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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • thanks for making this game so awesome..And especially thanks to all the people i met here whose always give a helping hand not only to co-guild but all the people in the server

    Mikey S221 Ashen Waste
    Mikanne S213 City of Gallows


    • Thanks guys for LOA and have a good work onward to deliver a great game. Keep up the good work.

      Server: [S196] Blightcliff
      Character name: hypergrave


      • I would like to thank my wonderful fiancé, Timoth, for everything he’s done for me and still continues to do. He is the most amazing man I’ve ever met and I’m so lucky to have him in my life. He moved here to be with me from another state when we were still just dating, not knowing if things would work out or if we’d even stay together, just to be with me because that’s how much he cares about and loves me. And not just me, but my kids as well. They’re from my first husband but my fiancé treats them as his own. He currently works two jobs, walking to and from both of them most of the time, just to help support me and my kids. We couldn’t have asked for any better and love him so much!

        [S226] Ermine Heath
        Character Name: Caroline


        • thx u very much for all nights of good play... Thanks to my Friends and son for all
          Thanks R2Games for all free diamonds XD

          Server 230 Exalted City
          Char name: MatiasXD


          • Thanks

            I guess my biggest thanks go to my Wife and Kids for putting up with me all year long.

            server 210


            • Thanks to everyone that makes the game worth playing!!!

              S224 Sura Marsh


              • I would say thanks for all these games, just hope they will work on some of them some more to make them better

                [S235] Amber Heath


                • Thank you to the game makers for making procrastination so darn much fun.
                  S21 Pandaemonium-Skully


                  • Thank you for the games and events and happy new year!

                    from mouks (S233)


                    • Its been a fun game very inventive which i`ve enjoyed playing with new friends

                      Server:s19 Fortuna Folly
                      Char Name: KRASH


                      • happy birthday again loa!!ooo... and where is my reward? dethangel s168 felbrook


                        • I would like to thank all my guildmates in WickedWays. You all ROCK and make this game so much better!

                          Server :138 Lost Invocation
                          Char : NonYa


                          • Thx to whole my server, for all the fun we had together
                            IGN: MrAigor
                            Server: R2 [S-119] Evening's Queen / ua47 after merge / ub32 after second merge


                            • I like this game and hope will be open long long time .
                              Thanks to the equipe for good job and tkas for enjoy this game who distract me so much.

                              AntiSocialy s232 blood reff


                              • I would like to say thank you to my guildmates in my S104 server, ign : Analily and Sitheral. They have been my teammates for both inferno and TD for the past months without fail. We are in different time zones and they don't mind waiting for me to log on to do the events everyday. Thank you very much.

                                Server : S104
                                Ign : isnowy
                                Server : S28 Dozers
                                Ign : isnowy