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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • October is the month of colored trees and here in europe time of many festivals with beer, nice girls and much of music

    IGN: Scooter
    Server: 208 Sapphire Coast


    • october is nice to move on for all something

      IGN : Sven
      Server : s174 copper coast


      • October is all about pumpkins!!
        Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin seeds and of course... Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!!

        S210 Fiery Citadel


        • October means apples, hot cider and home-made apple fritters by a fire in the backyard. It's the time when the warmth of the summer has faded and it's time to replace that with the warmth of family and friends; but without the stress of holidays.

          IGN: Necropolice
          Server: S210 Fiery Citadel


          • october means halloween, octoberfest, birthdays. it`s party time and the excuse to act silly on the 31th. the time u can use all that creepy pranks u found over the year to put in good use. sadly it it is also the month uni starts again :P

            some useless knowlege: october is the 8 month of the old roman calender and comes from the latein word octo wich mean 8 and is 1 of the 3 latin names that were taken over

            ING : noinoi
            server: S154 Nest of thieves


            • October marks the birth of my eldest son

              IGN: SarahTG
              Server: s195 Fox's Inn


              • october means cooler weather and candy

                IGN: Teela
                server [S201] Valley of Omens


                • October is one of the most beautiful months of the year, for me it means good luck ^-^

                  IGN: Eluvis
                  Server: 216 Abyss of Sithis


                  • october ballistic missile sub!!

                    IGN: marky
                    Server:[167] Sulley's Tavern


                    • 22 october is my birthday and thats means beer for me and my friends

                      Server:S17 Guardian Angels


                      • October means to me Winter Solstice....A time of rebirth and renewal....and all the Horror Movies I can watch....

                        IGN: Talon
                        Server:077 Bloodmaul Creek.
                        Ever Dace With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight? I ask that of all my prey, I kinda Like the Sound of it...(The Joker )


                        • What October means to me much emotions... first... this days of autumn i think more about the fact we should show and say our feelings to the people we love cause they can dissapear when u less expect. Is my mother's birthday,and she's gone... and second.. October has all the colors in nature!

                          [S113] Fae Summit


                          • oktober-depresing rain

                            S2 Sylvia's Copse


                            • October, to me, is a time of change. It is a time when the leaves change color to a beautiful array of vibrant orange, yellow, and red. It is a time for the ending of our harvest season and the beginning of our preparing for winter. It is a time when we reflect on the wonderful activities of the warm weather months, and think ahead to the quiet solitude of a long cold winter.

                              IGN: Psymon
                              Server: S187 Windswept Temple


                              • October is so wonderful to me as it is the season of spooky things and food.

                                IGN: selene
                                SERVER: S21-Pandemonium - UA3 server