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[Event] The Third Age V7.7 Feedback Event!

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    1. Hell event entrance : No need a new icon for Hell event, it's already located in the usual Event
    2. Rebel camp: Lack of information how it works, seems like you can create an attack, but others can't join and therefore you're just booted after a certain amount of minutes
    3. jigsaw puzzle: Ok way to gain more ressources in game - However - It is too picky with how you place the pieces
    4. New hero: Looks great, but honestly - why always huge boobs on female heroes, why not some goodlooking male heroes?

    1.Modify the upper limit of fatigue : Lack of info max amount of troops
    2.Modify the Recruitment Fort: I guess is okay, haven't experienced a change tbh
    3.Modify the calculation formula of battlepower: confusing how lower quality heroes without equipment and lower level in everything can have more br than purple +2 ss hero when it comes to how they are listed when sending for an attack
    4.Modify Novice plot related function: didn't notice this

    The Grand Haven

    Btw any news about male heroes or is that idea cancelled ?


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      good addition