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    Server 1 The Grand Haven 4th Age

    1. Is there any feature you would like us to add to the game? Explain what you miss in the game and why as detailed as possible.
    a. Revised events to be able to complete even for low or no cashing players.
    b. More interactive events such as guild to guild or admin to players.

    2. What current feature should be optimized? Tell us what you want improved that is already in the game and how it would be better.
    a. Make troop on nation command to be able to withdraw from engaged city.
    b. Vice can be appointed more than one time per day.
    c. Increase guild size of 30 to higher.
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      1) Add ingame event where we're required to do some daily tasks, a bit like the 7 day launch event. After finish dailies, the 4th age consist of a lot of time waiting due to the huge amount of city garrisons. If players are not to die from boredom waiting, it would be nice to have some more daily events.

      2) There is often a lack of mines in levels above lvl 1. I suggest an option where mines will level up when finished being mined. When mines level 5 has finished, it changes to another ressource and begins over with level 1 again. This way the variety of mines and levels can be increased even if a nation is kicked back to protected areas - where they often will be stuck and lack option for make progress in mining equip - they are still guaranteed an option to do progress with mining
      Add option to rob other guildies, same nation. Make it limited to 1-3 attempts daily based on VIP level

      Finally, add cool down time to those who wanna rob my city - that would be fair to all


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        To be able to send troops from a city you control.
        More Quests for heroes to win equipment and crests to strengthen heroes.
        Mines , forests etc that can only be raided for items, random drops and different level items depending on level of mine and kills in the raid.


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          More great ideas! Please put your server number and in-game name so rewards can be sent at the end of the event.


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            Vapraak Server 1

            got another idea..add alchemy where we can make pots of stamina or healing pots or dyes and the ability to dye and personalize our Hero's pic


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              Banners and tactic artefacts

              Hero with banner become first in army order, regardless of power.
              Banner can be item without cost, bonuses and lifetime. Or can be crafted or any way gained with life counter in time or battles.

              Widely it can be a system of artefacts (banner only one of it).
              Hero can use one. Examples:
              - speed for group (can be stacked)
              - leadership +3-5% troops
              - banner (first in order)
              - escaper (retreat ftom the battle if have troops less 30%, regardless of queue, even is alone in the battle)
              - sneaky (can attack any city, one time usage)
              - instant attack (can attack closest city immediately)

              This options must be not for power, but for tactic and fun.
              If any art give some power (+ attack, def or troops) it must be balanced with negative effect: "wounds" - you lose part of troops (or all, then "berserk") if you win, "heavy gear": -80% speed (really very slowly), and other.

              Fresh example: i have 1 opponent who compete for sity. His best hero is counter my best. I can change order with banner and will have a little (realy little) advantage.

              Buffs for towns

              All buffs must be shotly (but not stressed). All use for temporarily defending one city.
              Effective when you have disadvantage of power or active players.
              Can be used only on own territory (some distance from capital).
              superdef - +50% def for all defenders, very shortly time (used for taking a little time to get support).
              barbed wire - all attackers loses 5-10% of troops before battle (common buff)
              dug roads - city could be attacked only from nearby cities (cant be targeted for long raid) and very slow (5 times or more than base).

              Way to use:
              Maybe like artefact on hero, handly activated. Hero must be in the city, buff work while hero is alive.
              Hero with active buff must be always last in order even when battle running and cannot retreat.


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                Need icon "Barracks is empty" (even if one is). Maybe close by warfare bell (or building/research indicators).
                Again, the cancel button is also required, but thisis optional too. (You can be sure you dont forget about your troops ).


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                  Again me.

                  1. Show current estate result directly near queue (floating window).
                  Now i pick every estate to check, map is moving with sliding, then need to open estate itself. Too many actions. Only for check.

                  2. Some problem here is in the trial battles. Hint for spells "get the habit" time to time stay open and move with mouse. Not disaster byself, but it close heroes stats and i cant order battle correctly.

                  3. Description for estate process. Only on practice i know, resourses income depends of count of heroes, but special drop - not. And on the start collection have cooldown without drop. And i still dont know how calculate drop. It is not so useful (you can see how much have other ppl). But every confusing point in the game design makes players annoyed or depressed. Peoples like have some control, even if it is only illusion. But not vice versa.

                  4. Button for music on/off on the main window for fast tuning (i like this music, very "atmospheric", but cant listen all the time, and it is reason why i fully turn it off).

                  5. Action log instead pop-up information window (on the right side).
                  Now when my troops coming into city and after join the battle, messages up every time for every hero. Every. Very annoyed and unuseful most times.
                  Other vice, log window can be close most time and only little icon will be shown.
                  Or player can choose, what action should be shown (log will be open like now).


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                    And now general.

                    Balance problem.

                    When server have many players, maybe it is not problem. Any time one of nation can have some advantage.

                    But now it is disaster.
                    Blue on new server (S5) so scanty, so we dont have power even to take all neutral cities on the week after start. Sure, i have, but not nation. We cant gather even 4 skilled players for effective raid (3 ppl happened one time).

                    Well it is our problems, blue is Sparta, only maniacs will stay play here.
                    And enemies at the gate. Ok. We lazy to run so far to kill them all ))) It is useful. They must spend 25 minutes to move troops close to us to give us some merit.

                    But they already have invariable advantage. And now... they have bonuses from cities to attack and defence even for EMPTY (npc only def) cities.

                    Some working wrong.
                    If you took ingame advantage, it must be difficult to save it. Now is no way.
                    I dont have final solution, but one idea may be so: more distant cities from capital must have penalties to defence - more for npc defenders, and less for players who defending (lets npc dying for free, but not so painy for players). And standart buff can stay too. But you will have -20% from distance (for example) and +10% from overall buff.
                    It mean you have some advantage when attack, but more difficult to defend conquered territory.

                    Important! Only when you defend far city, you have penalty. When you attack the same city, nothing changed. Weak nation will have advantage only to retake "own" cities. And really it is good for both - or cities will be simple "ended".

                    Perhaps this is enough and even the weak and new players will enjoy the game. And looks very logical (sitizens still a little loyal).

                    Second idea is activate (automatic) troop training nation buff. Sure it is not (NOT) enough in our current situation. We now is only "meat for merit". One hour ago i cleared Sentry with 4(!) npc defenders.
                    Casualities: 1032. Kills: 2554. Merit 2145.
                    Incredible losses (it is result of buffs +10 +10).
                    For information: i am second in power rating right now. And first on arena (for a while).

                    This should be changed. It is reason, why many new players will drop the game.


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                      Remember guys and girls to include your server number and in-game name and to answer the two questions to enter the event.


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                        S1 the grand haven we need to have a guild event that has a decent prize ie s+ chips or purple equip chips


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                          S1 Grand Haven

                          Add some more events on weekly or daily basis, especialy for non casher players.
                          Please kill the troops pop-up (troops arrived in...; troops are killed....; troops are about to fight)
                          This is very annoying when you are - for instance - blitzing in hero trials
                          A lot of ideas that are mentioned i can relay to, like the recycling option for non used crests. They only fill up the storage room.
                          Cancel option for marching troops under nation siege.
                          Skip button for battles. (in hero trials)

                          Please bring back the markets, they completely dissapeared for no reason....
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                            Great to see all these ideas, keep them coming guys and girls.


                            • #29
                              it would be nice if there was an on-screen icon one could click on that would take you to a game manual regarding questions on certain aspects of the game.


                              • #30
                                Remember to answer the 2 questions and post your server number and in-game name so that rewards can be sent at the end of event.