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Feedback Event! July 15th to July 28th

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    you can add random monsters with level in world map to kill


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      1. Make selection between HTML5 and Flash stay without having to reload flash and the switch at each login
      2. Add ability to cancel troop training
      3. Add ability to group troops of the same type (e.g. Acanist+, Acanist)


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        More great ideas! Include your server number and in-game name to receive rewards at the end of the event.


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          S1 The Grand Haven
          4th Era

          1. Is there any feature you would like us to add to the game? Explain what you miss in the game and why as detailed as possible.

          A. Add achievements in the game
          Achievements gives play ability during slow periods of the game. They should not be game breaking buffs, or needed to unlock content.

          i. Can be based on passing hero challenges (pass certain level with no equipment, healer, tank, etc..)
          ii. Can be based on number of troops killed defending cities, reaching certain total kill milestones
          iii. Can be based on equipping certain level or type of equipment
          iv. Can be based on number of guild assists or guild chest keys given
          v. Can be based on maximum Ranking achieved on Ranking charts (Not the Rank Title)

          vi. Can reward permanent small buffs (similar to Rank)
          vii. Can reward refreshes for merchant, recycle, or arena
          viii Can reward cosmetic buffs (colors for name in chat, different sprites for heroes, things that can be showed off to other players)
          ix. Can reward new titles (These titles can be temporary or permanent, this would give incentive to repeat achievements if title is temp)
          x. Can reward items like crests, gear chips, hero chips, merit crests, star ups, etc (Please no additional resources)
          xi Allow linking of completed achievements in chat, have announcement for big achievements accomplished

          B. Add NPC estates when there is no other Nations on a server
          Not very many, and estate level could vary. This would solve several problems when Rank or quests need “Rob”.

          C. Add Daily/Weekly Challenges
          Quests are nice and help promotes players touching the different aspects of the game. Challenges could link to achievements, give rewards, etc, and add a different playability to the game without needing too much balancing of buffs

          D. Add Buffs for Nations heavily conquered
          Nations that are heavily losing have no incentive to play the game anymore. While Winning nations should have more rewards, a reset or temporary rebalance would solve this issue
          i. Add NPC heroes that increase in numbers or strength as a nation loses base cities, or below certain number. The weaker the losing nation is the faster the NPC heroes grow
          ii. Nation Vizier or Vice Vizier can control the NPC heroes
          iii. Eventually the losing Nation will have enough NPC heroes to push back the Winning Nation’s army
          iv. NPC heroes cannot be used to attacking NPC controlled cities

          E. Add additional sources for Crystals besides cash
          I understand money is what pays for the game, but sometimes you just need a few more crystals or are trying to be Free-2-Play. Perhaps watching advertisements that reward Crystals

          2. What current feature should be optimized? Tell us what you want improved that is already in the game and how it would be better.
          A. First 10 days bonuses
          i. Change the requirements. The first 10 days bonuses can only be achieved on newer servers, and not possible to complete in 4th age servers
          ii. Change the bonuses to be greatly increased for new or very recent players joining a 4th age server

          B. Titles
          i. Add additional titles that can be earned through achievements or other means
          ii. Some titles can be temporary
          iii. Allow temp titles to be equipped with permanent ones, or have the buffs stack

          C. Purchases
          i. Add additional low crystal purchases to the Daily purchase
          ii. Add tabs to the purchase menu so you can navigate from “Daily”, “Top”, “Hot”, “VIP”, etc

          D. Fix Sagehelm Event
          This event was confusing and several features of it were never utilized. Having a winner instantly kcik players to the 4th age was anti-climatic.
          i. Be a bit more clear on the conquering criteria for the Event
          ii. Once it is beaten, allow the Winner to hold the City and defend against attackers. This would allow other nations a chance to take it or receive some rewards.
          iii. After 5 rounds of occupation, then enter the 4th age

          E. Add 2 additional Vice Viziers or another Nation rank. This would allow more Nation control troops and support a more 24-hour server gameplay.

          F. Have regular timed events
          i. Example like every Wed-Sun.
          ii. While the events can very in requirements and rewards, have the start and end time consistent every week. This will allow a steady excitement to the game and give players something to look forward to.

          G. Lesson the power gap between large payers and small/none payers
          i. Items and heroes should be easier obtained over time, and eventually almost free.
          ii. Make the newest and strongest things still costing money. This will make large payers have an incentive to always be above the power curve, and free/low paying players to keep playing.


