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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • i october i meet my wife
    october its time for fresh wine and barbeq
    IGN: Dracula
    S118- Paladin lvl 77


    • October is the beautiful colors of the fall leaves, carving pumpkins, trips to the orchards for fresh apples and the smell of cinnamon in fresh apple pie!

      IGN: kayumann
      Server: S215 The Four Cities


      • oct means its octoberfest the drinking party is starting till break of dawn
        IGN eathNote
        server :[S10] victoriana


        • The most memorable story in October. when I meet someone who makes me impressed. makes me want to know him. and tried to approach him. hehe

          month of October as well, I feel sad. because I was in college and facing the end of the semester for the final exam. : D
          I am still excited because there are friends in addition to my current and for worse.

          thanks ..
          story in October.

          IGN : Ganesha
          Server : S207 Vaporous Citadel
          S207 Vaporous Citadel
          Guild Garuda
          Mikaela Angel
          Inferno Steed


          • October is the month of the birth of my beloved little brother.. and now don't feel he has more growing up ..
            One thing that reminds me now that he has become a man,, not the little brother is spoiled me again like it used to
            I hope God will always bless Little Bro ^_^

            IGN : LunarKnight
            Server : S207 Vaporous Citadel


            • I like October because it signals the start of hunting season where I'm at.

              IGN: SoShy
              Server: S221 Ashen Waste


              • October means preparing for the holidays that are coming in November and December, and that makes me happy. Also, everything looks much more beautiful outside with the color of everything changing

                IGN; Amorphously
                Server; S130 Antediluvium.
                Amorphously - Level 82 Berserker
                Guild; Shinra - Alliance; Shinra
                Server; S130 Antediluvium

                Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.


                • ign-upurs///server-s106 minacity
                  October means to me the end of summer and the start of winter,, shovels, snow, cars in the ditch, kids off school, storms, and of course xmas........


                  • What does it mean October? Well, I primarily mean the new wine grapes as well as deal with.
                    At the same time when a lot of these excursions. We are looking for special types of mushrooms.
                    I start at the end of the month I have been shopping in Christmas gifts ...
                    Amazing! October is 25 degrees ...... and wonderful to be a cloud in the sky!


                    • first think in october is my car assicuration :P i always forget this )
                      i love sun whit october summer is finish

                      IGN: asnoeyes

                      server (s114) Raven's Goal


                      • October is merely Jack Frost's foreplay !

                        IGN: moggy
                        Server: S130


                        • October means excitement and change for me.
                          Halloween candies, maples, oaks, pumpkin carving , tree-falling leaves with different colors.
                          October is a change. We, people don't change. We wish to change our bad personalities. But no man ever thinks to change himself.

                          iGN : Khate
                          Server : s204- The Floating City
                          Attached Files


                          • October is the month of Halloween - At the same time it's a calm month before the preparations for christmas... ^^

                            IGN: Runpunchwin
                            Server: s85 - Icewind Beacon


                            • October opens the depression season -.-

                              IGN: Coldy
                              Server: s101 - Lair o'Flames


                              • I think of being scared and of candy
                                Soul Reaper
                                130 Antediluium