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Feedback Event! July 15th to July 28th

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    1. Is there any feature you would like us to add to the game? Explain what you miss in the game and why as detailed as possible.
    Robbing between guilds of one nation. would be easier to fulfil the ranking quest.
    And the chat system needs an overhaul. You can't chat while you to boring auto fight, but if you need to
    send troops etc you can chat. Well enable chats everywhere

    2. What current feature should be optimized? Tell us what you want improved that is already in the game and how it would be better.
    Command Center dispatching. Currently its only one city you can defend, should be more if you are higher in ranks (not Command Center level!)
    And you can only chose cities, but not Fortress or Sentries (what would be more the kind of building you use to defend the city behind it )

    Cheers lazy Sturm from s1 haha
    btw I miss the meal in the game :P No Sushi seen for days haha


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      Time of peace. 2-3 times every day to make one hour without attack.
      Today i am in defence alerady 9 hours without 10 min rest. Impossible.
      This is "game point", but for this critical situations it is important to balance saving.


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        A few more days to go to enter the event! Remember to answer the two questions and include your server number as well as in-game name to receive rewards at the end of event.


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          S1 Hawkeye

          Upgrade Command Center to control troops for Attack and Defend. And allow for multiple cities (split troops). This would be a true Command Center.

          Market Mines have disappeared in 4th age. Put them back

          New Heroes. All levels. All Categories.

          Don't know why R2 unbanned me. Must have thought I actually liked their bugged and broken game and would resume spending. HA, Jokes on you R2!!


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            Great to see so many ideas! Two more days to go! To enter answer the two questions and include your server number and in-game name to receive in-game rewards at the end of the event.


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              do something to help us with the boredom we are all alone there , a 7 day challenge that is doable by all would be good , you are losing peoples patience

              S1 Undominated


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                S4 Dragonbird

                1. Bigger territory and more towns. For new conquests.
                2. Maybe in Hero Trials have another lvl (Normal, Elite, +Epic) to "loot" all S+ heroes. Everybody have a chance to use all S+ heroes.


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                  Thank you everyone for your efforts entering the event.