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[Activity] Rewards for Suggestions

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  • - Double Inventory so players can easily switch between pve and pvp set

    - Morph cars that also work on battle screen


    • what about a adding pet's to the game a player can only have 1 pet but you can sell the pet and buy a new pet depending on the level you are on but you can keep your pet and level it up (pet need a level up system and abilities and commands from the player like:follow,attack,stay,)if a pet is sell all XP will be removed from the pet and the new pet will have 0 XP level 1 every time its bought.

      Name: Deboro.
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      • 1.i think we need another race like orcs (would it not be great to have a war in game )
        2.human kingdom orc kingdom and every kingdom can select his king
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        • Hi GMs, my idea is to give shadows crystals i higher drop rate or have shadows crystal be drop able in solo dungeons. i dunno if i have bad luck or something but since im at lvl 54 and it takes about 16 crystals and having 16 crystals as a daily quest is
          impossible. since it is part of a daily quest it should be do able in one day not 2-3 days. i hope you take this into consideration.
          thank you.

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          • S 25 Godjack
            my sugestion is to put the weapons shiny to all player watch them in multy player dungeons and arena etc...


            • how about for crypt keys when ever anyone beats lvl 100 they get 1 key, so they have to beat cata 3 times before they can try the new cata thats a fair trade?


              • Umms one thing about WB Balens take out all the fun of competition who's chart/toon is better(of course mostly Donators will be but it makes it a bit more fair) it makes it like this u make the competition who has the most cash to spend lolz there's no FUN in that
                Soz the solutions
                1 Take out the instant revive for Balens from WB
                2 1 Day it's with Balens 2nd day w/o balens (think on this one u would agree the most)
                3 Add 1 or 2 WB in which u can't use balens

                Maybe add some custom sets and make a Stiching system (idk if that's how it's called saw that name in another game) it works like this u buy like a Wedding Set and then stich it with the Gear ur using for pvp (end-game mostly) soz that peepz could look different (We weren't made to look/dress/think the same) of course for this mostly on other games to do that it costs cash soz yeh might get lil bit or a lot idk more donators

                Idk how to make that system just something what i've seen somewhere else

                Maybe make some events that happen like 1 time a month or 1 times in 2 month in which u could get like some "Special" gear(having better stats or bonuses if it's a set) or something (idk if there have been events like that haven't played long here just bit more then 1 week)

                wellz that's about it of ideas that wouldn't hurt the cash flow



                • 1-Why not we make a new Event (monthly)

                  Called Players VS GMs
                  we can make that event level staged as following:
                  so on; It would be a nice challenge.

                  And for the rewards we can put (Daru, Gold, Kynaite or a Nice purple Weapon to the level stage[(1)+3, (2)+6, (3)+9 respectively])

                  Hope you like my idea!


                  2- Make an entrust system:

                  you can make a system where you can give your account temporally so some one take care of it's buildings while you in a vacation or something! (Limited access)

                  you can't get to see the inventory or go campaigns!


                  3- New Weapons:

                  Archer has Cross-bow only , Knights have Swords only, Mages have Staff only!

                  What about the normal hunter bow more strength (which is powerful more); Maces and Axes for Knight who have more PATK; while Mages should have Wand which have more MATK !
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                  • my suggestion is you should open more method to purchase VIP such as using MOL and Ultimate game card...i believe alot ppl dont have creditcard to purchase VIP include myself . Also please allow voucher can buy some more items beside rune only....


                    • would be nice if we can plant more than 1 kyanite seed in farm at least 2
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                      • Originally posted by spaljeni View Post
                        - Double Inventory so players can easily switch between pve and pvp set

                        - Morph cars that also work on battle screen
                        you mean like in diablo? wearing 2 set of equipments at the same time?


                        • Buy Crypt tokens for Insignias and vise versa. This will help players that cant earn enough insignias/tokens to get the specific item they are missing. This really would help a lot.

                          P.S the exchange ratio is up to the administration
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                          • In Group arena when facing bots after a long waiting time i would suggest to face "yourself" just like the summoner in the dungeons. And as well if possible to make the group arena fights somehow equal , lets say the key factor will be the total battle rating of the team itself +- 1000-2000 or more for higher levels.


                            • Create an event during the Battleground , for an example on the xx minute spawn a small boss that can give extra points to the team that kills him and honor to the killer. Another idea is to spawn a flag in the middle of the room and one of the teams has to carry the flag to their base. This will make the battlegrounds more attractive and fun.


                              • When buying Balen packs , add some Vip growth points to each pack , for an example the 5$ adds 5 points the 99.99 pack adds 100 points and so on... this will encourage the players who are looking forward to get to Vip lvl 9 , to buy more.
                                P.S thats in case if the specific player has Vip activated , if not then he wont get the growth points.