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[Event] The Third Age V7.7 Feedback Event!

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  • [Event] The Third Age V7.7 Feedback Event!

    Hello Lords, to improve your experience even more, we would like you to send us your suggestions. Your opinion is very valuable to us!

    To participate, write down your views on the new version and you will receive a gift code worth $49.99!

    Update :

    1. Hell event entrance
    2. Rebel camp
    3. jigsaw puzzle
    4. New hero

    1.Modify the upper limit of fatigue
    2.Modify the Recruitment Fort
    3.Modify the calculation formula of battlepower
    4.Modify Novice plot related function

    write down your opinions in the comments below. Remember to leave your username and server.
    Duration: June 28, 2020, to July 12, 2020
    Rewards will be sent to you within 7 days after the event ends.

    Players who participate in the event will receive in-game rewards worth $49.99.

    Join to help us make the game better!
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  • #2
    so far so good .. but you still haven't gotten into a jigsaw puzzle for events .. hell events and events offer the same bonuses .. you haven't changed anything..
    server 18 :Tetragon


    • #3
      allow players to buy the chips in smaller amounts to collect them, cost is way to high to buy in one purchase. Maybe then more players would use.
      server ; 49 - DLT


      • #4
        Well i think there should be more events in order to gain chips for obtaining a new lover as the current first one does not work for all heroes.. plus the upgrading of levels is impossible to reach after 6.. please make more events to gain gifts for upgrades.


        • #5
          its great so far but the rebel camps are a bit bugged once you start an attack on one it glitches out the chat for everyone involved and at the end of it only one of the players involved get a rewards at the end it needs fixing apart from that everything else is alright
          server 53
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          • #6
            im new,mostly I like getting and upgrading heroes,(RPG)


            • #7
              I've played briefly on 4-5 different servers and almost every time One Nation tends to dominate, although that is the Nature of the game, it makes it unfair and puts people off sticking around for the 4th Age. I would love to see another reliable way to gain Merit at the same rate of siegeing.
              TheGaffer, S53


              • #8
                Rohan. server s51
                Make it easier to search for monsters. At least by race. For example: I need to find a level 10 Goblin. Or another search option: I'm looking for a level 10 monster, but I find a dragon. I need a level 10 Goblin warrior. Make it possible to continue the search.
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                • #9
                  darnell, Layori town,
                  would like to see another strong female hero like rose gallant, maybe strong archer


                  • #10
                    New here as for as lover EVENT not sure how any of it works, see no info. on events icon, and need more lovers , as for guilds not very friendly in bloods nation? but it is my 2nd server will see what happens,


                    • #11
                      I have one lover, I do not see any use for it. Improve the information about what this item is doing for example a window with the rating or what the lover is doing. The present information is of no use.


                      • #12
                        hakushin S4 scorched grasslands,
                        maybe recycle crest chips?, I have a lot of those unused


                        • #13
                          Update :

                          1. Hell event entrance : Nice Addition
                          2. Rebel camp : Attach more Resources to these and decrease the 4 day down time between appearances
                          3. jigsaw puzzle : Haven't seen it yet
                          4. New hero : Again looks nice, haven't seen how to obtain it

                          1.Modify the upper limit of fatigue - How was this done? What it the affect? Please explain
                          2.Modify the Recruitment Fort - Our assumption is there is no longer a maximum to the Fort now? Detailed description of what was done would help
                          3.Modify the calculation formula of battlepower - Which was converted to War Power and Nerfed everything we'd done up tp this point. No warning. No Details. Nothing
                          This needs FULL clarification of what was done, what it entails, how to raise, %'s, etc.

                          4.Modify Novice plot related function- What is this?????

                          My suggestion is on future Updates that we the Players receive not just a Post an Update is coming, but a detailed description of what is changing. It is difficult to play a game when
                          unknown changes are made and we have to hunt to root them out to mitigate the effects on our investment.

                          Second as many have mentioned the Lover aspect. I do own a few and while levelling state there are % boosts I have not actually seen any difference. Not sure if this is a glitch,
                          or intentional. If the latter they aren't then worth the high cost (which I already now believe).

                          S1 HAWKEYE

                          Don't know why R2 unbanned me. Must have thought I actually liked their bugged and broken game and would resume spending. HA, Jokes on you R2!!


                          • #14
                            Think it should be more easy to collect lovers chips, right now it's almost impossible to open a S+ hero lover without spending a fortune !!!
                            Oxx- server 54 Fobockston


                            • #15
                              bonjour ca serais bien de mettre le jeu en francais pour ceux qui ne savent pas parler et comprendre l'anglais