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Opinions Collection for Crystal Saga Revision 1/20

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  • Tundercat
    I would like to put another layer of honor for people to continue working on that and other weapons perhaps more on the characters level up to 200

    seira island

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  • nomias
    suggestions to improve current game play:

    1. Make a merge icon where all players can hide screenfull other icons such as Holy Favor,Runes,Imbue,Tenets,Magic Tower etc. so events will be more swift for players to run

    2. Make the player hide on/off and effects on/off feature perfect, because in events like ladder,wrangle,avernel realm etc, we always lag, count the effects of HolyFavor,soul Aura, Sperion,Pixie to hide permanently ,which will allow players to run their events smoothly

    3. A teleporter in Tyria village will be awesome ^^

    4. Rose exchange for crystal was the greatest thing a noncasher could imagine, as 1, I am willing to have it back

    5. Personally review the skill bugs, some of them are still happening (example: mage fission I and fission II)


    1. Cant wait for the next Therion mounts <3 u know what i meant!!!

    2. Can we have some mount skills or speciality with cooldown effect?

    3. I have talked with lots of players,and almost all wants some npc, tht can unbound some bound items in a limited number daily, how is tht?

    4. please please please, try to increase both vault and inventory space

    5. im happy with all others, so thank you R2 for keeping us here together <3

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  • GGWPSs
    put a hide options like hide aura s etc

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  • R2103341
    -Add a system just like Flying High but for pixies instead
    -Mail Box so we can get packs without going to the quatermaster
    -New NPC models(Ex.the public dungeon envoy and the battlemaster)
    -Auction House Feature
    -Pet Auras
    -Mount rewards for Gilded Battle Stallion

    Last edited by R2103341; 01-21-2016, 08:12 AM.

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  • keiber01
    It would be good for tradable Strange Energy Since many people cheat other players when trade not be tradable, it would also be good to accommodate the lag causing auras Holy Favor in the Client.

    Another very important point, should implement the method of payment via telephone for Venezuela, as many are in this country and we would like to buy crystal but can not for lack of this tool

    Rest everything else seems perfect very good game keep up the good work, greetings

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  • Rogue101
    Please make Rose to Crystal not limited please we need that little crystal r2 ;-;

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  • VinnieMac
    It would be nice to have more events that give out soul prints and pucs, perhaps scaling exelorn down a bit so that non-cashers actually have a chance of doing the normal run.
    Increased dragon crystal drops, and more stringent follow-up on players suspected of using the mall.

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  • Zaack92
    give more easier in farming GMO order give more drop rate. and make new upgrade after kyuubi too long man we were waiting for it bored see pinky mount

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  • twyla
    if you can have the option of hiding wings , pixie.. etc without lossing powers to lessen the lag.. and get the toons smaller. and event time need to be fix.. to many of them at the
    same time.. its tiring.. i myself is lazy to log on .. been playing for a long time. now i lost the energy to do it.

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  • Xoverguy
    Well here is my input on what needs updating.

    Something extremely critical is the recoding/updating of the "Show/Hide Players" and "Show/hide effects" buttons.

    "Show/Hide Players" is supposed to block the player from seeing any other player unless he/she unchecks the button, which is true to an extent, but this protocol does not account for other players who enter the area directly after the pressing of the button. It also does not necessarily account for specific graphics like Soul and Holy Favor auras, that periodically reappear even when the Hide option is on. Forcing one to continuously refresh the Hide option. For people with low end computers, in areas like wrangle, attempting to refresh the Hide option is risking crashing the flash program and as such losing ones prizes due to the massive amount of graphics that would influx the visual screen in the middle of the Deactivation/Refresh phase. If this could be fixed so that it could block all players and their visual upgrades, it would be an excellent upgrade to the game in general.

    In terms of the "Show/Hide Effects" button, I have never really seen any significant change to using it that can be noticed, so I advise looking into its function, as I really do not know what is the point of it, but I know it has to be something important.

    In general, the revision and fixing of these functions alone would be greatly appreciated, as without them, or with the need of constantly refreshing them, a lot of times it feels like I am going through a swamp in starglade, when I try to shop for items and the sort. Working on this would be greatly appreciated!


    Server 60: Exigent Bluff

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  • Kyria109
    I have a few suggestions!

    - I think it would be great to view more tiers of wing upgrades so that we can see what they look like on us.
    - Bring back the costumes more often! Some of the old costumes are great.
    - Introduce some tutorials for newer players on the new systems like "holy favour and tenets". A lot of newer players would be overwhelmed by all of the new systems, and quit because of it.
    - Keep up the great work, this game is still one of the clearest browser mmo's out there.

