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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • October is kids costumes and eating all their candy!!

    IGM: Brea
    Servor: S80 - Blazing Waste


    • October means we're getting closer to Christmas

      Server: S38 Crusade's Advance


      • October is a time of family and fun it is a time for thanks of the wonderful life we have to share with the ones we love

        IGN: Akiria
        Server: 119-Evenings Queen


        • october to me is halloween and the fun that i get in taking my 3 boys out trick and treating


          server 130


          • October means leaves turning from green to yellow to orange to brown. October means cool breezes brushing fallen leaves onto sidewalks. October means the sound of crunching grass and rustling leaves. October means the smell of rain and the feel of the wind. October means the second blanket being brought out from the closet and the jackets being dug from the boxes. October means school dances and the Friday night football games. October means little children choosing costumes as adults choose candies. October means peace. October means quiet. October means that one more year is one month closer to coming to a close.

            [S103] Surging Isle


            • October is free candy month.

              [S21] Pandaemonium


              • oct means winters close get wood pile ready
                KILLERDUMONT briarwall keep S211


                • When i think of October I think of Halloween by costumes and candy
                  IGN: Agdiris
                  server: S70 Sacred Elementalis


                  • When i think of October I think of Halloween by costumes and candy
                    IGN: Nordon III
                    server: S70 Sacred Elementalis


                    • When i think of October I think of Halloween for costumes

                      S70 Sacred Elementalis


                      • When i think of October... I think of the cooler crisper air nipping at your face turning cheeks slightly rosey.
                        Autumn Spider webs covered in dew, looking like clothing upon bushs and trees.
                        A time to ponder and watch the trees turn delicate shades of reds, oranges and yellows.
                        To watch children knock from door to door yelling "TRICK OR TREAT", in funny costumes.
                        To think of those less fortunate then yourselves, to enjoy Harvest Festivals and to give to those in need.
                        October is a time for reflection, for it is a season of change.

                        IGN - SnowBlind
                        Server 22 *King Of All Orcs*


                        • october to me means, the start of cold weather, fires & roasting marshmellows, it means halloween & lots of candy.. but mostly it means new walking dead!! lol

                          ING; melinka
                          server S11


                          • October meaning the end of Autumn, when the havest festival occur and all kind of things we can celebrate, pray for God will continue protect us xD

                            IGN: Haki
                            Server: S151 Cutthroat Swamp


                            • Halloween! The best time to get practice Cosplay without looking like a total freak XD.

                              IGN: Zoey
                              Server: S221 Ashen Waste


                              • October is the breather month between fall and winter. All the crops are harvested and last minutes preps for winter.

                                IGN: BZK50
                                SERVER: S219