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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • month of October means the dead :P IGN: GALA SERVER: S201 Valley of Omens


    • October is time for change, To let the things that are not worth wearing or you fall and expect to be involved with new things that will bring good emotions to the smell of something new in the air ... ING: marcos323 server: S190 scattered mountains
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      • Hmmmm.. October.. October is a busy month of work for me.... no holiday, except on sunday , but also have something good, in salary i mean.. more work.. more salary & Bonuses!!!

        IGN : Cakrawala
        Server : S41 Wyrm's Gorge


        • Not too hot and not too cold - October has it all. It has bright sunny mornings and long rains, grey sky and red leaves, sun and wind.
          You can do whatever you want in October, go for a long quiet walk with your loved one or attend some great festival with your crazy friends.
          And you never know what wheather will be tomorrow or in what mood you will be.
          October is like beautiful and wise woman who knows that seceret of life and happiness is in balance, in change and in diversity.
          So no wonder I like October so much and no wonder I was born in October

          Lilit S36Fallen Angels


          • October means a sharp crisp air, and leaves changing colors, a time for harvesting and enjoying friends and family.

            IGN: Raistlin
            Server: S130-Antediluvium


            • for me October is a liminal month, a threshold both threatening and alluring.

              S222 Cinderwood


              • October to means a month to replenish bad memory with a brand new one.

                IGN: 1234567
                Server:S159-Crystal Desert


                • october is the oktober fest. beer-beer-beer.

                  [S208] Sapphire Coast


                  • when it comes to October, its my happiest month in a year. cause on october 20 its my birthday

                    IGN : Masioqewa
                    Server : [S171] Citadel of Hope


                    • What October means to me is a long month of hard work, and at the end of that month all the free candy we can get our hands on before midnight!

                      IGN: Archangel007
                      Server 28 Halo's Light


                      • For me, October is the month that leads us to new life. Because October is the 10th month of the year, and the Halloween and Christmas is coming soon so as the new year. That's why October is the door to our new life.

                        IGN : PriestessNat
                        Server: S26 / ua18 Paradisia's Glory


                        • Autumn october

                          month of october realy have mean to me frm my childhood coz its my mom dad weding aniversary month we celebrated it always on sme hily location. bt its frm my child hood nw im mature so october meaning smehow changed its month of autmn yea obviously in my country realy hapens coz our winters start. so i
                          enjoy its morning wth lil fogy atmosphere n lve to walk around trees its silence,beauty of trees,lil cold apeal me so much so its always mean fr me .
                          ign Crixcus
                          server S-192 wheeping jungle


                          • nothing special on October, it's just October for me... Rainy, windy weather... mehh...

                            IGN: Playy
                            Server: [182] Snakemoor Fen
                            League of Angels

                            SERVER ->> [S182] Snakemoor Fen
                            ALLIANCE ->> Asgard
                            GUILD ->> AnOnYmOuS
                            CLASS ->> SORCERER
                            LVL ->> 82
                            BR ->> 3 136 506


                            • reminds me of the beatiful moment that I had with my girlfriend . until now we went to the same place to remember that !!
                              Server:[S203] Eternal Towers
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                              • in october i met love of my life so i love october
                                IGN morph3us
                                {server 41 wryms george**