    Server: 90
    Name: Krystal

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  • risengaw
    If you have already cleared a nightmare dungeon within a certain time, have the ability to speed run it for instant loots. Enough said.

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  • R2435384
    As a long time player i can say most these suggestions are spot on with what can make this game shine once again and more enjoyable for everyone. I'd like to add a couple myself.

    I'm assuming there will always be a new server every month so this is aimed more for future players, if and when the other rebirth comes out doesn't it make since now that this game is nearing 5 years to put the rebirth levels back as intended? ya know 60, 80, 120, then maybe 150/160 for supernal. Also don't the other versions have a shop item to skip to the first rebirth?

    We all know there is class balance issues. How about adding a 3rd skill tree for all classes? The way i see it if the skills were carefully thought of it could totally re-balance this game. Remember when the level cap was 60 and priest were pretty good? Just my 2cents!

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  • Auroria

    - The game is cute and fun, it has lots of events to take part in and lots of things to do daily.
    - Weekly events.
    - New things added quite frequently.
    - Relatively easy to level.
    - AFK system is pretty good.
    - Wrangle is great.
    - Corruption is great if you're strong enough to do it.
    - Public dungeon is good, glad that you get points for just going to the top floor as it's way too laggy for me to kill mobs or bosses.


    - Way too many items in game are bound, this makes it difficult to make any money or progress as no one sells many things because
    everything is bound.
    - The star system on wings and mounts is ridiculous.
    - New players are put off because it's too difficult to compete with older players.
    - Too difficult to get stronger without cashing, especially now since the charm>xtal exchange has been nerfed.
    - Events are the same thing all the time, it gets boring after a while.
    - Evil Beast Sanctuary can only be done 3x per day and Essence drops are very low, which makes it extremely difficult to forge the new
    - Dragon Crystal drops are really low.
    - VIP needs updated.
    - Magic Mine boss is REALLY hard to kill, even with lots of people and then the loot drops as free for all so people just stay dead and then
    come loot once other people have killed the boss. If you have lag, you get no loot.
    - Too many icons cluttering the screen.
    - Coupon shop needs updated. At the moment I have 20 THOUSAND coupons and nothing to spend them on.


    - Hide icons behind ONE icon, or a few or make a button that allows you to hide/unhide them.
    - Update VIP.
    - Update coupon shop.
    - Make less items bound.
    - Make charm>xtal exchange unlimited again.
    - Increase drop rates for certain items (DC, Nether essence etc)
    - Add a divine feather to promethean feather exchange.
    - Add higher gem>coupon exchange, right now the highest you can exchange is flawless.
    - Add a gem/coupon exchange x100, it's so mind numbingly boring standing there endlessly clicking to exchange.
    - Make new events, instead of recycling the same ones over and over.
    - Add more world boss spawn times, there's so many scion+ on the game doing rb quests and not enough spawn times for everyone to do
    their quests.
    - Add more vault space
    - Add more inventory space
    - Add a place we can store fruit stuff so it's not taking over vault
    - Add a button to permanently hide Auras/effects, there are far too many now and it just makes it really laggy
    - Add wunderkinds food to coupon shop, I haven't used the system since the satiation ran out
    - Make things more new player friendly, as it stands we don't get many new players as the game deters them...everything is bound, there's no real way for them to make gold to buy the t hings they need
    - Add new HP and Mana pots, the highest ones are 120 and most players are 160 now!
    - Listen to players more, we are the people who play the game, if it wasn't for us the game would have died a long time ago! The ticket system is a joke, the events are boring, people ar e cheating without even trying to hide it and nothing is being done

    (S36)Mount Nubina
    Last edited by Auroria; 01-20-2016, 09:47 PM.

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  • Meemaw135588
    How about matching the dungeon loot to the level of the dungeon - i.e. Underdark you need to be over lvl 150 to enter, then WHY would you need health and mana potions for a level 100 player???

    Increase the number for each stack of items. Seems it would be easier to change a number in code then to have to write a whole new code for a new item - i.e. another vault for specific items although the fruit and gem vaults do sound intriguing.

    When you bring out a new event or dungeon for us, please please PLEASE have an explanation or tutorial ready for us in the forums and not have us waiting for a few days to find out what it's all about. You should already have notes from the planning committee about what the event/dungeon would be about, so why not post that?

    Adding another vote for a drop-down menu for all the icons you've seen fit to scatter around the screen to interfere with our gameplay. I don't need to have something popping open when I'm trying to run to or from something in game.

    Off my pedestal for now - might be back to edit later.

    Aurora Point
    player since the beginning of time - at least since Sept 2011

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