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  • Originally posted by Unwonted View Post
    Lets be honest Witch, you have cashed more than the average casher and although everything you've said has valid points, I think this is more of a case of you being bitter that you spent at the wrong time. Now that today has allowed others to do what you have done at a quarter of the price. As far as your saint's speech on helping other players cash and get items, I think that is complete garbage. You've always sold out as you need the P, to get items that you couldn't pay for with YOUR wallet because you actually have some common sense (like your wings for example). Anyways no hard feeling I think what you do for the community is great, it's just a game and you need to be honest with yourself. I don't support the heavy cashing in the game but don't make yourself out as the "peoples hero" when you have your own agendas. Also I do think r2 really cheated everyone who had spent prior to this event which isn't right.
    So valid points, but im a lying saint?

    idk what yer trying to say, i don't know who you are, and you don't seem to know much about me, but that's your opinion what you said about the garbage, even thought you don't know me. (judgmental much)
    Have you bought a VIP/Mount/Costume from me before? like the only things worth while to gift? they were the only things i tried to supply to the players who can't afford it with real money..
    Im pretty sure i spent about $300-$500 on other players in this game.. how much did you spend on others? (might wanna get off that judgmental high-horse k)
    The only thing i have ever spent gold on for myself was wings/SSRS/ESO/torchs, everything else i was buying stuff to sell to others cheaper or to give away free for friends, effectively losing gold, but hey whatever.
    I even gave people gold to use as long as they gave it back eventually, like a loan for things i couldn't help with buying for them. (like 1-2weeks as time to pay it back)

    The only thing i could be said to have "cashed hard" for was my pets at the start.. that's it.. And i still have the most pets in game, and it is something i enjoyed alot in CS..
    I don't consider buying full inv worth of pack expander's as hard cashing.
    The rest of the stuff i got from black dragon coins and the points system, pretty sure it was during the Anniversary so i got more rewards depending on my much i spent, so yeah nothing out of the ordinary there.
    I did put some money into tenets, i was actually making a guide for it displaying all the stats gained and all the wisdom needed per upgrade, it's unlikely that guide will ever see the light of day though, i might upload the video i did for it one day.

    If i wanted to max everything with this black friday, i could.. i have that option to go that far overboard and become the #1 player on server for a long while.. but if you read my post.. you would see i asked "why?"
    I did not use black friday's event at all however, and i was not trying to stop people from using it, i just pointed out little things that were being used to make people want to use it.

    There are no hard feelings from me about black friday, im pointing out that the game is not looking like a game the more i play it, and that is not because of this 1 event, and i did post about watching the events more closely from that post until xmas to see if the game is worth playing long term.
    Example Metaphor, Crystal saga is a train.. and it no longer runs on the tracks it was originally designed for.

    Not sure what you are saying about being honest? you kinda left that pretty vague, are you trying to say im getting too involved with the game? i would definitely agree to that, but other than that i have no idea, im not online 24/7, my character might be, but im definately NOT using him all that time, he would be afk mode somewhere.

    The community thing, thanx, it was my goal/agenda, but its being broken down bit by bit the more i play and the more involved i get with all the bugs and miss-information or lack of any information.
    My suggestions.. where do i start.. you cannot even have a conversation with R2 about suggestions, to even tweak it in a way they would prefer, they just don't reply and it does feel like all my suggestions are a waste of time and R2 doesn't care, iv got 4 more suggestions just sitting here that im afraid of uploading, because it is all probably a big waste of time.
    Not to mention the animated video i'v been working on for the CS storyline for R2.

    Being cheated by black friday? i don't think so, maybe they put some items in the black friday shop, that maybe were not a good idea, but imo the shop was pretty stocked, was good.
    Black friday is a tradition of making money and selling lots of things cheap, everyone knows this, if people knew it was coming, then they should have waited regardless, no one forced them to buy before it, like for example if i never spent any money on the game originally, just saved all of it, and spent it all during black friday..
    I honestly have no idea how strong my character would be right now, but many of the other people along the road, would never have been able to get a mount/costume/vip and other little bits like SOT or ATR
    Either way i chose to not use it for that single reason, i would indeed have won that trophy i posted above, if i was playing to win.

    I hope this is honest enough for, because i don't know what else you could want from me other than my wallet/blood/tears.. and no.. you won't get any of those from me.
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    • Meet Nymph from Armageddon and "proud husband of Vishnu".
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      • Originally posted by iTz_SoN View Post
        Meet Nymph from Armageddon and "proud husband of Vishnu".
        Goes from left to right.
        Your server is very interesting indeed , having a conversation like that to someone in my server is rare nowadays And SoN were quite the same killing players with no hesitation hahahaha xD
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        • Will be back in a bit witchypoo...tell agam I'm watching him-.-

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              • hey witch i thought u quit?
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