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Auto Renewal Bugged, and Not Receiving VIP

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    still no vip created ticket 57514 1,5 days ago
    s8 mikkie


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      Support Ticket Opened [#58424]

      Really loosing a lot because of this, Domination, Tycoon, Gold, Zodiac, etc (today I don't have much time, so cooldown prevent me getting almost anything, exactly why I choose to pay).

      s8 LPEmage


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        my vip was suppose to renew today but it has not i did what u said to cancel the vip put i can not reactivate vip it says As VIP membership is currently still active on this character you can't renew it at this time.
        # 58517


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          VIP supposed to be active until the 3/19.
          Seems to have turned inactive.
          Case # is 58543
          S35, Pearl


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            #58105. my vip has run out before the renewal. and during an event as well? I am losing out on a lot of things here. gold, tears,vouchers and not to mention the buying power vip has.


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              #58105 my vip fell short of my renewal? Now I am missing out on all the benefits of having vip status and on advancing in the current events. fix this problem please and ps, your compassion in game is a joke compared to what I have lost over the last few days. and I can't even accept it in game.


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                I have been with out VIP since 03/16/14 early morning. I have lost out on tons of stuff from the great new event. My ticket number is : 58230. I play on S4 and char name is SavannahLynn. Please help asap. This is totally messing up my ability to do this event. I have been VIP since day 1 and was almost vip lvl 7 until this got screwed up. I could not even collect the compensation for it cause its not highlightable for me.

                Thanks, Sav


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                  Support Ticket Opened [#57992]

                  Reality Squared Games

                  Greetings Champion R23825239,

                  Thank you for reaching out to our team of Support Elves with your problem.

                  We’re sorry you’re having difficulties, but don’t despair, a support case has been created concerning your issue, and a Support Elf from the appropriate workshop will be contacting you shortly.
                  Your case # is 57992, please write it down and keep it safe so that you can reference it again in the future if anything happens to this e-mail.
                  If you have any additional comments regarding this issue, or information you want to add to help us solve your problem simply respond to this e-mail and be sure to put any new information above the line at the top of this e-mail.

                  The R2Games Support Elves

                  SUBMITTED THIS YESTERDAY 16MARCH14. Status???


                  SERVER 10, CHARACTER CHUBBIE


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                    Your case # is 58652

                    Same issue with renewal

                    R2 games S2 Peekaboo


                    • cant renew vip keep getting As VIP membership is currently still active on this character you can't renew it at this time. and it ran out as soon has they put up the compensation for it so cant even collect it
                      server 82 bolt


                      • Click image for larger version

Name:	vip.jpg
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ID:	1683782

                        Guys I'm very angry about this situation because nobody answer me about 2 tickets that i have just sent
                        Ticket: [#58191] and [#57949]
                        Vip 6 had to be auto renewal on Sunday but this morning the situation is not changed.
                        I have no problem with my paypal visa card and I tell you that if you make a renewal system must be able to handle it otherwise would not do it if you are not capable
                        Why nobody answer at ticket request? Why?
                        I have vip 6 and I'm losing lots of privileges for your please go ahed immediatly and fix this bug

                        Ubbi - Server 3 Prospera's Bounty


                        • if you have some problem about renewal please read this:

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	vip_cancel_(2).png
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ID:	1683796

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	vip_recharge.png
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ID:	1683798

                          Dear Players,
                          We understand that there has been many issues with VIP recently and we have implemented the following to resolve this issue.
                          1. Currently there is a technical issue with the VIP subscription renew port — VIP automatically renews after two days when the current VIP expires, for compensation we have implemented a event where you can retrieve the following items.
                          - VIP Trial (3 Days)
                          - Blessed Stone x 10
                          - Angel Tear x 10
                          - Voucher x 500
                          - 800,000 Gold
                          Attached compensate event for your information.
                          Under this situation you could wait for the recurring VIP to happen on March the 18th or you could also cancel the current VIP subscription and re-subscribe.
                          If you hope to buy single VIP instead of VIP recurring subscription you could click ’’here’’ as attached to proceed the payment. (if you decide to buy single VIP please remember to cancel the VIP subscription to stop the recurring payment) (refer to attachment vip_recharge)
                          Please kindly be aware that single VIP enjoys the same benefit as vip subscription.
                          We could help cancel the VIP for you and if you would like to cancel the VIP subscription by yourself you could follow below steps:
                          Log into => Log into ‘’MY R2’’ at the top of the page=> click ‘’vip state’’ => click ‘’ cancel’’ (attachment enclosed)
                          We apologize for any inconvenience may have caused you and please feel free to contact us if we could be of any further assistance.


                          • Originally posted by Descolada9 View Post
                            Same problem.

                            Your case # is 57608

                            Thank you.
                            VIP restored. However, I am less than happy with the compensation. I am still a few million short on gold coins.


                            • Need help please R248154985


                              • Your case # is 59818, please write it down and keep it safe so that you can reference it again in the future if anything happens to this e-mail.