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Knight Skills wasted or useless at this stage of the game

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    Originally posted by R2109499284 View Post

    Both players and bosses get hardcapped at 2.147.483.647 0,5%).
    dayum.. sorry i doubted you.


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      Originally posted by Dode. View Post

      dayum.. sorry i doubted you.
      No problem - I didn´t even know you did.
      Good on you for saying that *thumbs up*.

      I´m just gonna drop this picture back from the time simulacrum was brocken and players actually hit the HP cap


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        Originally posted by R2109499284 View Post

        I´m just gonna drop this picture back from the time simulacrum was brocken and players actually hit the HP cap


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          This issue is why knights are so boring to play, more than half of their skills are useless b/c the effects and bonuses don't scale.

          A cap on reduction is a bit rough tho. It's kinda hard to play late game without max reduction, for all classes. Your bonus as a knight, is getting like 18%? 16%? reduction much earlier than everyone else. Plus the bonus from sets? Dodge hasn't been op for like 2 years. Those few high-end rogues who pour cash into every agi system are outliers. Besides, we've been getting more systems that benefit hit more than dodge.

          But yeah, I'd definitely love to see skills getting reworked and/or updated to scale with the current meta
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            been a while since i last played knight&or discussed with someone and had maxed reduction etc, but cant you with all the systems etc, over shoot the cap for dmg reduction thus making it useless to get anymore of the reduction that the systems are giving out/not benefitting from the reductions systems or gear etc giving certain amts reduction? something to convert excess reduction into something else would be neat

            if someone already said that then ignore this postin a sense/add my input in small way that all classes need a adjustment XD . we have a collection of threads from few years ago featuring heavy input from lots priests voicing their inputs about priests needing changes too could probably find those threads somewhere an if could resend them to staff too please if find them before i find them an link them in my post here to help for mods to then send to staff

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            Originally posted by BrotherVT View Post
            It's about time I started doing some heavy lifting around here. You're probably wondering.. What the hell would you possibly do for us? My answer would be: "I want change - you want change - we need to make changes. We work together as a community and we keep pushing until we are pushed out."
            Now it's already known just how much you all have been ignored regarding certain classes and certain bugs.
            Let's get to the point. I WANT TO PUSH FIXES TO THE SKILLS OF EVERY CLASS.
            You should all be aware of our Ex-Moderator of Reality Squared Games who had played Crystal Saga. He was known and is still known as Virtue_Sigil
            Up until he disappeared, he pushed for changes that would benefit everybody.
            The most important thread he made and wanted fixed was the Priest Skills in which he had gathered extensive data on.
            You may view that thread HERE. If there are any extra details that need to be added, please add it to that thread and I will be sure to edit in that information in regards for Virtue.
            I'm quite notorious in ignoring these types of threads, but now it's time to even out the playing field.

            From your Crystal Saga Community Moderator, I wish to address everybody in all servers - be it Joyopark, Dovo, Reality Squared Games, etc. It's time we work together in order to compile a list of all the classes and bugs that need to be fixed.

            Below from this post, I want you to provide me information based off the following template.

            Reported by:
            Skill currently bugged:
            Description of the skill:
            Your evidence of the skill being bugged:
            How is the skill bugged:
            How is it supposed to function:

            That is the following template provided in which I require you to fill out in order for your report to be a part of my list.

            Note: I want only skills listed here. Any mentions of events or anything else not related to the topic, it shall be deleted without further notice.

            Let's make it happen!

            id say presence of mind for mage could use some beefing up i doubt anyone uses it so far asi know. has a major cd for small benefit.
            restoring wateers would be brilliantly amazing if it restored health and mana not just mana or instead it grants every other skill health/mana vamp . i dont use that either because the way im hybrid etc n use skills i auto restore all my mana constantly an never run out n i dont use that much either.
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