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            Server 1 The Grand Haven (4th age)

            1. We need more spaces in the mines.
            2. It's very annoying when you send heroes to mines only to find after waiting 9-10 mins the mine is full and you have to look for another one, but it isn't full when you start sending the heroes.
            3. We need something to do while our troops are heading to location or fighting. Once quests are done there is nothing to do. Maybe some mini games for example.
            4. We need some guild vs guild stuff, otherwise no point of guilds we might aswell just be one nation and no guilds.
            5. We need more events, like the seven day event when game first started, or things to collect for rewards.
            6. Some gems to boost equipment.

            Thank you.


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              S1 Ammonia
              4th Era

              1. Crest Recycle - I would like to recycle unused crest materials to crest opal

              2. Opal Store selling Crest - buying rare and epic crest materials to upgrade heros

              3. 2-3 Vice Vizer - Vizer and Vice Vizer can not be online 24 hrs a day so extra help for easier time shift

              4. Estate Market - markets have disappear on server 1

              5. Estate Max People - I want to see an increase of space because 5 person is not enough per estate

              6. Npc attack - the area around City of Darkness does not get attack making defense non productive
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                Great to see more ideas, keep them coming!


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                  S5 Milbour Bay

                  1) Add Feature
                  NPC Army Summon: For a Nation that is heavily on the losing side, should have an option to summon an army npc to give them a chance to fight back.
                  It should have a balanced cooldown and only Vizier or Vice Vizier can summon it.

                  2) For features that need to be optimized
                  First, the mail needs to have a Delete All feature cause when it builds up in there, it's a pain to delete it one by one and also slows down the game a bit.
                  Second, an additional/special buff for new players who will join the losing side. This is to entice new players to still want to join the losing side despite the odds.



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                    s4 Archangel

                    * Chat system needs to be redeveloped or scrapped since it is very difficult to utilize as there is no sign that is being active unless a player looks at it.

                    * There are currently no incentives for return players to get back into the game after leaving for x reason. Many leave, but few remain. Let's give returning players an incentive to catch up.

                    * The game guide is not very thorough and players are left to search elsewhere for information and or trial and error.

                    * There needs to be an inter server battle royale since the top players in each server always give the impresion of bullying the players in their server. That way when they get a dose of their own medicine by competing against the best of other servers they might mellow a bit.


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                      S1 Exathor

                      Addition to my earlier post:
                      A sort button in the Nation Siege section; when handling the nation troops as Vizier or Vice, it's a real drag to see what, where and which troops there are available under nations siege.
                      For instance: sort by name, sort by city where they are stationed, etc.
                      When handling over 200 troops, it can be a real pain to send them out. Especialy when you have to send them out 2 or 3 times, because the system fails to do so in 1 go.
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                        CS: 4

                        Question 1: Is there any feature that i would like to add to the game? Yes, include a cool down period for a taken city. So that opposing enemy does not have the facility to take it back inmediately. Gives plenty of time for those who have taken it to prepare for oncoming enemies.

                        Question 2: What current feauture should be optimized? I like the shop and harvesting hut but finding ores is hard to come by except when robbing someone and at the end of the week for merit kills. Please add ores to the shop.
                        ☼ Here today, gone tomorrow ☼ So enjoy life to the fullest!!


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                          More great ideas! You still have until the 28th of July to join in the event. Answer the two questions and include your server number and in-game name to receive rewards at the end of event.


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                            Server 1 The Grand Haven (4th age)


                            1. Is there any feature you would like us to add to the game? Explain what you miss in the game and why as detailed as possible.

                            Extra spaces added to the estates as theirs not many estates up for grabs and only 5 ppl allowed to sit on them maybe up the quota of ppl allowed to sit on them to 10

                            a warning to bot invasions so we don't miss them on 4th age they just pop up from nowhere without warning so a lot of ppl miss out on merit

                            remove all guilds in 4th era and ave 1 big nation guild that can hold lots off ppl

                            2. What current feature should be optimized? Tell us what you want improved that is already in the game and how it would be better.

                            Add some more stuff to shop like gear chips and hero chips some are very hard to get for free players

                            make events more intresting and easier for ppl to complete instead of the long slog on 7 day events


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                              Server 4: Archangel

                              * Is there any feature you would like to add to the game? I would like to see something for those players who log in early but due to time constraints and work duties return to the game 8 hours later only to discover someone has robbed them and wasted precious harvesting resources and time. Not sure, but something like preventing players from stealing at the protected sites. Maybe that will only give level 1 harvesting chips but it is better than nothing.

                              * What current feature should be optimized? Limit players to capturing a certain number of cities per day. That way it will prevent overzealous and players who spend all day in the game from abusing their ability to destroy a game that has plenty of potential.


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                                Great ideas girls and guys, keep them coming! There is still time to join the event. Remember to answer the two questions and include your server number and in-game name to receive rewards at the end of the event.