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    Here goes my suggestion list

    1- break the limit of item per stack since of be 250 this could be a little more like 1000 or 1500 per stack that would help a lot with bag space

    2- Since of dung drop ethereal wings bound they should drop unbound stuff with this we can farm and also trade this will help the market of the game

    3- why high dungeon like 165+ still drop ethereal wings since of divine feather or ancient feather that's don't make any sense so change the loot of dung 165+ should be good for us that farm in dungeons...also dungeon 235 drop ethereal wings is unfair that should be ancient feather

    4- change the bound stuff from void for unbound like divine feather and ethereal wings that should help the market of the game too

    5- Adds more ancient stuff for farm because that is very rare and need a lot and just who cash tons of money can get this or who buy it from illegal shop so they need think in who don't spend so money too and adds more ancient stuff from events

    6- upgrade old events like holy favor...adds more free attempt in refine system...

    7- change bounty system for all of us had a chance to do the quest is unfair just had few attempts for so many players and the time of the event neither all day we can be online so all of us need had a chance to do that would be good change it and let individuals attempt for each player, example if someone do the quest my attempt gonna too so why is just 10 quest attempt for so many player so change it to 10 attempt individuals for each player

    8- remove the bar from open packs could be good that packs opens instant after double click

    9- make the imbuing stone status be transferable like polish

    10- many system don't had free stuff to farm this Is not fair because the game had free players too and I'm buying crystal frequently but I don't spend what I can't so I farm too and don't had nothing from new events to farm like Gear evolve.

    11- black dragon coin take too many mins to spin 8 coin so this need a update and change this time for less.

    12- adds more space in the bag and in valt too because new events are created and new stuff come too but no space to keep all this things


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      (hoping this suggestion wont just go to CS2 like r2 asked this last time and CS1 got nothing of any of this)

      My suggestion List...

      1. More Inventory Spaces and Pages. If CS2 can have atleast Inventory page7 why cant CS1 get? we got almost new items every week yet no additional space in Inventory or vaults for them for years.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	cs2--.png
Views:	1
Size:	144.0 KB
ID:	2011893
      2. Event Master Mount Extravaganza! needs to update since we got more new mounts released after Kyubi. After [Kyub] are.. [Fantastical Beast]> [Doombringer]> [Ancient Flamedramon]> [Ancient Kirin]> [Ancient Whale]> [Battleship]>[Battlestar]> [Divine Gazelle]> [Ancient Barong]> [Savage Dragon]>[Klauth]> [Rirrod]
      Click image for larger version

Name:	EventMaster Mounts.png
Views:	1
Size:	42.7 KB
ID:	2011898

      3. Event Master Flying High Rewards needs update too since the last wing it has is Divine Wings and in the last 5 years we have more Wings that came out. Last on its list is [Ultimate Divine Wings] after are [Promethean Wings]> [Ancient Wings]> [Cosmic]> [Genesis]> [Primodial Wings].

      4.Opening Packs seems to have cast time its making the game boring. please make all packs instant open.

      5.Dragon Spin takes too much time please limit the animation on the spin since its predetermined the moment we click Go(Spin) the rewards already on system.

      6. System that consume crystal needs a check box confirmation if the Player want to use his/her crystal.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	xtal confirm.png
Views:	1
Size:	23.9 KB
ID:	2011895

      7. Make Item stacks to more than x250. its just a number anyways why not make it atleast 999,999 so we have more space for other items.

      8. Hide option for Genies.

      9. Extend Friends List and Ignore List. 150 isnt enough been like that for years and now that most server are merged together, we will appreciate this upgrade.

      10. Dimensional Pocket needs no limits. since its just number data anyways why limit it to 10,000? making it infinite would reduce the need for new inventory space.

