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  • Originally posted by R23724179 View Post
    yes!! please can u make a trade so we can exchange here items to anyone who needs!!! can u give my request!!?
    Trade systems huh? what u gonna sell? City Protection Tokens? your high level gems? your highest EQ? will pple bought the ViP's tokens maybe? how about you sell all your EQ to your opponent? interested? or How about you read 1st the patch that gonna be released soon?
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    • it should be an AVG BR vs AVG BR, not best BR vs best BR it makes it super unfar


      • Radar in the Wilds Map is my latest suggestion

        What I mean is that somehow you can see small DOTS on a Small Grid or something. This Radar can see Mob Locations as Red, Chest Locations as Green, and Towns could be White.

        You would still need to view that coordinate to see what is really there(name of town, or name and lvl of Monster for example)...But this way you would have an idea of where things are in the wilds w/o

        taking forever to go up and down the wilds map looking for a town or a Mob to fight!!

        I know this is an awesome idea looking forward to the prize now ......

        step into the Lite.....


        • 1)new mini story line(limited time only)... rewards = dat legendary limited edition only suitable fur that player level or maybe +10 level up... or whutever yu see oki nyaa ^^

          2)all me equipment iz grade E.... where can upgrade all da item to grade A max? or A++? add dat...xD

          3)weekly event!

          S40 Badlands
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          • agree w\that pls dont do trading unless its non-weapons just stones, health ect... something just for guild to help guildies out & grow


            • Merdekaaaa


              • Server: S21 The Forgotten Dune
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                Name: Unsent

                I have just a couple ideas off the top of my head:

                Market SYSTEM / Not in game trade or mailing system to other players
                1. Most popular idea it seems is an Auction House of some sort or Trading room for bound items and gear our character cannot use. Whats the point of having bound items? Include measure into preventing abuse of this system, like max 2 character per server.. I don't know.. All I want is somewhere where I can sell gear not usable by my toon, for a reasonable price. (Maybe this is already being worked on, I'm not sure.)

                WORLD BOSS
                2. Another idea I've came across is for World Boss fights. Maybe you can come up with a system to allow WB to drop Loot or Items for building armor and weapons? or Even make or add higher level bosses for certain level ranges, lvl 40+, 60+, etc... Fighting lvl 20 WB agains at lvl 55 is not really fair for lower lvls... Just my opinion though

                SKILL SWITCH
                3. I heard someone also come up with and idea for having a quick skill change button, instead of going into the skill book all time to change it. Have a icon next to our skills for quick switch of secondary skills... Just something small...

                4. One thing that kind of bothers me is Medallions.. Why not make them permanent?? Of course doing so would mean making the insignia cost insanely high, like around 50K sigs or something that is worth the time and effort into getting one.. Just and idea..

                5. For non-casher players: How about adding more items for spending Vouchers in the shop. Add more things that I'd like to spend my vouchers on, not just runes.

                BATTLE GROUNDS
                6. Add maybe another type of BG, like capturing towers or mines and then conquering a Keep / main base of some sort.. or maybe capture the flag time of bg.. Haha jk Might even try doing like WvsWvsW event or BG. Server vs Server vs Server.. Might be to big and lagy probably

                7. Add the talent system Maybe even add more skills for high levels.

                PLUNDER SYSTEM / DEFEND
                8. When getting plundered have some sort of system that alerts you of being attacked: So that you can either accept defending your castle or letting the AI handle it for you.. Like for example: Do you wish to defend your castle or Auto defend? Accept or Decline

                9. Add some sort of customization to our characters or add more skins for for unique looks, too many look alike.

                WILDS DUNGEON
                10. How about adding dungeons in the wilds?? That would be cool, like caves we can go exploring for loot, gold, daru, etc... The Wilds seem so barren and boring lol...

                11. Add more skins for our castles, cuz I only see 1 at the moment. Should have different skins for each level of VIP someone gets.. All it is at the moment is a gain in XP.. Also would like to see more quests for VIP, atm only 1. The update for VIP wheels looks promising, but we'll just have to wait and see..

                12. Added higher level seeds that can be bought not just with Balens, but with with gold or Vouchers. Also if its a FARM, where are my animals?? Maybe add animals that we can feed and raise in lvl to give items like gold, daru, kyanite, etc.. Ya KNow? Pigs Cows, Chickens... Also add some fishing, i see a dock at my farm... Is it possible?

                Thats it for now, happy hunting and goodluck
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                • character name: Jhinflx
                  server: S18 Blazing Desert

                  hi ^^,
                  MY SUGGESTIONS:
                  - to have a locker that can deposit and withdraw golds in guild vault.
                  - an auction that can sell or buy an item
                  - were players can able to trade an item
                  - same level of a player playing arena, world boss, and battlefields because all weak low level players will be a feeder. Low level were no match in high level.
                  - can we have a pet with a passive skill to support?


                  • Originally posted by R23221156 View Post
                    in my opinion, that should be a guild each gulid can war each other with the name of guild like battleground.
                    lol... another 1 not reading post or forums... Guild War...? please please please... the NOTIFICATIONS has been released about a week ago... Top 16 Guild will be automatic for Guild War....
                    "If people are trying to bring you DOWN it only means that you are ABOVE them"
                    [S40] Badlands
                    Guild Master of TOP☝RANK GUILD


                    • new event after maintance


                      • Sever54
                        Maybe Pets Are Also Nice Not Only Pets That Standby Also An Attacking Pets Or A Healing Pet For Dungeons And Catacombs


                        • Originally posted by BintangMalam View Post
                          Every class have their own advantage or disadvantage... like WB Archer dominating... PvP Arena with 3 Magus can swap all class with Rain of Fire Follow by Meteor... in Duel if knight can ignitiate their shield they would have advantage... some server got knight dominating WB right? it not about class its all about how you build your character...
                          I completely agree with that. I'm just simply saying the bonuses gained being the gold and the daru amount gained from world boss is all!


                          • YES SIR, good suggestion is TRADING and SELLING system to the UNBOUND item..GOOD LUCK SIR and STAFF to this EXCITING GAME U have made..MORE and MORE POWER to u ALL....



                            • Originally posted by BintangMalam View Post
                              lol... another 1 not reading post or forums... Guild War...? please please please... the NOTIFICATIONS has been released about a week ago... Top 16 Guild will be automatic for Guild War....
                              wkwkwk......sorry boss ga aktif nge junk di forum jadi kurang update
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                              • Orange gears that has its own additional boosts (like 5 rage per skills, additional 200 damage) not belonging to a set. No ones buying level 3 seeds why not make it voucher or gold instead of balens. Unlock the additional farm lots maybe by vouchers or depends on the farm level.