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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • I want to say "Thank you" for all people who protect my country (I'm from Ukraine). Last year was very hard for us.
    I want to say "Thank you" for my lovely boyfriend and my daughter, for understanding for love. Love you both!
    I want to say "Thank you" for my favorite game I like you!
    Thank you Life for all things!

    ElitWorld, [S91] Fireblade Ridge


    • Happy Anniversary LoA
      Originally posted by R2CS_Amanda View Post
      Dear Heroes & Angels,

      The it's a brand new year and it's time to celebrate League of Angel's one year anniversary! First, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for all our wonderful players who have stuck with us through thick and thin. We know it's been rough at times, but we hope that in the coming year the game will continue to improve and provide hours upon hours of enjoyment for you all. If you have a special someone you'd like to begin the new year by thanking, encouraging, or simply reminding them you care let us know in the comments below! Now is the time to start the year out right!

      Reply to this thread from 2015.1.10 - 2015.1.25 based on the rules below to be rewarded.

      - Plagiarism is not allowed.
      - Replies that violate the R2 forum Rules will be deleted.
      - Be sure to include your character name and server in your reply.
      - Each character can only be rewarded once if s/he replies multiple times.
      - The rewards will be issued within 7 days after the event ends.

      • Enchanted Ore x300
      • Basic Energy Card (50) x1
      • Vouchers x500
      • Gold x1,000,000

      R2Games LoA Ops Team


      • Happy Anniversary LoA

        Yours AnexxiA
        Server: Warlord's Haven


        • Hopefully more successful this year wrote to LOA
          Server: S236 - Silverwood
          Char name: Honey Girl


          • Happy Birthday LOA!
            Thank you because i spend 24/7 of my time and enjoyed playing this games!

            [S204 The Floating City] RoxieArcher


            • I would like to say thanks to my entire family and friends who supported through many things in my life. And a big thank u to R2 who made this game possible . I've spent alot of hours in the game and there will be many hours to spent in this great game . Happy birthday to the entire staff in R2games and keep up the good work in the fure

              With love,
              AnexxiA of Server: (202) Warlords Haven


              • Hey there bro, thanks for all the things you have done for me, the hardships, the ups and downs. The hardest thing is always the 1st step on how you would raise that foot and take the 1st step. i know you would be wonderful in your job there, thanks again.
                Happy Birthday League Of Angels, thanks for being there for letting my stress out when i play your game

                Server: [S195] Fox’s Inn
                Character: myxoy


                • Happy anniversary LoA
                  S164 SOTOMAIOR frost fortress


                  • happy birthday


                    • I would to extend my deepest gratitude to the creator of the game and of course to r2 . so far this has been the best game.! kudos! keep up the good work!
                      Zeref of [S33] Metatron's Edict


                      • thx for doing a best job at this game , i wish for more years to come !!! happy B DAY!!

                        emhoh [S85] Icewind Beacon


                        • I would like to thank everyone that has played and or helped me and that also goes out to the arcania guild. So evryone thank you and hope to see everyone on the game.

                          Character name: Kratos
                          Server: [S215]The Four Cities


                          • I will like to thank my family and my dearest friend for making all my days fun and wonderful ..
                            and ty loa for becoming a source to time-pass was much needed ..

                            IGN :Tackle
                            Server :S106


                            • I would like to thank everyone that made this game possible, I enjoyed many hours on it and also like to thank my friends and family for being so awesome.

                              [S86]Nortern Furnace


                              • I would like to thank all of those who have helped since I joined LOA.