      11. Selling equipments on NPC needs to have a checkbox option if we need confirmation everytime we wanna sell the equip or not. Its tiring to always click confirmation everytime we wanna sell blue+ equip when it can just ask us once every new NPC transaction. Very mush like how it ask for confirmation on mount upgrade.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Confirm.png
Views:	1
Size:	17.2 KB
ID:	2011894

      12. Temporary Storage needs atleast page2. and/or atleast remove those temporary mounts in Dragon Spin.

      13. Sengolia and Land Grab Towers needs upgrade. Towers need not to be affected by DeathOdor or Frost or %HP damage or Simulacrum damage, and should have at limit on how much a player can dmg it (like 10,000 damage per hit on event bosses)... That way it will be interesting to make it last more than 1minute.

      14. Need to have additional exchange for [Pixie Upgrade Crystal] to [Ancient Pixie Upgrade Crystal].
      15. Need to have additional exchange for [Pixie Upgrade Crystal (Bound)] to [Ancient Pixie Upgrade Crystal (Bound)].
      16. Need to have additional exchange for [Pixie Upgrade Crystal (Bound)] to [Genie Upgrade Crystal (Bound)].
      17. Need to have additional exchange for [Pixie Upgrade Crystal] to [Genie Upgrade Crystal].

      18. Need to have additional exchange for [Divine Feather] to [Promethean Feather] not bounds.

      19. Need to have additional exchange for [Promethean Feather] to [Ancient Feather] not bounds.

      20. Need to have additional exchange for [Morph Crystal] to [Ancient Morph Crystal].

      21. Gem to Coupon Exchange need to have Perfect Gem to Coupon
      22. Gem to Coupon Exchange need to haveImmaculate Gem to Coupon Exchange.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	gem coupon.png
Views:	1
Size:	44.5 KB
ID:	2011896

      23. [Soul Star Voucher] Exchange is missing. we cant exchange the item we bought from Fate Shop.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Missing Soul Star Voucher Exchange.png
Views:	1
Size:	296.5 KB
ID:	2011897

      24. My Shop or Private Shop should have more than 12 items on sale since we can use the scroll slider.

      25. There should always be a big event in every month like New Year for January. Valentines for February. St.Patrick for March. April Fools for April. Cinco de Mayo for May. Summer Solstice for June. Independence Day for July. International Beer Day for August. Crystal Saga Anniversary for September. Oktuber Fest on October. Halloween for November. Christmas for December.

      26. Spenders Ranking should be weekly. the more we spend the more we topup the more R2 money gets why limit?
      Click image for larger version

Name:	spenders.png
Views:	1
Size:	10.3 KB
ID:	2011899

      28. Old System like Tenets, Holy Favor, Beast Soul.

      29. CS1 needs guild storage like CS2.

      30. (for crazy suggestion) Wish there's Crystal to Gold exchange or Gold to Crystal exchange.


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        Please, keep in mind Crystal Saga and Crystal Saga 2 are different games. What's available in 1 game might not be available for the other. Which means the guild vault and additional page CSII has is not an option for CSI, at this time. To my understanding, it causes conflict with the existing coding already implemented into the game. I understand some might be familiar with coding, but until you've seen the coding within the game exactly as it's written please, withhold the comments on how it can be adjusted. Thank you.
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        Please, view the bug report list here - CS2
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          Originally posted by *Minori* View Post
          Please, keep in mind Crystal Saga and Crystal Saga 2 are different games. What's available in 1 game might not be available for the other. Which means the guild vault and additional page CSII has is not an option for CSI, at this time. To my understanding, it causes conflict with the existing coding already implemented into the game. I understand some might be familiar with coding, but until you've seen the coding within the game exactly as it's written please, withhold the comments on how it can be adjusted. Thank you.
          ok the coding is aa probleme for adding page on inventory >.>what about raising the number in a stack?because if you do that you dont need more inventory/vault page the 15 stack of apuc i keep in vault for the day i finally reech the ancian pixi could be turn into 2 stack and free 13 space(i use apuc as a exemple but there plenty of other item i just keep in preparation for futur part of a systeme) i have tendency to to stack all my flawed gem for month because i hate doing gem synthesis as it his(that why i ask for instant synthesis) that mean after 1-2 month i have 5 stack of flawed x6 type of gem that 30 space in my inventory that would prefere using for something else and i cant just put them in vault since its full of apuc aguc nova core cosmic bijou etc


