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Opinions Collection for Crystal Saga Revision 1/20

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  • LordinBlack
    I would like to see a option to turn off my auras. I dont wanna see all that clutter and lag showing the outfit is enough but its covered up with sperion and chi aura. Would also like to be able to set up shop outside of starglade. Maybe a system like pet hut where I can store all my mounts

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  • R22933367
    Game Event, connection and red FPS

    Hello R2 games, i will give some suggestion base on my experience when im going playing in crystal saga server S87, there are so many people and my FPS low to 4fps
    while i was click hide player and hide effect thats not working,

    Also we have problem about enchantment normal equip, how we can enchant equip with low ping and very very low success rate? thats imposible
    so i ask to increase the success rate pls

    for many reason game isnt unfomfortable thats very lag connection, why dont put server in singapore for more best service?


    oke thats all, sorry for any mistake
    thankx so much

    Server: (S87)Rexus
    Plain : Scion lvl 98

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  • luigihunter00
    Some suggestion are on point. For one thing I understand the rose exchange is limited because of the bots using that system. so making unlimited again will not be a great idea sorry. and r2 is getting control of the game again which is good tbh even if it is limiting the rose exchange.

    Maybe a rose system with bound items where u can exchange the roses for items in a system with some fate shop items but make sure they are bound. so it will eliminate the exchange to crystals.
    But one idea that would be fun would be an arena type system where you can enter and physically fight another player not like the Vahaldia Legends where you fight a computer version of the player. and get some form of rewards for participating or bring back the arena or make the option of being able to duel players would be nice. Make it more fun.
    Add more corruption levels to 15 or 20 floors with more Promethean feathers drops in them would be nice.

    More Magic tower levels since it has been upgraded and the higher orbs are harder to obtain add like 10 to 20 more floors would be nice.

    More instances for Starglade and tree of life this will help servers like ours who have merged so much that doing certain events like invaders, or special events are hard to obtain.

    Better drops in dungeon 155 sorry but the drops are not worth even doing the dungeon at all.

    Increase the stats of the pets most OP players don't even bother with using their pets at all.

    other suggestions that where already mentioned will be like hidden icons for all the icons on the screen. more storage space for vault would be nice and add more space in inventory would be nice.

    add a new dragon coin like gold or platinum would be nice something to add to the new corruption levels.

    and add 5 more floors for void would be nice as well.
    Last edited by luigihunter00; 01-21-2016, 05:04 AM.

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  • AngelLove1996
    hallo r2,
    would be nice if u listen to the suggestions :P

    would it not be nice if seng would be more balanced like some other events are
    like if u enter seng u wont get your extra hf attributes but just about skills,your lvl and your soul like the old times
    and get a way to get more feelings cause just 2every time u do bath with your husband/wife takes too long if u dont wanna buy roses
    and get a way to get all icons on one spot like u guys did now with game options but then somewhere in game for hf, beast soul,polish annoys most ppl cause we cannot click good now on the screen cause too much stuff

    yours sincerly(or how to write it)
    AngelLove (SunnyBunny s91)
    just a old player from aeria with cs and likes to play r2 games with her friends~
    Last edited by AngelLove1996; 01-21-2016, 04:43 AM.

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  • R21507247
    How about Public Dungeon? There's already trouble with L10. Some people pt together and kill everyone so they can't get the rewards. The players will purposely bring the mobs towards the spawning area so they can just easily kills the player right when they spawn with wings procs or aoe's while attacking the mobs. The worst part about this is the fact that once you die you can't pvp anymore which leaves the players hopeless. Making L10 pve in Public Dungeon would be nice or just let players still be able to attack another player if they die. Someone has already even posted a video on YouTube about it. Even after they killed all the mobs they continued to spawn skill and yes that was on Crystal Saga. Please do something. Just to be nice, you guys should increase the success rate on creating Rune Of God.ty

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  • FinalTensaZangetsu

    when afk mode, when you loot stuff, it will LOOT EVERYTHING YOU WANT!
    Example, loot items blue+, and once the mob drops it stuff, everything blue+ will be in ur inventory. I have spend more time looting than killing those dungeon monsters.

    Pros : saving time for people who are busy but loves the game
    cons : ?? none

    S41 Amethyst Forest

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  • leoloman
    make option to change auto heal/mana %

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  • R22334
    2 things, 1st, There needs to be a tab for all these icons, there taking over the screen and its getting harder and harder to player, 2nd, character changing NPC, instead of players quiting or starting a new toon, they can change from being a knight to rogue in game for a cost, keep there original level they changed at,

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  • JudyNation
    4 things that needs to be done.

    1. It would be nice to have 2x Drop Tokens/3x Drop Tokens actually work like it's suppose, because many people complained that it decrease the chance of getting Dragon Crystals and Dragon Essences.

    2. Just like you did with the skills shot how you can have one viewed skill bar and hide the rest, it will be nice if the icons were like that too and not all over our screens, I don't mind the special events icons being on the screen but all the others are just in the way.

    3. I know the more ram that is used, the more laggy it gets, but seriously with the amount of super OP players and so many auras, it begins to be a real issue when trying to move around. I do enjoy that we can hide people but the aura keep respawning making the hide players pointless. What ever it takes, we need a less laggy server, because deleting characters does not always help with lag, because it's not about the people who are offline 24/7, it's the people online that matters.

    4. Remove the attempts and level requirement on the Wishing Well(Charms to Crystals), because at the moment, if a new player were to try and get battle bear, they would need to be lvl 80 and usually, you could get them at lvl 10, but now, it does not help anyone, because leveling to level 80 is kind of hard if you're a person with a life in reality.
    Thank you for reading these 3 things that needs to be done.
    Last edited by JudyNation; 01-21-2016, 03:21 AM.

