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    1-add a split button in shard assemble so we can dischente a certaiin quantity of item but can craft the item on the same day (its happen to me often that i missing 1 essence for crafthing that i have like 2 of the item i want but the dischente take all the stack and i have to wait a couple of day to finally craft)
    2- put a split stack button on temp inventory so you can take out just what you need and not the hole stack

    3-ok a little personal one for evry ranged class augment the radius for picking item evrytime im in afk mode(i play ranger) my character dont pick the item i need because my atack radius is bigguer than the radius to pick item

    4- change the rueful essence drop in ladder for nether essence (nether are rare because evil beast have only 3 run rueful is not since it drop in exelom dongeon the dongeon whit the most boss in the game)

    5- remove treasure key drop from dongeon that was for a event 9 years ago i dont understand why mob of psychodelia and exelom still drop that

    one crazy idea

    6- bring back purple spirit drop in normal boneyard and give a garanty orange spirit drop went you summon whit crystal

    7- in the mount equip systeme give me a way to lock the stat i like before trying a reforge (at 500 xtal by reforge if a loose all stat i like because you reset all 3 of it its kind of frustrathing and costy)(a little exemple this section was giving me pdef,matack,matack im a physical ranger the matack its not useful to me so if i pay 500xtal since its randomized i take the risk to loose the pdef and still keep those matack stat i want to lock the pdef so i can roll only those 2 matack and if i get a second stat that i need on that roll and still a matack be able to lock that one to before trying to roll again)

    another crazy idea

    8- give me a vampire passif skill that sck mp(like the one for hp from beast soul)

    9-give me more L in corruption because its alway sur-charged of poeple killing mob because A-they put 15 alt in at the same time B-they farming mob for the wrath and soul systeme not for the corruption
    9,5- or event more easy just remove the need to kill mob for the 5th run of corrupt

    ok a little pet peeve
    10- why monster can see you outside there respawn radius i was in relic that monster start walking from the other side of the map towar me 3 cm before reeching me he de-spawn and reset to it starthing position why?
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      We can't understand why we need to unmount to enter in a dungeon if inside the dungeon we can use mount except dung 85 and 195 so could be good remove this restriction for we can enter in a dungeon even in mount or not
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        Make the bounty system individual quest please i can´t make one quest because some do before me is just 10 attempt of each quest for SO MANY players so before i can use my fingers to click in mouse they gonne already and all day i can´t complete the good quest there because somenone do it or i can´t be online at 12:00 server time from the begin of the event so make bounty system as individual quest for all players will be good so all players had a chance to do their quest and not had to compete for see who make the quest more fast then onthers because are many players for few quest and players with high move speed had advantage so my request is that bounty system had individual quest for each player so if somene do they quest i don´t lost my quest

        like this screenshot show i don´t did any quest but i lost all good attempts because somene did it before and i lost the chance...thys is a good system so more players need had a chance to do it <3 i hope they understand it and thanks minori to your support and please sen this request to devs <3
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          make the bounty quest individual because poeple use there army of alts to pick them asll the min the quest reset and leave none for other player

          if a gyes have 20 alt he can empty 2 quest instantly take in count that not all quest are interisting since the prize is not alway the good one (personally i looking to get ancian feather and chi essence from bounty so i only do 2-3 star quest (went i can get some) and there the probleme too than not all the quest can be done like the one asking to kill one of the 3 boss in monster jungle who have a small chance to not event spawn and whit only 2 try in monster jungle a day if it dont spawn you only choice is to abandon the quest and if you do that you loose a try for the day ,then there the issu too that the same quest can apear 2 time but whit the same counter (if you pick a quest from one of those 2 quest the similar quest loose a try too (removing 10 of the bounty quest for that day
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            Can bosses be harder to kill? As the game has gotten older our stats have got better but bosses have gotten easier, I am talking about end game bosses it's sad seeing OP players kill max lv bosses in 1 second and the players don't even take damage lol

            Can we get more PVP events? All vs all but when you enter your stats are all the same so one has an advantage or disadvantage power level will be the same.

            Change the questions on Guessing game they have been the same for years now.

            Do an event where people on this forum can design character clothes and the winner gets theirs made and sold in the shop.

            When you bring out new mounts can you post what they look like? I have Ancient Whale I know what the two after that look like but I have never seen any pictures of the mounts after those and 2-3 more just got added.

            Can we cut some of the system announcements no one needs to see that I am trying to get my pet to +18 and failing multiple times it annoys people who are trying to talk.


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              Perhaps adding a customization option for weapons/shields/wings etc other than equipping something different.
              Different looks can be obtained by having an item stored in a different system or by having it in your inventory one day.
              Or, have fate shop sell different appearances for weapons, wings, mounts and for knight, off hands.

              This way a player can make their character their character and not an exact copy of someone else's, appearance wise.


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                one more change

                1- change the promethean feather in corrupt pack 16 for ancian feather (its ilogic than pack 15 give ancian feather but 16 give promethean)


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                  more bag space more vault space more


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                    Originally posted by ShyFX View Post
                    Can bosses be harder to kill? As the game has gotten older our stats have got better but bosses have gotten easier, I am talking about end game bosses it's sad seeing OP players kill max lv bosses in 1 second and the players don't even take damage lol
                    Can you be more specific on which bosses you mean, please?
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                      Originally posted by *Minori* View Post

                      Can you be more specific on which bosses you mean, please?
                      i talk to him in game he talk about world boss because they alway die in 5 second after they spawn by the same poeple evryday living no chance to other player to get them


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                        idk if it was ever said but remove the charm>xtal caps or make them atleast higher with all these cashing tabs 11 xtal a day sure aint much when you need hundreds of thousands to even max anything to begin with


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                          1- give me a bigguer number of quad event by week the incubator systeme cost so many quad token it will take a couple of month before i can do a proper test to explain it to the rest of the player on my server to insit them to cash for the ressource they need (literally that a thing on my server poeple dont do systeme until i explain how they work to them and no im not interested to spend a ton of xtal just to tell them)


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                            I didnt read everyones suggestion so dont know if some already said this.

                            Add a sell item button on our inventory bags so we wont need to had back to an npc just to sell gear for gold, it would so much better if we could just sell the gears we picked up without having to leave the dungeon we're in to make some gold. i think this will benefit everyone.

                            Click image for larger version

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                              1)make dungeons with blitz, there is not enough time in the day to do all the daily events and dungeons.
                              2)if you keep adding systems that require bag/vault space provide the required space in either more bag/vault space or make system specific bags that would hold the items in the system vault.
                              3)fix the entry bugs on ladder, void, angeilium, tomb, etc.
                              4)remove obsolete items since the events and systems arent comming back.
                              5)expand the drops from higher dungeons to accomodate the higher lvls needs(df,gmut,amut,puc,guc etc).
                              6)make forward and backward exchange possible.
                              7)redesign the guild systems.
                              8)make the lvl up unlock less time consuming(possibility of orders crafting or upgrading from lowe tier to upper).
                              9)crafting systems are way time consuming as well as box opening.
                              10)skills need to be revamped too since the limits on them are too restricing in damage, effect and priority.
                              11)have a skin sellection for pixies,genies,mounts, beast souls etc every1 is running around with gigantic spirits and everyone looks the same.
                              12)think of more unique weekly events it has been 3years that those have been recycling.


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                                1 for one would like for my tickets to be answered it's been 3-4 weeks i resent the message and even had minroi poke them but it seems they forgot about me