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            Here are my few suggestions:
            1.more slots in heraldry, higher tenets and higher holy favor.
            2.give us more gold attempts in rune system.
            3.why add more lvs to ladder, corruption and void just to make the dailies more time consuming and boring. It wil be better to have easy, hard and nightmare modes in there with different rewards: u should put amut, apuc more guc and aguc on there.
            4.and something crazy: stop adding so many new systems with new items. would be better to expand the already existing ones(higher stats, higher amount of items needed). This way the cashers will continue paying but there wont be so much variety of items, item space needed and misunderstandings on how the systems work.

            Might be missing something... will add it later if that is the case.
            Game:Crystal Saga
            Server: (S29)The Molten Higlands
            Class: Mage
            Guild: The Spartans
            Beast Soul: lv1 red soul
            Honor: Emperor
            Tenets: maxed


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              I know that is much but is good to try it...i doubt that in these days that somenone spend 200 crystal to more one attempt in corruption so why not they change that to free attempt too?

              my reason is: the top players are around 30 million damage above so i think that they will not mind for this and that attempt will help others players farm more because i think that no one
              will spend crystal to run more 3 attempts i will love see it as free attempt

              they rise the leve for upgrade the magic tower but they not rise the leve of the tower to more floor to get the Magic essence Magic tower system still go to 30 Floor so i think that they need to upgrade this system and adds more floor to magic tower to 45 for get more magic my vision need put more floor to farm like more 15 floor
              break the limit for trade stuff in event master...if you have enough stuff to trade you need trade unlimited so the term "farm" will lose the sense all day we need toss many stuff that we don´t need because don´t Worth lose time to trade for 2 stuff in event master so if I had 1000 ethereal wings bound from dung and packs i would trade all that i can... exemple 25 ethereal wings is 1 divine feather so if i got 250 ethereal wings bound i can get 10 divine feather that limite of 2 attemp break us and make us toss stuff that we farm so will be good change it
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                Imbue system need a transfer tab just like polish system had so after they update the game in the future with new gears and things we don´t lose all that stuff that we work hard to get or spend much on that

                Spin 8 coin in dragon hunt take around 35 secs so multiply this for 1000 coins or more will take a lot of time so optmize this time will be good or adds to run more then 8 coin like 16 or 32 coins
                also i did a video to show how long it take run 8 coins

                youtube video showing the 35 secs to spin 8 coin


                my last request for today kk is adds valt expander and equipment valt expander to trade for Quartermaster Token
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                  It would be nice for more space that is the biggest problem we have now .

                  would like to see a 2nd pack put into the game and can have one hold the bound items and the other hold non bound items .

                  as for vault space either add more pages to the vault or you can do the same thing in Tree of Life and we have in starglade with 2 vaults there is enough room for that ...and the 2nd vault in tree of life can hold only unbound objects as the vault u see in tree of life , starglade and champions bluff can be made to hold bound items only


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                    here some more

                    1- remove the timer box in magic tower its useless(and all similar event whit does timer box)
                    2- remove the confirmation box in chi went you get a bone
                    3-remove the indication that you chi upgrade fail it dont need to apear on the screen the log chat already tell you and you see that you star count raise so why its event there
                    4-remove the box that apear went you enter corruppt sdaying to talk to the npc evryone know and if you dont because its the first time you do it it shoulnd apear less than 1 time(ho ya make the game memorise that we click the dont bother me again evrytime we use those systeme)

