absolutely invisible for ppl (like the chat icon itself). Maybe not blink, but color change anyway. For me, i wanted to contact with new players, but they totally dont see private chat, and more: i bored myself to check my chat every time. I dropped it. But no conversation - no team game.

                        Testing system.

                        Some system for test heroes formation. As minimum what you own, better if you can use any hero in test battle and see a result (before you will buy it or upgrade). It means "cost of risk debelopment".
                        Sure, "big donaters" have no choice - they simple have "the best". But without common players donaters will be bored. And may be later they will have wide choice too.
                        What a system: dungeon, for example, where you can choose one free hero to the battle with your average power (power of yours heroes), added to your team. This way you can see, how formation will work.
                        And it must be free for "non-resultative" attempt. Different ways for this: attempt is spent only if you win, but at the end you have a choice "take reward or try again?".


                        And please. )) Dont make gems for gears, dont make mounts, gears for mounts, gems for gears for mounts, enchancing and improving for this gems (gems for gears for mounts for every hero). It is terrible, make better tactic, strategy and events.


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                          s1 Grand Haven.-Lighterf. All the above posts have all the ideas or thoughts I had so would be just adding the same posts.. 1 thing also not mentioned is to be able to have more than 1 vice viz. to be able to rotate that between 2 or 3 people for nation troops would make it easier and not put so much pressure on the ones who hold that post. Many work and have Rl duties so would be nice to have someone manning nation troops at various times zones. All the above post have great ideas that would make the game a bit more enjoyable.
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                            S5 Milbour Bay

                            Cancel option for troops training.
                            Very often is situation, when you have 3 barracks free, and one still busy for 30 min. But you must go offline (or even wait only to control troops training). Bad. Cancel is simple way to restart training with maximum resultate.
                            Other usability for this option - more flexible control for troops balance. For now i have shortage of cavalry, but my barracks still training all other types.

                            Recycling for unusable crest materials.
                            Drop is unbalanced, we have a lot of extra "trash" chips. Every time i see it in the drop it is annoying.
                            It could be one more section in the Recycle Hub.


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                              More great ideas! Keep posting guys and girls.