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  • Lower higher level instance difficultities. Players will leave if there is no party.


    • Make one of the arenas random teammates and alternate which arena is random teammates


      • here's my suggestion for letting non-cashers to use the the vip tokens: 50 tokens to get 1 socketing rod or 5 to 10 to get 1 skeleton key. this to me would let the cashers still have the advantage they deserve for paying to play and give the non-cashers a reason to save the tokens.


        • i would like to see a purify rune needing a mage to do the higher lev group runs gives mages an advantage over the other classes becouse they are guaranteed runs for exp and leveling where as other classes need to depend on a mage to run them thru , not top mention the crypt bosses all being magical attack where mages also have an advantage with higher mag defenses ,

          i also agree with finding a way to get crypt keys and socket drills


          • How about slow down on the new servers, as half or more of the servers are dead due to players jumping to new servers. Give the new servers time to populate before you create a new one. I`m tired of having to bail on a good character because the server is a ghost town, and battleground is 90% my own guild members. I know i`m not the first to point this out.


            • Tatman

              Make Battleground cross server with optional maps.
              Make different Battleground Maps
              Make 4 and 6 team Battleground Maps
              Make cross server Battlegound with the ability to hand pick your 15 man team and map of choice.

              Get rid of Crypt keys. Everyone gets 2 runs... Multiple crypt runs gives a EXP/Gem advantage that is to great, considering VIP already has a EXP advantage; to big of a power gap discourages new players. (I play VIP and say this)
              Dont make astral, potion, or rune conversion available.
              Rethink the Blitz system... Dont want a game that plays itself
              Dont give the ability to trade or sell items... it will be the eventual downfall of the game, just like every other game that gets ruined. It will be abused.
              Stop making new servers
              Give a Balen option to move a character to different servers to protect your paying players investments
              Rework World Boss reward system... stop the strong from getting stronger at an over accelerated rate
              Dont allow Socketing rods to become a non-balen item... Give us a reason to pay.
              Dont allow non-VIP to use VIP tokens... VIP is in the name... give us reason to pay.
              Dont sell insignias... that will unbalance to favor paying customers to greatly. Same goes for Soul Crystals.

              There is little to no advantage to being VIP at lower levels. There is little to no advantage to having free cooldown at higher levels. This isnt a very big advantage to VIP players at all.

              Thank you for your considerations!
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              • Tatman
                Server [S4]

                Make Angel Troop AI smarter... it should never be a option for them to heal themselves at the start of a fight when they are at 100% HP.

                Thank You!
                Server [S4]... OWNS!!!!
                Level 65 Knight


                • I would like to suggest for Battlegrounds:

                  1) "Kick" a player character for inactivity
                  2) "Kick" a player character for timed inactivity


                  • i thought to put down much more sugestions, but most of them are here my only sugestion will be: for the players that spend more than 20 hours online free cup of coffee.thank you.


                    • Suggestion

                      Offer the option to delete your character. This will give you the option to try out each of the classes before having to decide which you like best.


                      • I have said in the past the 2 things I would like to see are quests for insignias or player trade or gift. So many times I get astrals I can't use but know others could and with the insignias only being available from arena or battle grounds. Some players can't make the times. So ahy not put say 5 or 10 inisgnias as a reward at the end of a quest.

                        Mike122/mage lvl 38 on server 47.
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                        • To make more balance between Donating player and free player we can't do such a trade market for balens item..
                          Without Trade market..this will Disable the player to create multi account in same server.
                          if there's such a trade market between players then this game will be in doom..
                          Donating player will not spent any money for balens! and free players including donating player,
                          will keep creating to much account in same server!!
                          so trade market between player is a bad bad idea!
                          We need the other ways to contain it.
                          i suggest a guild treasure.And only be rewarded by Guild vs Guild the only way to contain the treasure item
                          the Guild must have some kind of system for the guild master to gave this treasure to his member.
                          But the gift must be limited so they will become more active and valuables to their guild.
                          This special GvG required once or twice in every week.
                          There's three type of Guild treasure box list:
                          suggesting for the treasure list:
                          Guild medalion = boost all stats ?% + add some damage and reduce againts player=chance to contain from Guild treasure 20% (gold treasure)
                          Socketing rod x?=chance to contain from Guild treasure 30% (gold and purple treasure)
                          Insignia x???=chance to contain from Guild treasure 60% (gold and purple treasure)
                          Gems lvl 2-3=chance to contain from Guild treasure 70% (gold ,purple ,blue treasure)
                          Gems lvl 3-4=chance to contain from Guild treasure 40% (Gold,purple,blue treasure)
                          Gold,daru,voucher=chance to contain from 80% (blue treasure)

                          don't know if this is a good or bad suggestion
                          Vote if you guys like
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                          Free Sky For All


                          • Gudam G M's'
                            Lionheart from S52 Sage Hall

                            my suggestion would be a guild war,since many players wanted to interact nd test their strength against each other, and for us to widen the importance of having a guild. thanks


                            • I've noticed there is no update for troops in the next patch so here's my suggestion:
                              How about Boss troops like those in the catacombs which you can buy with vouchers or Balens
                              In the Blacksmith there can be a disassemble option where you can disassemble equips and get crafting materials like crystalloids depending on the level of the item.

                              IGN : Vayne
                              Server: S54


                              • we have a auction or a trading hall that some item that can be bought by balens can also be bought gold or coupon like
                                socketing rod,gems,runes also have can we have pet or unique animals with skill that can fought with us? beside your knights or angel

                                IGN : yakata
                                Server: S23