                    ok that all for now i edit if something else come out

                    6- ho give me more run whit key for magic tower i got around 100 magic key from the event last week would be fun to be able to use them
                    7- raise the number of point you get for each tarot card so it dont take you 30 years to raise the diviner systeme whitout cashing
                    8-give me more way to get star essence lvl 5 for the starmap systeme because the more merge happen the more poeple are in heroic trial and the less chance you have to ever reech that price (specificly went the more poeple its in the more lag is cause so you never sure if you loose because of the rng of the trap or just because you screen keep frozing evry 2 step)
                    9- speaking of starmap the bonus it give is a joke in comparaison of how hard it is to reech (im at chaos lvl 10 presently took me 2 year of daily heroic trial i should have more stat from it that 8k patack)
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                      Remove the text box in chi system

                      He a list in what i think that can change too (like few players are sending they request i will send all that i can think) I will back with more suggestion later

                      Break the limit for use more then one Magic Key in magic tower system or put a limit of 10 keys for day or unlimited since we had the key
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                        a new pet peeve in this nice day

                        1- stop creathing item that cannot be place in vault why does it matter if i want to put my legendary gem or codex page or rose from the event 2 week ago in my vault they wasting space in my inventory that you cannot expende because coding issu .....i will need those codex page in 5 star i would need those gem but at 1 synthezing a day whit gold and a drop of 15 otherworld key a day i can get stack over stack of those gem lvl 1 (i literally need to control myself not to do more otherworld run event if i have a stack of key because those gem take to much of my inventory space give me a way to clean those gem from my inventory whitout forcing me to delete them) as for the rose well the event come back evry 3 week so why trow them

                        2- let me etherilize(chi systeme) pet equip
                        3- there this achivement that bothering me since i start playing 9 years ago the achivement is call demolition expert it ask to have 100x soul crystal 1 saying its a item to feed and upgrade mount and its not release (its literally in the description that its not release yet) the probleme here its i play for 9 year went that item will be release so i finally 100% my achivement list(or it is the feed/upgrade mount that is not release yet so what that systeme was about and why we never get to use those soul crystal for it?)
                        4- remove alert in general chat evrytime someone hatch a egg raise mount/wing/tenet/etc or switch there gem from set it concern only the player that do it not the hole server and its literally spam
                        5- stop all the red msg saying a event just start nobody read it and it literally destroy convo in general chat pushing what poeple said all the way to the top(speaking of that ....
                        6- stop refreshing the chat evrytime player want to scroll up because they miss something poeple said
                        7- stop giving a yellow alert at the top of the screen to said this person is place first on the ranking its the same poep[le for year a nobody care its just causing lag
                        8- speaking of those red alert in chat remove the blabla of boss in dongeon in general chat ok it was funny the first time i read it but i did evry dongeon so many time in my cs carriere its just anoying(and there again it broke the convo in general chat)
                        9- remove combat healing flask and combat magic flask from the dragon coin it was never useful since you can only use them in limited arena (and whit all the stat and hp/mp player have now it dont heal enought ,why they event be create in the first place why not let player use normal potion in arena ?
                        10- remove green hammer of the game why poeple would want to use a hamer that will destroy the maximun resistance you equip have forcing you to repair you equip event more often
                        11- speak of hammer why event make equip breakable in the first place its just a waste of gold
                        12-raise the drop rate you get on boss from soul lamp summon because as it stand nobody have any interest in cultivation systeme

                        ho another exemple of useless red text in a dongeon im doing evil beast presently there gian block of text in general chat went i do it there the issu RED TEXT IN A DONGEON FULL OF LAVA its unreadable and as i said it dont event matter nobody read that

                        13- why exacly i need to unmount to enter a dongeon if i can use my mount in the dongeon ?
                        14-why ladder 100+ put you in a party alignement and no 99 -
                        15-why void turn my alignement to evil mode went you can only do that event solo or in a party (you shoulnd be a risk for poeple in your party its illogic)
                        16- why traversing kaymo mountain put my alignement at guild mode outside of crystal carry hours?
                        17- stop puthing healing orb and magic orb as a freaking prize in evry event we get so many evryday it become a joke(specially went you have so much million of hp that you eat the full orb bar in one shot (in general the full orb bar is not enought to fill up my hp to max starthing at 50% of my hp(and noted that for a strange reason does orb stack stop at 99 not 250)