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  • crazykats
    1. As everyone is saying, get a way to get those icons off the screen. I have always said there should be something similar to a "extra skills" icon that opens the menu of skills. Or even seperate ones. but i am tired of trying to fight in seng and then i click an icon and now there something in my way.

    2. REMOVE EXPIRED EVENT DROPS > you cant sell them. they drop like crazy and fill my inventory. stop it. seriously it should not be that hard to remove drop items from events you haven't done in a year. It is absolutely absurd that this is still going on

    3. More customer support or fix bugs. It sucks I can't upgrade my mount on a new server in the beginning becuase i can't move foward in quests. The Secretonia quest has stuck on me twice in the past and there is no moving forward, nor can you abandon. So now I'm stuck not being able to quest fora mount or continue the story on that character. Completely awful

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  • R2142020
    First and foremost: Before implementing ANYTHING NEW - address the myriad existing issues with current systems. Its all been posted before by others - not going to rehash it for you - OPEN YOUR EYES - why do you ask for feedback again when we BEG you fix stuff but you don't?

    very similar to Legends of Vidalia - No rewards, no damage, just a test platform to see how you stand against specific people.
    1) talk to an NPC to open dialogue box - you enter the characters name that you want to duel
    2) Confirmation box - ready to duel yes/no
    3a) No exits and nothing happens
    3b) Yes transports the player and a copy of the requested character to an arena where they fight (player controls self, system controls other character)

    2 people in a party can have their pets duel (aka a chicken fight).
    1 person party or not in party - the person can select TWO owned pets to battle them against each other.
    you figure it out

    IN GAME GM's

    - remove the myth or start using them - currently its a joke - newer players (joining within 2 years HAVE NEVER SEEN or heard an in-game GM - they have gone the way of the unicorn.

    2 guildmasters challenge/request to fight each others guild
    lift and use the same format/coding as the weekly Landgrab
    allow one war per guild per week
    Announce victorious guild
    Open to level 7 guilds and above
    Reward - Guild Stones to the winner

    Weekly Event Suggestion
    Quest: Blood Money (1/1) (daily)
    Must kill a player
    achievement can be met thru PKing or thru Combat in PvP events (Dragonspine, Sengolia, Guild Resources, Tamalan, etc...) PVE server has full opportunity to meet this requirement and it should not be dismissed simply for that reason.
    turn in to NPC after achievement met
    Reward: Quartermaster Token

    Last edited by R2142020; 01-21-2016, 12:44 AM.

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  • Hopster
    1. Allow us to exchange all our gems for bound ones (I have level 10 gems I would love to trade in to ruby or topaz gems to make more Fragarach Shards). The system is there, just add in the higher (lvl 10+) gems.

    2. Revamp the VIP system, it's already been mentioned, but it is no longer enticing for the price, add something in there to make it worthwhile for end game players.

    3. A new event to replace corruption. The time at which corruption happens is pretty boring nowadays since we can do it at any other time. Someone proposed to bring back the arena pvp event, that could be interesting.

    4. New titles. Would be fun to be able to get new titles which increase different stats from the ones we have (hit % or something along those lines? I dunno use your imaginations)

    5. Revamp the prices of certain items in the cash shop. 3500 + crystals for a superior gem is a little expensive in my opinion. Re-evaluate the cash shop price list. Would make us more likely to want to purchase crystals to acquire the items we need from the cash shop.

    6. Change some of the drops in dungeons. Some of them are really useless. If you can do Exelorn Hollow on nightmare you certainly don't need Heroic Wings. Make it so that the final boss drops one Ethereal wing or something along those lines to entice players to want to do those dungeons.

    That's all I got for now. Sorry if I repeated an idea.

    Hopster (S76)

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  • crow_hogan
    well this is what i want to be changed in game:

    -lessen the repetitive events and add new ones (seriously though we are sick of it)
    -pvp battleground balance might add a feature wherein these bigger guys go up against the same stats as they are so that less powerful player wouldn't be abused by them
    -wonderkids food should be farm-able in dungeons
    -new servers in west for duck sake we are losing players there
    -inter-server vidalian legends (west vs east)
    -remove the unnecessary items in dragon hunt (quartermaster lily thing the green one in GDH)
    -inter-server LG (would be fun)

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  • alab722
    - The amount of Greater Mount Upgrade Token that can be exchanged daily should be increased. It is quite incomprehensible why you can only exchange 3 G.MUTS for a day when you can exchange more Ethereal Wings. Not only that, you can also exchange for unbound Ethereal Wings, hope you make the G.muts exchange system similar to the EW exchange system
    - A collapsible window containing all the in-game icons blocking 1/3 of the screen. We don't need to see all of those icons while playing the game from the get go.
    - Please fix the healing bug in Blessed Bath and the bug in Magic Tower which prevents you from teleporting to the next level.
    - An item which could be used to unbind bounded items and equipment would be a nice addition or an in-game option where you can unbind a certain amount of items and equip for a day
    - A way to reduce lag caused by Holy Favor aura, it gets pretty annoying especially in pvp and ladder.
    Thank you!
    Last edited by alab722; 01-21-2016, 12:25 AM.

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  • wulfgang1982
    How about some more PVP events? Where events give you more than just Bronze and Silver Badges.... Possible suggestions a PVP Battleground that lasts for 30 minutes and you get a point for each person you kill. Upon killing so many people you can exchange your points at the end for items from an NPC. You can have safe zones where people can respawn and be invincible until they leave the area. You can set this up as a free-for-all or like Seng, have 2 different teams or maybe even 4 teams with safe zone corners of their team. Just a thought... I think it would be awesome.

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