                        18 make all divine blood unbound you need thousand to raise the pet bloodline and you cannot buy them from other player because they all bound (making raising the dimentional pocket storage for divine blood almost impossible)

                        19-make pet hp into million tired that my gen 5 pet got one shot all the time pass corruption floor 10
                        20- make it that went we morph a pet the bloodline and skill dont disapear and that it keep is gen (because sure i want to morph my ancien prince gen 5 to the 2 brand new form that got implanted some week ago but doing that will get ride of all the work i put in it no more skill no more bloodline and back to gen 1 so what the point to implant all those form if you have to reset the pet completly all the time

                        21-remove the fact that the soul cultivation lvl reset went you soul craft it take year whitout cash to raise the cultivation lvl at a proper lvl to make a soul craft and that soul craft disapear if you lvl up your talisment (i made the test on a lvl 1 talismen i lost all my cultivation lvl on that test then morph this talismen to form 2 and loose the soul craft ,so i kinda scare that dev decide to put more talismen form forcing me to raise up my cultivation lvl again (it will take year) (having to redo the same thing again because dev decide to update a systeme is not fun for a non casher we talking years of hard work evrytime

                        22-do so we can pass orange equipement set to the next set direcly instead to have to restart all the way to mistweaver purple evrytime (the trade trade could be simple orange equi+epic shard+esd= next set orange quality so this way i can turn my malefic set orange to the new set that will come out went dev decide to raise lvl to 300 and put new equip/dongeon into the game

                        23-lower the stat of the mine boss poeple who do the event have to low stat to beat him event at 5 vs the boss forcing them to call for help evrytime ,does who have the stat to kill that boss dont do the event because they dont need any of the item in it
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                          Sengolia: It's way to weak please make it harder because right now it's over in 15secs.

                          Pets: They have become unneeded because of all the stats boost systems my Gen6 Sariel cant compete please buff.

                          Shifter: Can we please move the shifter skills, when I shift I have to click on the skills with my mouse. I would like to drag them down to my main bar to 1 2 3 4 like the basic skills.


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                            This will be good when a player upgrade his pixie the world chat messge appear this will show us who cheat like new player that start and one week later get the last pixie same about genie too
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                              Any comment made on this thread that is either off-topic or opening discussion will be removed. Please, create a new thread if you wish to discuss each suggestion. This thread is strictly suggestions. The more chat I need to filter through the longer it will take me to read and forward each suggestion provided by players. I appreciate the enthusiasm but please, abide by my guidelines. Thank you!
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                              Please, view the bug report list here - CS2
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                              Please, note my inbox is broken. Post your issue or question on the forums.


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                                Originally posted by phiggie View Post
                                1. First and foremost additional page for vault and inventory and if you put new systems then put additional page in inventory and vault too.

                                2. Upgrade item capacity per stack.

                                3. Pixie/genie material(Pixie Upgrade Crystal / Genie Upgrade Crystal) make an option to exchange into (Ancient Pixie Upgrade Crystal / Ancient Genie Upgrade Crystal)

                                4. Sperion quest - after abandoning it and go rebirth. Can still get back the unfinished quest.

                                5. Add a guild vault please. And all kinds of item will be store (No limitation)

                                6. Additional runs for evil beast sanctuary dungeon

                                7. Bring back previous event like anniversary event.

                                8. Land-grab -fixing tower bug and wall-breaking.

                                9. Sengola event - upgrade tower's capacity to endure a hit. What about upgrade the crystal tower into 30 times hits or more before it breaks.. so that Seng will not easily ends and add more rewards.

                                10. And if you will have a Sale event please do it on CP week (consumer points).
                                i agree with this bring back previous event like anniversary event like the old times